Halo: Ultimate - Forge Base Levels

Halo: Ultimate - Forge Base Levels

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The first thing any multiplayer map needs is a setting, a base level. In Halo 4 players are limited to 4 base levels - Ravine (a temperate/Forerunner map), Erosion (A murky industrial cave), Impact (two adjoining asteroids) and the freely released Forge Island (3 islands amidst a sea of water). These four maps have a limited range of assets that can be placed within them to construct custom map variants, but do not allow the player to manipulate the scenery in any fashion.

Halo 4 free Forge map - Forge Island!

For the ultimate in Forging what is needed is a specific selection of generic themed maps with simple basic options.

Firstly, each of these base levels will feature identical, level bound reaching, just above water level islands. The ground in each of these base maps will be editable by raising and lowering the terrain using a pointer with a variable radius (much like in Sim City or Rollercoaster Tycoon), with different edge effects such as gradual and level, which can be used to create mountains, canyons, cliffs, hills and mounds.

Each of these island maps will be themed with matching background scenery, various times of the day (including night) and related weather effects, each of which can be manipulated to varying effect.

  • Temperate Island - Hilled Background - Wind, Rain.
  • Desert Island - Duned Background - Wind, Sandstorm.
  • Snow Island - Mountain Background - Snow, Wind.
  • Tarmac Island - City Background - Wind, Rain.
  • Space Level - Space Background - No Weather.

As seen above, additionally a space themed level would be included, which would not feature an island or any weather effects, nor time of the day.

With the above options players could re-build Halo: Reach's Forge World!

Players will be able to use these generic base maps and their editable terrain, time of day and weather effects to create a terrain canvas for their map, whether or not they intend to use the terrain for their map (more about that in the next few posts). A desert canyon, a snow peaked moutainside or a rolling countryside with a river running through it (sorry), the choices are almost infinite. From here the slow, but sure process of creating a truly awesome multiplayer map with the ultimate forge mode can begin...


Next time in Snorkelbottoms Workshop we will continue with Halo: Ultimate with Forge Building Blocks!

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That looks really nice Gavin!

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