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Jingle Jam 2017 raise over $5 Million for charity!

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Throughout this month UK based YouTube and Twitch comedy gaming group The Yogscast have been streaming their annual monthly long drive to raise money for charities such as Cancer Research, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal, The Mental Health Foundation, Special Effect, The Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the Internation Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Intersex Association, Save the Children, and thousands more. Last year during Jingle Jam 2016 the group, based in Bristol, UK raised an amazing $2,577,801. On Wednesday 27th, during a 12-hour stream featuring Yogcast alum Hannah Rutherford, Caffcast, Radders, and Bertie they reached their goal of raising $5 million. To celebrate and thank those that had donated Yogscast co-founders Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane, together with Yogscast CEO Mark Turpin released this video.

The Jingle Jam will continue until late tomorrow; 31st December, with the total raised so far having already doubled the amazing amount that was raised during last years Jingle Jam. The stream marathon has seen many highlights such as a drunk Lewis attempting to play classic RTS title Red Alert, Simon singing Britney Spears' "Get to Work" and a cooking stream in which Lewis, Duncan, and Turps were joined by Twitch gamer/chef Nick Haywood where they cooked a delicious looking traditional Christmas dinner on a boat. With another year to wind down before Jingle Jam returns what amazing total can the Yogscast achieve next December?

Please Note - The Yogscast Jingle Jam streams are not pre-recorded the trio (Lewis, Turps and Simon) said this in jest, as is usually the case.

Article Published:
2017-12-30 13:57:23

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