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Community Rules and Conduct Expectations (Please Read)

Scified2014-09-07 12:44:23
Community Rules and Conduct Expectations (Please Read)

Scified Network Forums Rules

These rules are constant across all websites associated with the Scified Network.


  • No overly offensive language, it's not needed. - No offensive pictures/links to pictures/links to sites which promote offensive content. - No links to sites that promote pirating films or other illegal activities. - Do not post topics in the wrong board if possible.
  • Ensure your topic TITLE is descriptive of the topic content.
  • Grammar - use it good. (Yes, that is sarcasm, try to use proper grammar please)
  • Respect each other, the staff and the moderators. - Do NOT use the Status Board to vent or complain about other individuals.
  • Drama - while we understand that not everyone can get along all the time we ask that personal drama is kept personal. That includes dramatic announcements when leaving/returning to the forums. That is why we have given all active members 'personal messaging'!
  • Do NOT posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. As such, potentially highly volatile discussion topics such as politics, religion and real world conflicts are not allowed in any of our forums or our status board aka Scified Chat.
  • One account per person. Duplicate accounts will lead to all accounts being banned, permanently, forever.




  • Do not post links to your website throughout these boards or on our facebook page. Advertising is fine and if you've signed up as an affiliate of ours that is fine, but do not just start a thread with a link to your site, or another site. This is not a search engine for indexing other websites, it is its own site with its own content. We appreciate you taking the time to write your own ideas.
  • Sourcing; if you get info or an article from another site, do source it at the bottom or top of your post. It gives credit where credit is due and everyone's happier when you show that courtesy.
  • PM system; Do not spam people's inboxes with links to sites which violate the forum rules. Do not send a member a PM if it is to personally harass them. We will NOT tolerate such activity.
  • Newbies vs. Veteran Members; We're all a part of the same community. We all are here because we love Science Fiction. Veteran members, welcome newcomers with open arms and open minds.


Standard of Participation and Conduct 

  • We, members of the SciFied Network, take pride in our standard of a kind, welcoming atmosphere that applauds and fiercely defends passionate, mature discourse.
  • As a contractual obligation pursuant to membership with, each of us is expected to engage in intelligent discourse at an honest, civil and socially acceptable level.
  • Dislike of an idea, opinion or identity of belief is NEVER a license to insult the individual presenting it and will be dealt with in every instance.
  • Always attack the opinion rather than the individual giving it. Failure to do so displays only a lack of respect for fellow members and the forum itself as well as an unwillingness to engage in civil, intelligent argument.
  • No one individual or group is in sole possession of a right to participate here. Any and all who follow the Forum Rules HAVE A RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION here at Scified, no matter what that opinion may be; nor his or her political, religious, racial, ethnic or sexual identification/orientation.
  • As members of this community, while it is not mandatory, it is expected that we stand up for one another - in that while we may not always agree, we will ALWAYS respect one another and DEMAND each others right to his or her opinion so long as the expression of that opinion is, itself, respectful and maintains a common sense level of decency.
  • Immaturity only succeeds in revealing the attackers foolishness to the community at large. Remember, any willingness to make things personal loses one the argument before it is even made. We are all here to passionately express and share our collective obsession concerning all things Science Fiction. Let us all behave as though we respect and understand the merits of that purpose.
  • Remember that the posting of an opinion will ALWAYS invite disagreement with that opinion, a challenge to it. That is the nature of expression and conversation. And this disagreement is welcome here at Scified so long as it follows these 'Forum Rules and Standards of Conduct'. No member here ever has the right to question another's right to counter, challenge, question or disagree with any opinion. Don't assume that because you posted an opinion to be agreed with, it won't be challenged. Disagreement, argument and the intelligent, mature exercise of conversation are reasons for participating here, the point and purpose of this forum; Please respect that.
  • With regards to opinions and expression, posts and threads which contain offensive language and intentions as well as contribute NOTHING to the development of a topic, but simply to complain, like ("This film sucked", "Piece of crap", "Haha, this film is a joke"...etc...) will be removed/locked by a member of staff at their discretion and the poster will be liable for post suspension without prior notice (ie. BANNED).
  • Such threads and comments which reflect poorly on others are also liable for editing and deletion as well as suspension.
  • If you personally insult or attack a member of this network, a member of our staff, a member of the cast of any of the movies we cover, or any the Studio's of which have produced through and any affiliated persons, your post WILL be locked and/or deleted and you will risk post suspension, and possible banning from our network, forever.



  • If you are banned and so choose to create a new account under a different name, and we find out, all your accounts will be banned, forever.
  • If a member that has been banned from this network asks you to post something in the forums on their behalf, we would appreciate it if you declined to do so, and respect the opinions of staff. Respect the rules and participate respectively. We allow freedom of speech so long as it complies with our policies and is not intentionally negative towards an individual here and or persons involved in the making of the movies which we cover.


The SciFied Team reserves the right to edit any post/thread/comment on this website if the post in question violates any of our rules and policies listed above. The 'Poster' is considered the author/originator of said content and is the sole body liable for actions against the statements made in his/her post contribution.

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