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Overwatch Hero Symmetra to be updated!

Overwatch Hero Symmetra to be updated!

US video games developer Blizzard Entertainment has been enjoying a wealth of success both critically and commercially in recent years. These past two years has seen the release of the sixth expansion "Legion" for the developers long-running legendary MMORPG World of Warcraft, a plethora of expansions to their free-to-play collectible card game Hearthstone including Whispers of the Old Gods and the forthcoming Mean streets of Gadgetzan, as well as the release of two brand new titles - the free-to-play online battle arena game Heroes of the Storm and the widely successful team-based shooter Overwatch. Each of their games offering free additional content post-release with the option for players to purchase random generated cosmetic content through microtransactions. This long-term commitment strategy to their titles has seen Blizzard Entertainment, much like Rockstar (GTA Online) and Mojang (Minecraft) become one of the more popular video game developers among gamers.

For those of you yet to be bitten by the Overwatch bug, this seemingly simple team-based shooter is one of, if not the best first person shooter title ever developed for multiplayer online gaming, with each hero limited to a single loadout and a mere handful of abilities each, must be played with a limited choice of strategies, which are dependent upon the player's proficiency with the character. Heroes are split into four classes - Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support, with the key to winning matches coming from working together as a team to utilize each of your chosen heroes strengths to capitalize on the weaknesses of the heroes of the opposite team. beneath Overwatches seemingly simple exterior is a highly balanced, strategic, rewarding and highly enjoyable multiplayer experience.


Part of Blizzard Entertaiment's support to Overwatch, comes with the promise of free content of the course of the games long term lifespan. The majority of this content is purchased via the use of in-game currency, it can also be unlocked inside the games reward system known as "Loot Crates", which can be earned by leveling up and participating in the games newly introduced arcade mode, or purchased via microtransaction. Since the game's release earlier this year it has received many balance updates and additional content, the most recent of which introduced new hero Sombra and new stage Ecopoint: Antartica, in addition to the aforementioned Arcade Mode.

While Blizzard Entertainment continue to work on the new stage Oasis, and a new hero that has yet to be revealed, they have announced, as seen in the video above, that existing Hero Symmetra is to receive a substantial update to improve her playability as a support character. the biggest change for the Indian heroine is the inclusion of a second "Ultimate" ability called the Shield Generator, which will grant all of her teammates a defensive shield while the generator is active. Symmetra will also receive a new ability called the Photon Barrier, which will act similar to Reinhardt's Shield ability.


Additionally, the Overwatch developer, Jeff, in the video also hinted at the inclusion of a jump-pad on the new map Oasis, which may, depending upon its use in PTR testing on the PC version of the game, be included in other maps both new and old.


Finally, although not mentioned in the video, with Overwatch having introduced a plethora of free cosmetic content last month for Halloween many fans are expecting something similar next month for Christmas, if this is the case expect something to be announced in the forthcoming run up to the holiday season.

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Written By Gavin
Published: 2016-11-22 16:24:10

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