Halo: Ultimate - Armor Abilities

Halo: Ultimate - Armor Abilities

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Halo 4 extended upon Halo Reach's Armor Abilities, adding Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades to the mix. With the player only able to select one of each per loadout, they allowed players to add abilities and bonuses to support their choice of weaponry.

The Thruster Armor Ability in use.

Armor Abilities are abilities directly related to the Spartan's armor and include such abilities as the Thruster Jet Pack, Sheild Regeneration and Promethean Vision. Each Armor Ability has limited use before extinguishing, at which the ability is unavailable until it has recharged. Support Upgrades and Tactical Packages upgrade a players core gameplay abilities and are always active, though their benefits may only be seen when the player performs an action related to the upgrade such as carrying extra ammunition, having the Motion Sensor active while using a weapons scope and allowing the player to walk silenty.

Some of the ideas proposed in this Halo: Ultimate series would render some of the available abilities and bonuses mute; for example the Firepower Tactical Package would not be needed if the ideas proposed in Halo: Ultimate - Weapon Loadouts where implemented. However some of the abilities and bonuses missing from Halo 4 could return, such as the Armor Lockup Ability; in which the players character crouches on the ground and locks their armor in place making them temporarily invincible. The return of this ability could be used, for example to overturn approaching enemy vechiles.

Halo Reach's Armor Lock-Up Armor Ability should return.

To improve the Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades, firstly would be to combine the two as one set of upgrades called Tactical Support Packages. From there one of each of these TSP's can be assigned to a piece of the players armor - Helmet, Left Arm, Right Arm, Chest and Legs. For example upgrades such as Sensor (increase the range of the motion sensor), Awareness (Motion Sensor remains active while using a weapons scope) would be upgrades that could be assigned to the players helmet, whereas Mobility (infinite sprint) and Stealth (quieter movement) would be upgrades that could be assigned to the players legs.

The perfect sniper as described below...

To further elaborate, while including the ideas in the aforementioned Halo: Ultimate - Weapon Loadouts, the player could make their Spartan/Elite into the perfect sniper/assassin by creating a loadout with the UNSC Sniper Rifle, Covenant Beam Rifle, A silenced and scoped UNSC Magnum, Covenant Energy Sword and Plasma Grenades, with the Active Camouflage Armor Ability and the following TSP upgrades assigned to each of the players armor pieces...

  • Helmet - Awareness (Motion Sensor visible when using a weapons scope)
  • Chest - AA Efficiency (Increases Armor Ability recharge rate)
  • Left Arm - Dexteriety (Faster reloading and weapon swapping)
  • Righ Arm - Ammo (Increases ammunition capacity for all weapons)
  • Legs - Stealth (quieter movement)


Next time in Snorkelbottoms Workshop we will continue with Halo: Ultimate and look at Ordnance Drops!

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