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What Venom might look like in the new movie!

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There are certain characteristics and traits which make Venom look like Venom. But what will Venom look like in the new upcoming Venom movie? In this post we've compiled a number of designs by different artists who have all given the Symbiote anti-hero their own unique take. From comic-book accurate, to horrifying alien monster, these designs shed some light on what the new Hollywood Venom might look like when the film hits theaters next year. 

This first Venom design we wish to share was created by David Rapoza and portrays an extremely bulky stature for the Symbiote-bonded Eddie Brock. Although Venom was always a larger and bulkier specimen compared to other villains in the Spider-Man universe, this rendition paints a Venom who let their winter bulk get ahead of them. With a lighter emphasis on the teeth and tongue, this option is all about sheer mass:

The next piece was created by artist Francise Tsai. In this rendition, Venom is given an extremely long and slender tongue and slimmer features compared to the previous design:

Next up we have a dramatically different take on Venom. This rendition, who we're not sure by, paints Venom as a more alien-looking specimen. It removes most of Venom's humanoid features and gives him an animalistic aesthetic. Though horrifying to imagine, might be too extreme for Venom's proper theatrical debut:

Moving on we have another extreme redesign by artist Austen Mengler. This alternative look gives Venom an even more grotesque outward appearance - emphasizing his teeth and adding vascularity throughout his face and eyes:

Considering Venom has a projected R-rating, we can safely assume the look of Venom himself will not be dumbed down and made child-friendly for the sake of obtaining a PG-13 classification. However, where on the scale from mildly scary to horribly grotesque his appearance will fall has yet to be decided. Obviously Venom requires certain characteristics to look like Venom, but it will be interesting to see how the team at SONY put him together.

Which design here would you prefer Venom to look like in the new film? Let us know in the comments!

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2017-12-31 10:49:13

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