King Kong – From Films to Video Games, What’s Next For World’s Favorite Beast?

King Kong – From Films to Video Games, What’s Next For World’s Favorite Beast?

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It might be the case of pure and honest curiosity that has people so fascinated by things they can’t fully understand.

Nature and its wonders definitely fit into the category as fascinating elements which have kept human inquisitiveness leading them forward since the beginning of time, questioning their own existence, position in the food chain and a role that’s been assigned to them by the powers of divine origin.

As a simple measurement of their size, similarly, people have always resorted to their imagination to create a reference point that would help them get a better grasp of things surrounding them. An English writer Edgar Wallace had the exactly same idea in mind when he created the most famous work he never got a chance to see – King Kong.

The initial 110-draft version he crafted for RKO, Merian C. Cooper’s “gorilla picture” was turned into a 1933 King Kong film classic which to this date remains a recurring symbol in various media and different verticals of pop culture and entertainment industry.

Films, Theatre & Video Games

The total of eight motion pictures over the course of 84 years act as a definite proof of man’s fascination with nature’s grandiosity.

In addition to movies, King Kong has been omnipresent in print media and threatre with a musical adaptation of the famous story hitting the light of a day in 2013 and the latest edition scheduled to hit the stage on November 8, 2018 on Broadway.

Not only has the grandiose ape been a popular subject when it comes to movies and theatres, King Kong has inspired the host of different video games.

The series of King Kong inspired games started with the 1986 Konami family computer game called King Kong 2: Ikari no Megatron Punch and the MSX2 role-playing video game unleashed in the same year under the title King Kong 2: Yomigaeru Densetsu.

Two years later – in 1988 – Konami produced an onomatopoeic Family Computer platform video game exclusive for the Japanese market, called Konami Wai Wai World. As a character appearing in previous movie-based games from the same developer, King Kong joined the group of colourful characters fighting through a six-level gameplay.

The most recent video creation is Peter Jackson’s King Kong, an action-adventure game produced by Ubisfot in 2005. This particular title stands as the official game of the movie and still remains referenced as the crown jewel of the King Kong subject in video game vertical.

A notable addition to the video game collection is the Kong slot game, a branded title which lights up the online gaming stage with Anne Darrow and Jack Driscoll on their adventure to Skull Island. A full breakdown of this slot machine can be found on Best Casino’s website.

What Lies Ahead?

The aforementioned gaming titles did their part in keeping the light burning for a phenomenon which survives the current of time. The scary sight of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building remains as one of Hollywood’s most legendary images, the one replayed in many King Kong titles to date.

The 2017 flick Kong: Skull Island is an exception to the rule. As a prequel story this most recent King Kong movie follows a brave group of soldiers and scientists to an investigation mission on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean, at the same time arguably suggesting a change in trend when it comes to our favourite beast.

Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts the latest of King Kong inspired movies has most definitely laid ground for the new title scheduled for 2020. A post-credits scene of the 2017 movie shows two main characters Hank Marlow and James Conrad detained by Monarch with different scenes of archive footage depicting Godzilla and a string of other monster kings.

A long-awaited battle between Godzilla and King Kong is imminent with Legendary Entertainment setting the release date of the epic duel for May 29, 2020.

The much debated Godzilla vs. Kong edition is undoubtedly bound to act as a fresh spark of inspiration for possibly some new video games as well, to complement the rich portfolio of ‘versus’ titles that never get out of fashion and hit another spin in the never-ending cycle of one of world’s most fascinating leitmotifs.

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