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Did Alien 3 rip-off The Element of Crime?

Did Alien 3 rip-off The Element of Crime?

In 1984, Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier (Melancholia, Dogville) began his directorial career with The Element of Crime, his first feature film.

In short, The Element of Crime is an art house film. A detective undergoes hypnosis to recollect his final murder case in a surreal expressionist Europe, his memories drenched in rusted sepia. With quizzical dialogue and lengthy, picturesque compositions, The Element of Crime is a fascinating exploration of the post-war human psyche.

But upon closer examination, one realizes that this film shares an uncanny resemblance to Alien 3! Furthermore, this was a production eight years prior to David Fincher's directorial debut!

Take a look at the comparison and see for yourself:

In an interview, the film's director, Lars von Trier, spoke of the similarities.

Of course it would be nice if somebody would use some of these little things that I've been experimenting with. But I'm sure film changes rather quickly. You know I saw Alien 3 recently and it looked exactly like "The Element of Crime" - the locations whatever exactly the same. And I don't know how much ten years or so between. So you know everything changes all the time. And yeah, it would be fine if they used it in changing things.

From industrial landscapes to characters falling from great heights, one must ask if David Fincher watched The Element of Crime. But what exactly motivated him to imitate so much of the film's imagery?

In the comments below, please express your thoughts on the matter!


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S.MMar-14-2017 3:29 PM


Not sure rip-off is the right word since the films seems quite different (based on the Wikipedia synopsis).  However Paul McGann talks about Fincher mimicking and framing based on other films and directors.  So it wouldn't surprise me at all if Fincher had seen Element of Crime.

Lady AnneMar-14-2017 5:22 PM


I would definitely say it was an omagh to Element of a Crime. Different story, same imagery and basic colors. To say Fincher "stole" from it I can't agree with as he was hounded nonstop by the studio from the moment he showed up - poor guy didn't have time to think for himself for 5 seconds without being bothered! So yes, he probably did in the back of his mind, subconsciously hit some of the themes from Element of a Crime, but I think that's where it ends as they're two completely different movies. Also, there's truly nothing original left if you want to really get picky about it from movies to music to tv. But that's just how I see it. Apologies for bad spelling! Lady Anne ^^ö^^ 

FenGiddelMar-14-2017 6:20 PM


Nice catch!

There is no arguing the common elements.

I found this review that compared EoC to Fincher's 'Se7en'.

Perhaps Fincher had not fully exorcised those elements in A3 and carried them forward to further chilling effect...

Chestbursters!Mar-14-2017 7:35 PM


Awesome comments guys, I love hearing your say on this!

I agree that due to the incredible pressure exerted from producers/studios, Fincher resorted to imitating the success of other visual styles (The Element of Crime in particular). Both von Trier and Fincher do share a fascination with the twisted and emotional!

As said before, ALIEN 3 might very well have been a sort of 'practice' for future EoC-inspired projects, like Se7en!

Gee WMar-15-2017 1:02 AM


There are some similarities, but I think they are homages at best. The rusty/yellow color scheme of Alien 3 could just as easily have been inspired by Vincent Ward's original wooden planet idea. And people jumping from high places is hardly something Von Trier invented, it could just be coincidence. I'm sure Fincher took inspiration from film makers he admires, as do all film makers I imagine, but to call that a rip-off is way too strong.

Chestbursters!Mar-15-2017 1:19 PM


By the way, both films featured an autopsy on a young girl. 

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