Halo: Ultimate - Forge Playlists

Halo: Ultimate - Forge Playlists

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Although this is the first of the Halo: Ultimate posts to delve into the daunting world of Halo Forge, it will not be as detailed as later posts - the bulk of the posts covering Forge will run through each of the key processes of creating a multiplayer map, while proposing ideas in which to expand upon the options and creativity that this groundbreaking mode offers. In todays post will we look into what happens and what could happen after a player has created their own, custom multiplayer map.

How effective Halo Forge can be (especially at 2:02).

Currently, in Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Halo 4, players can create a custom multiplayer map within a base level, saving it as a custom named variant of the base map. After which they can then upload their map to their file share for anyone to download and play. However, to play on any custom made map players are limited to two choices...

1. Host a custom game on the desired map with friends or willing strangers.

2. Post your map and its details on the Halo Waypoint website, in the hope that it will be included in a rotating custom map playlist.

As you can imagine both of these options are limited. The first option will usually result in small, predictable brawls between you and your friends, while the second option holds no guarantee that your map will even be featured. What is needed is a third, easier, fairer option.

Racing Maps are common with Halo 4.

Most online gameplay isn't actually played on dedicated servers but instead is usually played peer-to-peer. P2P is where one player is assigned as the host of the game, with all other players connecting to the host. The role of the server in such games is to ensure all currently available content (if downloaded by the player) and/or options and game tweaks are available to the game and its players. The server also acts as a gateway to these P2P games.

Using P2P is ideal for a Forge Playlist. The Forge Playlist would simply be a playlist in which players connect to and, while being matchmade with other players, the details of any completed (more on this in a future post) multiplayer map variants are uploaded from their fileshare. Of the map variants available, 3 would be chosen at random using a random gametype that the map supports, of which all connected players would then vote for. The player with the winning map in their fileshare would then be assigned the host of the P2P game session, with all other players connecting to their game.

At the conclusion of a game all connected players would be returned to the server gateway and the whole process would be repeated. However, a temporary log would be created logging any played maps out of the random selection for a set time period, ensuring a cycle of all available completed custom map variants from all the connected players. This playlist would be available to all players regardless of whether or not they possess any map variants in their fileshare.

Not all Forge maps are intended to be played.

This exact same process could also be used for a Custom Gametype Playlist, whereby custom created gametypes (covered in a future post) are uploaded, chosen at random and voted upon.


Next time in Snorkelbottoms Workshop we will continue with Halo: Ultimate with Forge - Base Levels!

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