SGB - Why I won't be buying Destiny 2!

SGB - Why I won't be buying Destiny 2!

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Published By Gavin on 2017-09-16 13:27:03

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Like many I was attracted to Destiny on the reputation of its developer Bungie, the creators of Halo. So when the game was released I purchased it, the Vanguard extras and pre-purchased the DLC's The Dark Below and House of Wolves, all for £85. Having enjoyed Gears of War 3's Season Pass, which offered four DLC's for a mere £25 I was under the belief that I had pre-purchased the first two (and future) DLC's together before their release at a reduced price of £40. But come December 2014, when The Dark Below was released for £20 the truth was revealed, I had just simply pre-purchased the first two DLC's (not all of them, and not at a reduced price). Five months later the House of Wolves DLC was released, again for £20. Comparing these two DLC's, which had cost me £40 to Gears of War 3's season pass of four DLC's for £25, Destiny came up short, very short. Even worse, a pattern was already evident in Destiny's DLC releases, with each release giving players a few new missions, weapons and items, with some PvP (Player vs Player) maps. Compared to the wealth of content most other games offered with their (much cheaper) season passes it seemed as though Destiny; a long term game that thus relies on its fan base, may care more about profits than its fan base.

Sadly, for the fans, this was confirmed with the release of The Taken King; Destiny's third DLC. Although it was available as a standalone digital download (for £40), as the previous DLC's had been, at the time I was only aware of the only other option; to purchase The Taken King Collection, which included Destiny, along with The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King DLC codes, all for the full retail price (at launch) of £45. While this was an awesome deal for newcomers who didn't already own the game, for those that did, such as myself, we had to pay the equivalent price of a new game to purchase a game and two DLC's we already owned and had purchased for much more, just so we could get access to the new DLC. In other words a newcomer getting just The Taken King Collection would spend £45, whereas a fan that had supported the game since launch after purchasing The Taken King Collection would have spent by this point up to £130 for the same content, nearly triple the price. While the digital download was available it wasn't promoted to the existing player base, and even then was only £5 cheaper than the actual collection.

Then came the fourth and last DLC, Rise of Iron, which thankfully was heavily promoted and available as a standalone digital download, for £25, and also offered much more content than the previous three DLC's combined. Unfortunately the content of the DLC followed the same pattern as before, there was just simply more of it. Again comparing the game to Gears of War 3, the season pass of which had given four paid for and two free DLC's for £25 (or £40 separately), Destiny's four DLC's had cost £110. But was it worth it all in the end? The answer is, quite frankly a resounding no. For over four times the price the content contained therein was repetitive, unimaginative and surprising restricted. The premise of Destiny would have made for an awesome game, but much of the game felt like it was developed early on but held back, while other content could have been expanded upon and allowed to flourish, but never was; the SRL (Sparrow Racing league) being a prime case in point. Even worse, the games supposedly open world is sparsely populated, devoid of any life, character and/or threat, thus resulting in a game that just never lives up to the hype, and one that plays very much like a very repetitive chore.

If what Destiny had become after three years wasn't bad enough, the revelation of what awaits Destiny players in its sequel is the final nail in the coffin. For the past three years I have ground my characters to their maximum light level, earned and spent countless points to attain high-level weaponry, armor and vehicles, and spent many, many hours accumulating thousands, if not millions of experience to unlock all of the abilities and perks for my characters, their armor and their weapons. Alas, none of that matters for Destiny 2 as it will all be cast aside, with the only aspect of characters carrying over being their appearance (and only if you progressed to a certain point), of which I spent two minutes deciding on three years ago when I first bought the game, and of which could just be recreated in just as quick a time in the sequel with a fresh character.


To add insult to injury all of the content showcased and suggested to be coming to Destiny 2 could have, quite easily have been put into a DLC for the first game. But because Bungie have maxed their DLC allowance for Destiny, they wouldn't be allowed to charge for any new DLC for the title, thus we get Destiny 2. The sequel uses the same graphics engine as its predecessor, and while the sequels expansion pass may be cheaper than it was for the first game it is still £30 for only the first two DLC's, which will likely not deviate from the tried and tested formula Destiny has been using for the past three years; too little content for too much cash.

While I doubt Bungie will repeat the extortion of its fan base again like it did with the The Taken King, I personally don't feel like spending another £100 plus to play a slightly different version of an already existing game that will continue to drip feed content for far too high a price and undo all the hard work I have put into it, thus nullifying the £150 (almost) I have spent thus far supporting it. I have been playing GTA V for a year longer, and the games online content has been periodically updated for free ever since, with almost unrivaled customization and the ability to create my own content. Bungie really needs to reassess their business model because I will not allow them to continue charging me a small fortune for very little in return, especially when there are other, better long-term games available that don't charge anything yet continue to add much more content in comparison. So Bungie, I am done; I will not be buying Destiny 2!

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Sep-16-2017 5:45 PM

I personally loved the first Destiny and would like to get this one, but to each there own. 

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