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Kong: Skull Island concept art by Ivan Khomenko!

Kong: Skull Island concept art by Ivan Khomenko!

Kong: Skull Island movie news, trailers and cast

Kong: Skull Island March 10th, 2017

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Talented concept artist Ivan Khomenko was one of the artists commissioned to work on Kong: Skull Island during its pre-production phase back in 2014. Much of his work was utilized in the film and one piece in particular was used as a base for one of Skull Island's earlier poster designs! Ivan recently uploaded some of his work to ArtStation, which has been included below:

Check out his ArtStation page for HD renders! We will be adding new Kong: Skull Island concept art to the gallery here on shortly!

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Dragon King Ultrazero80Mar-15-2017 4:58 PM


I am really happy they didn't use this design for Kong. It looks to scrawny and weak.

KingKaijuGojiraMar-15-2017 6:20 PM


^I agree whole-heartedly. It just looks awful.

Dragon King Ultrazero80Mar-15-2017 6:29 PM


It looks like someone took a gorilla's head and photoshopped it on to a chimps body.

Draconus TyrannusMar-15-2017 6:30 PM


Too skinny

Dragon King Ultrazero80Mar-15-2017 6:34 PM


Now that I think about it, it looks like something you would see in a remake of "The Planet of the Apes".

KingKaijuGojiraMar-15-2017 8:02 PM


It looks like the King Kong equivalent of Zilla

Dragon King Ultrazero80Mar-15-2017 8:07 PM


That too.

Durp004Mar-16-2017 7:11 AM


When I saw the full bodyshot for kong I just laughed.

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Written By Chris
Published: 2017-03-15 16:54:59

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