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Awesome fan-made animated Terminator short film hits the web!

Awesome fan-made animated Terminator short film hits the web!

Terminator Genisys movie news, trailers and cast

Terminator Genisys July 1st, 2015

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Our community here on Scified is full of many talented individuals who share a passion for science fiction and nothing is better than when these individuals express this passion through art. One member in particular, Centauri has created a new animated Terminator short film titled Terminator: Storm Wolf Battalion, inspired by the first and second Terminator films. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Special thanks to Centauri for debuting this through us! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel and of course Scified for more of his work! 

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LoneFeb-13-2017 10:10 AM


Very cool!

This is the latest of many genius wee trailers by Jason and Co!

Stan Winston (deceased)Feb-14-2017 5:48 PM


This is easily the 3rd best Terminator film!

Love the use of the original's soundtrack and opening titles -- I'm one of those rare entities that believes the first is the best Terminator--and one of the greatest--story and film ever created.

The animation is true to the original concepts and yet feels futuristic even in this day and age. Just watching this short makes me giddy and wish Cameron re-embraces his prodigal creation, and gives us all what we dream of.


Keep up the talent.

AtiFeb-19-2017 12:22 PM


Very good atmosphere and sound, I like its humour.

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Written By Chris
Published: 2017-02-12 05:37:15

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