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Here's a first look inside Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Prometheus series!

Written By Chris Picard on 2014-03-28 16:57:46

The continuation of Ridley Scott's Prometheus hits shelves on Spetember 10th, 2014 in comic book form! Dark Horse Comics are rebooting their Aliens vs. Predator, Alien and Predator series, with the inclusion of the expanded, Prometheus universe as well! The new series is highly anticipated by fans of each franchise and today, thanks to the folks at io9, we have a first glimpse inside the first issue, Prometheus: Fire & Stone #1. In addition to a few panels, Dark Horse have also released a few new pieces of artwork! See it all below:

Discover How The Prometheus Saga Continues In This Free Comic Preview

Discover How The Prometheus Saga Continues In This Free Comic Preview

Discover How The Prometheus Saga Continues In This Free Comic Preview

Discover How The Prometheus Saga Continues In This Free Comic Preview

Here's the new piece of artwork which accompanied io9's article, you can see an Engineer in the background near the Juggernaut, Aliens, a Predator and the poor Human souls caught in the middle. Check it out:

Discover How The Prometheus Saga Continues In This Free Comic Preview

A big thank you to io9 for sharing these new images!

Also, for those reading, who are really looking forward to Dark Horse's new comic series, you will definitely want to keep an eye on both this site, as well as TONIGHT for our big announcement. Stay tuned!

In the mean time however, let us know what you think of these comic samples in the comments section below!

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Member Comments


Mar-28-2014 5:04 PM

DNA Helix plants... Really??


Mar-29-2014 3:46 AM

On the picture it looks as if the Predators and humans are working together against the Engineer and his xenomorph...and why are the eggs outside of the ship?... and what is the guy on the right side doing?

Hope its just a composition of several drawings...

Golden Gear

Mar-29-2014 8:44 AM

wtf ...


Mar-29-2014 2:54 PM

Yeah, Svanyas right, the helix plants are a bit much...

Patient Leech

Mar-30-2014 6:19 AM

Please forgive me, but I actually kind of like the look of the DNA plants... lol

I'll admit that I enjoyed reading the comic.


And my interpretation of the new image is that it's just kind of a promotional image for their new comics. I like to think of Predator as being separate from Prometheus/Alien.

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