Halo: Ultimate - Weapon Loadouts

Halo: Ultimate - Weapon Loadouts

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Halo 4 is, to avid gamers such as myself, one of the best and most complete games made in recent years. A strong campaign, a plethora of multiplayer modes, loads of challeneges and unlocks and an amazing wealth of customisation options, not to mention the awesome Forge mode makes for a game that shooting games fans just keep coming back to time and again.

343 Industries acquistion of the franchise from creators Bungie may have initially been viewed with fear but most players will agree that they have surpassed all expectations with a truly legendary game.

Yet long term fans and fans with an overactive imagination like myself want more, more, more. More options, more content, more choice, more fun - and over the course of many, many posts in this workshop I will propose additions and changes that I believe would make the Halo franchise better. For this post we will handle Weapon Loadouts...

In Halo 4 a player can have up to 5 loadouts, each of which allow a choice of two weapons (a Halo staple), one type of grenade (from the three available), an Armor Ability, a Tactical Package and an a Support Upgrade.

Although this is better than previous instalments, surely we can do better...

Eagle eyed players of Halo 4 will have noticed that when not in use certain weapons are placed on certain parts of the characters armor - with standard weapons like the Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers being placed on either side of the characters back, but light weapons like the Handguns, SMG's, Needlers and Energy Swords being placed on the characters upper leg.

As such, isn't it high time that instead of beginning a game with one standard and one light weapon, that a players weapon loadout reflected where weapons can be stored by allowing players to carry two standard weapons on their back and two light weapons atop each leg, with of course a collection of grenades, essentially doubling a players loadout. This will of course make the weapon loadouts more similar to those seen in Epic Games' Gear of War franchise, but by lifting limitations on starting weapons will allow players to start a game with their preferred, ideal loadout.

I, myself, would choose for my default loadout - the UNSC Sniper Rifle, UNSC Assault Rifle, UNSC Magnum and an Energy Sword, with a handful of Plasma Grenades.

Though this is a small amendment to the franchise I believe it would open the game up for novice, casual players whom struggle to compete against the more experienced, hardcore players. Of course experienced players will benefit greatly from a larger loadout.


Next time in Snorkelbottoms Workshop we will continue with Halo: Ultimate and look at Weapon Crafting!

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