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Scified Heroes catchup & farewell to a comic book legend!

Scified Heroes catchup & farewell to a comic book legend!

Some may have noticed that Scified Heroes has been rather quiet of late. Although Heroes was launched to extend Scified's news coverage the main focus of Scified has been, and always will be science fiction. As such, and because of the release of Alien: Covenant, coupled with the relatively light nature of this year's comic book movie releases Heroes took a few step back. Now, with Alien: Covenant having polarized fans and critics, and with only a few science fiction movies remaining in the year's release schedule Heroes is making a comeback, together with Scified Dark and the forthcoming Scified Monsters in a bid to further extend the range of news available on Scified.

So far this year we have seen the release of Hugh Jackman's last outing as Wolverine in Logan, the enjoyable yet predictable Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and more recently Wonder Woman, which currently stands as the best installment in the DCEU. Unfortunately, comic book fans have also received the sad news that Adam West, who played Batman in the iconic 1966 TV serial passed away June 9th aged 88. Although the character of Batman may have returned to its darker roots West's portrayal of the caped crusader was so iconic that it was parodied for decades. Our condolences to Adam's friends and family. 

Due in theaters next month Spider-Man Homecoming sees Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures collaborate to bring everyone's favorite wall-crawler into the MCU where he belongs, while behind the scenes Tom Holland has joined the cast of The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy with production well underway on next years mega-ensemble MCU event movie Avengers Infinity War, directed by the renowned Russo Brothers. In addition to the web slingers barrage of trailers and TV spots, Marvel fans were recently treated to the premiere teaser for the Black Panther, due in theaters next February. The trailer has impressed fans, looking to set a new precedence for the depiction of black superheroes in cinema.

The Justice League is also due in theaters this November although marketing for the DC and Warner Bros. ensemble movie has been relatively light. We expect this may change with the recent critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman and due to its release now less than six months away. Hopefully after the polarizing reception, last years Batman v Superman received the DCEU can finally find its footing.

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Dr. Curt ConnorsJun-30-2017 12:13 PM


RIP Mr. West

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Written By Gavin
Published: 2017-06-16 15:00:27

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