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Blade Runner 2049 bombs at the box office

Blade Runner 2049 bombs at the box office

Blade Runner 2049 movie news, trailers and cast

Blade Runner 2049 October 2017

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Blade Runner 2049 has struggled at the box office this weekend, earning a whopping $12.7 million on Friday when it released in theaters. The low turnout comes as somewhat of a surprise following the film's positive reviews and critic reactions. The film was also tracking very well on Rotten Tomatoes, but it appears the positive word of mouth and online hype were not enough to get people to the cinema.

Having become available to the general public, many moviegoers are complaining the film is extremely slow paced and by all accounts a "boring" movie. This is likely due to the lack of understanding regarding the original Blade Runner, which like 2049, was a slower paced, poetic style film. Audience members attending showings of Blade Runner 2049 expecting a high-octane, sci-fi thriller will undoubtedly be disappointed as that is not, nor ever was the focus of Blade Runner. These films are meant to be appreciated and analyzed with an open and attentive mind.

Unfortunately Blade Runner seems to be following suit after Alien: Covenant's less than stellar box office performance. But, unlike Alien: Covenant who's sequel is still in development at Fox, a continuation of the Blade Runner film franchise past 2049 seems unlikely.

Have you seen Blade Runner 2049? What did you think of it? Let us know your thoughts below!

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TyrannosOct-08-2017 12:45 PM


I forgot this movie was out xD. I think as time goes on, it will make more money at the box office. That happened to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it's now the second-highest Spider-Man film. Sadly, the first is the abomination Spider-Man 3.

Peter ZanettiOct-08-2017 12:57 PM


They need need need to make progress on straight-to-iTunes rentals for new releases in theatres. We’ve been hearing about this for months and recently it seems to be gaining real traction. 

 Blade runner is just not a movie that I’m going to put the effort into going to the theater to see. I’m 33 years old with a full-time job and two kids. It’s just not gonna happen. But, put it on iTunes for rent for $30 or $40 and you bet your ass you would get my money. 

ChrisOct-08-2017 12:59 PM


Part of the issue is right there, "I forgot this movie was out". The marketing could have been so much better. People just a) didn't know enough about it and when it was releasing and b) don't seem to care. It's unfortunate to say the least.

Dark NebulaOct-08-2017 1:23 PM


Yes, the marketing for this movie could have been better. I'm a fan of Villeneuve, most of his movies I've seen (at least in my opinion) aren't boring, they are indeed slow paced, but are really well made (Enemy 2013 is my favorite). I'll be seeing this film as fast as possible.

Im DurpOct-08-2017 2:37 PM


I really liked the movie but I will admit it is pretty unnecessarily long at almost 3 hours and I could see people not wanting to sit through a sci fi detective movie for that amount of it.


Sad it's not doing well but based on how the movie was it doesn't really need or necessarily set up a sequel.

MU/TH/UROct-08-2017 4:51 PM


There was posters for this movie everywhere where i lived. They are selective about where they market this film. Still has a month to go, i wish they recoup most of the cost by then.

red0guyOct-09-2017 12:09 AM


Well, the movie looked terrific, but it was way too loud and laden with nostalgia (the Olmos scene was in my opinion forth wall breaking, not because he is in it but because what he says). The premise of movie was ridiculous in the light of the original, making no sense for me. The themes presented might be profound but not fresh at all. 

The movie suffers from some of the same problems as Covenant (I call it Covenantitis) and it appear at least 21 years too late (when Gits appeared).

Thoughts_DreamsOct-09-2017 8:05 AM


It has just been out for some days so I can't understand why people already consider it a failure. It is too early for that.

On the other hand maybe it is a good thing because it maybe shows that there are not so many people that are interested in movies about AI. If they read this right at Fox it might mean that we get less AI in the next Alien movie, at least I hope so. This is maybe needed to teach Scott a lesson.

ChrisOct-09-2017 7:32 PM


True, hopefully international ticket sales bring up the lagging domestic performance.

MembraneOct-10-2017 1:24 PM


Heading to see it this weekend with a few friends.  There isn't much it has to compete with for the next several weeks.

And even if it isn't making a lot of money, it doesn't speak to what I'm hearing the consensus is for many... that if you liked the original, you'll certainly like (maybe even more) this one.

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Written By Chris
Published: 2017-10-08 12:19:30

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