How to rescue the Terminator franchise!

How to rescue the Terminator franchise!

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Terminator Genisys movie news, trailers and cast

Terminator Genisys July 1st, 2015

Although some general audiences actually enjoyed the movie, 2015's Terminator Genisys was ultimately the lowest point for the entire franchise to date, with sub-par acting from all of the cast making Schwarzeneggers performance as a grey-haired Terminator the only performance worth noting and a convoluted narrative that repeatedly shot itself in the foot while borrowing imagery all too often from previous and better installments. Many fans will proclaim that the last decent movie was 1991's legendary Terminator 2 Judgment Day while spreading hatred at the latter two chapters of the story, claiming that the only Terminator 3 worth watching is one heralded by creator James Cameron. Narratively 2003's Rise of the Machines did bring the franchise full circle with a fitting explanation for the paradox problems fans noticed in T2's narrative, but unfortunately, the narrative of the third movie was hidden underneath an unimaginative, tongue-in-cheek, superficial chase movie. 2010's Salvation, while neither adding nor taking anything away from the franchise could have been used by the writers as a back-door way of creating a Terminator and RoboCop crossover, with protagonist Marcus sharing many similarities to the Cyborg Cop, but after the abomination that was 2014's RoboCop reboot any desire to cement such a crossover was put to rest.

Now we have news that James Cameron the creator of the franchise and the writer, producer, and director of the first (and best) two movies is to collaborate with Deadpool director Tim Miller on a new installment with Genisys producer mega-rich David Ellison funding the movie. With Alien Covenant hitting theaters this May, a new Predator soon to enter production and a Star Wars movie every December for the foreseeable future one would think that as a science fiction fan and a hardcore fan of the Terminator Franchise I would be elated, but I am not.

While it is true that after the release of Terminator 2 James Cameron did pursue making a third installment, it was after the release of the record-breaking Titanic that the director announced that he would never return to the Terminator franchise. This was then compounded in 2003 when he advised the franchise's star, Schwarzenegger, to only accept a role in the third movie for no less than $30 million. Then after claiming that prior to the release of Salvation that the franchise's future was with the iconic "future war" between the human resistance and the machines, he then proclaimed that Genisys was a worthy successor to his original two movies. With 70-year-old Schwarzenegger, we not only have the aforementioned motives for appearing in "Rise of the Machines", but also his recent negative comments towards Salvation, despite having visited the set of the 2010 movie and offering his assistance with the CGI Terminator (which never came to pass, by the way). As for David Ellison; this is a producer that has a mixed portfolio with movies such as the recent Mission Impossible's reinvigorating the movie franchise, but with movies such as Genisys and G.I. Joe Retaliation leaving very little to be desired. Finally, we have Tim Miller whose directorial debut with last year's Deadpool proves that he is a talented and creative director, especially when considering the movies microbudget. Yet, of concern is the reason for why he is no longer involved with the production of its sequel; creative differences, specifically over the casting of Cable. If Miller is unable to come to a mutual agreement with a franchise's star over casting decisions how is he going to work with the creator of a franchise on its viable future, more specifically a renowned director in his own right that is well known for being hot tempered and fiercely dominant on set (yes Cameron I mean you).

As you can sense the recent news fills me with little confidence that the Terminator franchise will be redeemed from this collaboration. But paradoxically, as a fan of the franchise, I do want to see it return to at least a semblance of its former glory. Unfortunately, the last movie, 2015's Genisys proved unequivocally that the franchise's reliance on the format established in the 1984 original has grown stale, outdated and overused.

Thus to amend, retcon and fix the Terminator franchise I suggest, quite simply a reboot, but not in the vein of Sony Picture's horrendous RoboCop or Ghostbusters, but instead following the example of 20th Century Fox's Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy - a retelling of the lore from a fresh perspective, namely the future war. A trilogy of movies, set in 2027, 2029 and 2032 respectively would allow for the chief characters and themes to be re-introduced in the first movie, with the second exploring the ramifications of and the use of time travel and its effects on the future, with the third and final movie providing a conclusion to all that has gone before (sticking to, at least narratively, the first three original movies).

Visually these three movies simply need to emulate the stylistic approach Cameron used for the future scenes of his two movies, while narratively the many aspects of the future war can be explored such as the value of human life, mankind's overreliance on technology, mankind's destructive and aggressive nature etc. Furthermore, the use of T-600's and T-800's can be used to explore themes such as paranoia (akin to John Carpenters 1984 cult classic The Thing, and 1978's Invasion of the Body Snatchers), survivors guilt (imagine patrolling during the night as an incapacitated T-600 impersonating your dead friend repeatedly calls for help) and PTSD. With the right writing team and direction, such a trilogy while reinvigorating the franchise could delve much deeper than any of the previous installments, even the original classics.

Just one final word of warning from a hardcore fan. As Genisys learned to its cost - do not, I repeat DO NOT attempt to remake nor retcon the first two movies. As with the Aliens franchise the first two Installments of the Terminator franchise should be considered untouchable, unmovable objects; fixed points in space and time.

More about Terminator Genisys (movie)

In 2029, John Connor, leader of the human resistance, leads the war against the machines. At the Los Angeles offensive, John's fears of the unknown future begin to emerge when John is notified by his army unit, Tech-Com, that Skynet will attack him from two fronts, past and future, and will ultimately change warfare forever.

On the verge of winning the war against Skynet, Sgt. Kyle Reese volunteers to travel back through time to save Connors mother's life, thus ensure Connors existence. However, Kyle finds the original past changed. After landing in 1984, events begin to unfold, until Kyle is then confronted by the T-1000. The new machine surprises Kyle, but he gets a bigger surprise when he is saved by Sarah Connor, who already knows of the terminators, of his arrival, and of the war of the machines. It is soon explained that the timeline has been changed, In this timeline, a Terminator was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor as a child and so the Resistance sent their own cyborg back in time to protect her. After the assassin killed her parents, the reprogrammed Guardian T-800 raised and trained her to face her destiny, which she adamantly tries to reject. Kyle then enquires about the T-800 that was originally sent to kill Sarah Connor, which he is then told has already been dealt with by the Guardian Terminator.

Now, faced with a new mission, Kyle, Sarah and the Guardian Terminator, have to escape the T-1000. Using A TDE built by the Guardian Terminator Kyle and Sarah travel to the year 2017, where Kyle is reunited with John Connor himself, who has been converted into a nanotechnological human-cyborg hybrid, the T-3000, sent by Skynet to kill them and ensure Judgment Day. With John Connor compromised, they must find a way to prevent Judgment Day from happening.

Directed by Alan Taylor, Terminator Genisys's release date is July 1st, 2015.

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2 Fan responses to How to rescue the Terminator franchise!

Dr. Curt Connors

Feb-06-2017 2:10 PM

I like all of the first four Terminator movies and the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I refused to see Genisys and will never watch that movie. I could tell how much of a terd that was gonna be. I wish they would have kept going with Terminator Salvation and made sequels of that but unfortunately they didn't. We'll see where they go with this new movie eventually, hopefully to the future war like you stated in this article.

Stan Winston (deceased)

Feb-14-2017 6:49 PM


Yes I agree, they ought to have continued into the future. 'Salvation had the right timeline, just the wrong plot and execution.

'Genisys was an abomination and miscalculated that the fanbase was most interested in the time-travelling. For goodness' sake, Terminator is not about time-travelling.

That said, I want to pitch my ideas for at least 2 new movies set in the future, which will retcon 'Salvation and 'Genisys, but 'Rise of the Machines can live (although not necessary either).

So the first sequel is set in the future and both sides are warring but the humans are losing badly, and then it turns out it is us humans who invented the time displacement machine (or at least repurpose it after the machines build it for other reasons -- maybe going forward in time, I dunno), and in a last bid to survive, we send a reprogrammed T-800 back. Then the terminators (army of T-1000) kill everyone and quickly send a T-1000 to stop us from preventing history.

The second sequel is essentially the same as before: same characters and same ol' war. Except this time, Skynet et al. are not as sophisticated as last time (so no T-1000s). So guess what, the machines are losing and push the panic button by using their not-so-safe time displacement unit (which this time needs animate flesh) to send a T-800, and the humans duly win the war and chase after by sending Kyle Reese to prevent them changing history.

The twists here are that:

1. The events of 'Judgement Day were caused from the future first, then from an ALTERNATE future, the events of The Terminator were caused. Notice how this is entirely self consistent: even though I am saying T2 happened before T1, T2 still knows about T1 because it's its own past!

2. Humans are originally losing the war, then second time around, they are winning. Again, completely self-consistent because in T2, Arnie gives no indication that humans were winning at the time of his departure.

3. We reinforce and perpetuate the self-fulfilling time-loop motif: Humans send a terminator first, to what we assume, to be protecting John Connor but actually, to destroy Cyberdyne and Dyson. But then T1 becomes causal to Dyson happening etc. Moreover, 'the future' always sends stuff back in time, regardless of the past--funnily similar to the inevitability principle of 'Rise of the machines.

Furthermore, I can explain away some plotholes:

1. If the time-displacement kit needed living tissue to work, how comes T-1000 got through? Well in my story, T-1000 went through first and this first time around, the machines were far more advanced (hence T-1000s) and the time-displacement unit worked on fully metal objects.

2. How come Arnie has a different haircut between T1 and T2? Now of course, this has been explained away as different models (CSM-101 and CSM-102). But my proposal would do away with that and let it simply be an effect of the altered futures. Hence a leaner (and shorter haired) T-800 in T2, owing to the more advanced machines, as per my first sequel. And a more brutish, hulking (and longer haired) T-800 in T1, owing to the slightly less advanced machines, as per my second sequel.

So I hope you'll agree this is far better than the lame ideas of 'Genisys and make a far more cerebral use of time-travel as a narrative device, which leaves enough to fuel conjecture. This is the way to save the franchise.

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