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Does the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer reveal more than you think?

Does the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer reveal more than you think?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie news, trailers and cast

Star Wars: The Last Jedi December 15th, 2017

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One of the biggest criticisms that 2015's Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens received was that it borrowed too heavily from the 1977 original movie; Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. As such many critics have been pre-empting that this holidays seasons sequel will likely follow all too closely the narrative of 1981's Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, a movie considered by fans and critics alike to be the best of the saga. Early indications from behind-the-scenes reports and the teaser trailer that was released in April suggests that the forthcoming Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will indeed share some similar elements, such as Rey (Daisy Ridley) being trained by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on Anch-To mirroring the latter's training by Yoda on Dagobah, Canto Bight mirroring Cloud City, and the AT-M6's on Crait mirroring the AT-AT's on Hoth.

However, despite some initial similarities the popular belief among fans is that director Rian Johnson (Looper) is intentionally using such criticisms to lure fans and audiences into a false sense of foreknowledge before throwing a series of curve balls, twists and unforeseen reveals that could leave many reeling in the aftermath of our initial viewing of the movie, inviting repeat viewings for those eager for more clues as to what we will have learned upon the movies release and what we think we can expect in the movie's sequel, the as-of-yet untitled Star Wars, Episode IX, due in theaters in 2019. While some may suggest such beliefs are the naive hopes of the fans, the recently released trailer is already starting its campaign of misdirection, leading fans and audiences to expect certain narrative beats through the clever and expert use of editing. The truth, however, could see The Last Jedi become one of the best movies of the saga. 

The first such misdirection seen in The Last Jedi's trailer is the opening monologue from Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis), which with the accompanying footage one would presume to be in reference to Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). However, most outlets suspect, as do we here at Scified, that Snoke's speech is likely from the same scene in which we presume we are witnessing Snoke torture Rey. Look again at this scene (pictured above) and one will notice that Rey is neither armed nor bound. But why would Snoke risk himself in the presence of someone so powerful in the ways of the Force, who has been trained by Luke Skywalker?

The answer may lie in another clever use of misdirection in which it is inferred that Kylo Ren may be responsible for his mother, General Leia Organa-Solo's (the sadly departed Carried Fisher) death. In the opening moments of this scene we presume to see Kylo Rens TIE Silencer escorted by two TIE Fighters, but if you pay very close attention, you will notice that the TIE Fighters are actually firing at Kylo Rens new fighter, with one of the laser shots from the TIE Fighters actually hitting one of TIE Silencers 'wings'. Together with the TIE Silencers solo entrance into the Mon Calamari freighters hangar and the emotions shared by both Leia and Kylo in this scene, it may actually be that Ben Solo may be seeking redemption and sanctuary from the First Order, following events on Anch-To.

Reys meeting with Supreme Leader Snoke and Ben Solo's (AKA Kylo Ren) possible redemption could suggest that these two opposing characters may swap roles by the end of the movie, with Ben Solo joining the Resistance and Rey becoming Snoke's new apprentice. Possible evidence of this can be found in the footage of Luke Skywalker lying exasperated in a muddy, moonlit scene. Not only does this scene heavily suggest that Rey's vision of Kylo and the Knights of Ren in The Force Awakens was prophetic and not from memory as initially speculated, it also raises the question, as to why we have not yet seen any footage of Luke Skywalker within a setting that could not possibly be on Anch-To.

Now refer to the trailers closing moments, in which it is inferred that Rey is asking for Kylos help. In this exchange the background behind Rey looks like that of a cave, suggesting the footage is from before her training on Anch-To, whereas amidst Kylo's extended hand of assistance we can see falling embers, suggesting the footage may be following the destruction of the first Jedi Temple, and that he is, in fact, extending his hand to assist his former master and uncle Luke Skywalker. This may explain why we may have seen Kylo kill one of the Knights of Ren in Rey's vision from The Force Awakens; together these could be the moments when Ben turns away from the Dark Side, following the revelation that Snoke wishes to replace him with Rey.

This scene may also be Lukes last, with his evident exhaustion possibly being signs of something more fatal. With Kylo possibly accepting the light, and the Knights of Ren likely incapable of defeating the Jedi Master, the only remaining possibility could be that Luke meets his end at the hands of Rey, which may have understandably been the narrative direction that Mark Hamill was initially objected to, that is until one asks the most important question of all - why would you abandon a young child to a life of slavery on a desolate desert world?

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Godzilla 2014 HimselfOct-10-2017 7:32 PM


Honestly if this all happens it would be a fantastic twist and I would love it. Plus it's pretty likley

ChrisOct-10-2017 7:58 PM


Yeah. If what you speculate turns out to be even remotely accurate, this will blow The Force Awakens out of the water. The twist would also give the franchise a dramatic change up and throw everyone's initial speculations out the window. The massive upset regarding Rey's fate would be totally worth it and would prove the franchise no longer "predictable" and "cut from tried and true template" used for the original trilogy. I'm all for it. December needs to hurry up!

ryanrockitOct-11-2017 2:55 AM


The scene where Kylo is about to shoot Leia's ship and he is being chased by two Tie-Fighters:  notice he is bombing the ship as the Tie's are shooting at him.  Rather than New Order pilots in the ships, it could be Finn and Poe chasing him to prevent the attack on Leia's ship.

Im DurpOct-11-2017 9:12 AM


I'll admit you piqued my interest to the point I watched the particular space scene at .25 speed and you see through this the ties are not shooting at Kylo, in fact they're shooting smaller fighter ships incoming towards kylo. In fact if you pause when the so called shot hit kylo's ship you'll see the angle of the blaster pointing forward. Then shortly after the explosion you can see the outline of an x wing.


I feel because people are so worried that this will be a copy they are going out of their way to interpret things from this trailer almost hoping we get some hint that truly isn't there.

ryanrockitOct-11-2017 10:27 AM


Im Durp - After your comment I rewatched Kylo's scene half a dozen times at low speed as well and I agree, the TIE's are not shooting at him and the apparent hit his ship takes is coming from the Mon Calamari ship (red lasers).  Interesting that the color of faction laser fire seems to be reversed as I recall that the Rebellion laser color was greenblue in the original trilogy, not red.

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