Predator: The Hunt - The Movie, Part 2

Predator: The Hunt - The Movie, Part 2

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In this, the final part of the Predator: The Hunt proposal we will run through some of the plot points of the movie, as well as some extra scenes intended for the home release.

In case you didn't figure out the reveal of the cliff-hanger from the movies opening moments in part 2, the reveal is that the air base belongs to the O.W.L.F. (Predator 2 and AVPR), the General is the O.W.L.F.'s commander and Isabelle is an O.W.L.F. operative - how else would she have known about Dutch and the 1987 incident. She was an undercover agent with the IDF (Israeli Defence Force), to keep an eye out for possible "Predators", but when her spotter became suspicious that she was not truly IDF she alerted enemy forces of his position, which resulted in his capture and subsequent death - This is why she was chosen for prey on the Predator game planet.

Royce however has been arrested, as it turns out there are international warrants out for his arrest. That is until Jimmy, the O.W.L.F.'s expert tracker, vouches for Royce having previously served together in past black op missions for the government.

Through Royce and Isabelles debriefings it would also be revealed that since we last saw them in Predators Royce and Isabelle had been struggling to survive on the aforementioned planet; with a highly skilled, brutal "Black" Predator (of the same tribe as the three hunters seen in Predators) stalking and hunting them. But when it seemed that this Predator would finally kill Royce and Isabelle they were rescued by a clan of Predators from the "Classic" tribe, and returned home to Earth.

However through Jimmy, it is correctly surmised that the Black Predator is also here on Earth, and is still hunting Royce and Isabelle. But Garber and his team of electronic surveillance agents uncover that the insertion pods that dropped Royce, Isabelle and the Black Predator to Earth each detached a secondary pod, each capable of carrying a Predator each, leading the O.W.L.F. to correctly deduce that the Black Predator is being hunted by three "Classic" Predators.

With multiple Predators on the hunt, the O.W.L.F. fly in their consultants Dutch and Harrigan. As the helicopter lands we see Dutch with shades and baseball cap (just like in Predator) smoking a cigar, and behind him we see Harrigan filling a sick bag - because of his fear of heights. In the resulting meeting it is revealed that while on the game planet Royce successfully killed over half a dozen Predators (incuding Berserker in Predators).

To even the score with fellow actors Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton, Michael Beihn's character Jimmy would, after tracking him too closely, die at the hands of the Black Predator.

In the finale of the movie the Black Predator would arrive at and overwhelm the forces waiting for him at the O.W.L.F. base, before facing off against Royce one last time. At the end of the battle both the Black Predator and Royce would kill each other. Before he passes away Isabelle would apologise to Royce for not telling him the truth about herself and will be forgiven before sharing their first and last kiss. Then as the General, Gruber and the remainder of the O.W.L.F. approach the dead body of the Black Predator the three Predators that had been shadowing it would "uncloak", revealing them to be two male Elites and a female. The two males would carry the Black Predator's body away, the female would pull some small trophies from around her neck, placing them on (now dead) Royce's chest, before walking off behind the two male elites.


Although 20th Century Fox will never officially make an announcement as to whether or not the AVP movies are or are not canon to the franchises they feature. I have envisioned a string of extra scenes that would ideally be included with the home release of the movie, for AVP fans. These scenes however would NOT be in the theatrical release.

1. ROBERT JOY CAMEO - Captain Stevens (AVPR) would make some appearance, although I am unsure in what fashion, though it would be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo.

Because Royce is unfamiliar with the self-destruct bomb that the classic Predator tribes use, the General would attempt to turn Royce to his team by twisting the facts and claiming that the thousands of US civilians that died in Gunninson county in October 2004 were in fact murdered by a Predator when it detonated its device.

Two scenes would make up this; the first would have the General speaking on the phone to the US Secretary of Defence, whom would inform the General that because of the current economic climate and plausible deniability, and despite the O.W.L.F.'s lucrative capture of alien technology the O.W.L.F. can no longer be funded by the governments black budget.
The second scene would be a post-credits scene showing the General in the Pentagon packing his office items into boxes, when his secretary informs him that his 10:30 appointment has arrived. A well dressed man would enter the generals office and the two would shake hands. The well dressed man would then sit opposite the General and smoke a cigar, before being revealed to be Guy Pearce (as Peter Weyland), before saying "I hear your'e having financial issues, General".


Well thats your lot. But don't worry there are plenty more Predator proposals to unveil down the line, including - a prequel movie and not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 AVP movie proposals.

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