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Aliens Unseen: The Lesser Known Deleted Scenes

Aliens Unseen: The Lesser Known Deleted Scenes

Before the release of Aliens in 1986, James Cameron removed over 20 minutes of footage bringing the theatrical runtime to 137 minutes. Five years following Cameron decided to reinsert over 17 minutes of deleted footage back into Aliens creating the Aliens Special Edition. I will look into the history of the Aliens Special Edition in another article. Alien fans will already be familiar with the scenes Cameron reinserted back into the film, but what about the other extra footage? Here we are going to take a look at the other deleted footage from Aliens, which didn't make it back into the film, including some, you might already be familiar with from the Alien Anthology blu ray features.

I don't have the ability to take screenshots from blu rays, so I can't provide some screenshots for particular scenes.

Shuttle Narcissus:
An opening shot of the Shuttle Narcissus was filmed of a searchlight from the Salvage vessel scanning the front of the shuttle.


Screenshot and fx storyboard comparisons can be been over at Harry Harris' collection website. I've not asked permission to use the screenshots so click HERE to view them, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ripleys Daughter:
A line of dialogue from Burke was cut from the end of the deleted scene in which we learn of Ripley's daughter. Still looking at a distraught Ripley he says, "Some promises you just can't keep." Burke then looks at his watch anxious to get to the hearing.


Colony Complex:
In the Aliens Special Edition, we get a view of the colony exterior during bad weather with vehicles moving around. Some extra shots of the colony exterior were cut, which featured some colonists struggling to cover machinery and vehicles during the gale-force winds. Another shot featured a colonist entering a bar and grill. These scenes take place before we see Simpson and Lydecker.


Awakening from Cryo:
As the marines awaken from cryo-sleep Spunkmeyer sits up still groggy and says, "I'm getting too old for this shit."


While preparing the Dropship for takeoff Bishop picks up a remote device. With this remote device, Bishop activates a hydraulic lift, on this lift is the APC which is then driven towards Gorman. The model shots of this scene were filmed, but they never made it into any cut of the film

Miniature cardboard Bishop with a remote

Model shot of the APC on the hydraulic lift


Burke inside the APC:
Burke is watching Drakes monitor. As Drake looks towards a messy desk, Burke says, "Looks like my room in college."

Hicks, Ripley and the others are trying to get Newt to come out of her hiding place when Drake looks at the group and says, "Let her go, man, who cares." Not used in any cut of the film it was featured in the Newt's tale comic adaption.


Ripley and Newt:
Ripley is cleaning Newts face. While continuing to coax Newt into talking, she says, "It's all right with me. Most people talk a lot, and they wind up not saying anything at all."


Newts Escape Attempt:
Ripley is talking to Newt when Hicks enters announcing they are moving out. Newt uses this opportunity to try to escape, running under the desk she makes her way towards the door. She is stopped by Hicks. Newt, once again, tries to bite Hicks but manages to move his hand away quickly.

Not used in any cut of the film it was featured in the Newt's tale comic adaption.

Hicks and Wierzbowski:
After Frost is torched his bag containing the pulse rifle rounds is on the floor on fire. Crowe and Wierzbowski try to retrieve the rounds when Hicks, realising they are about to explode, grabs Wierzbowski and tries to find cover. The bag explodes knocking Wierzbowski off his feet and killing Crowe. After the explosion, Hicks helps Wierzbowski to sit upright propping him up before going to check on Crowe.


APC's Destruction:
During the Dropship crash sequence, there's was some filmed shots of Dropship wreckage crashing into the APC.


Bishop should go:
During the sequence in which Ripley and the rest of the survivors are discussing how to retrieve the second drop ship from the Sulaco some extra dialogue was cut. During this scene, you can still hear the aliens bashing against the pressure door when it suddenly stops. Vasquez is the first to notice when the proximity alarm from the additional group of robot sentry's sounds. This was the original start of the second barrage of robot sentry fire after Bishop is sealed into the sub conduit.


Ripley: All right, let's get on with it. What do you need?

Vasquez: Listen. It stopped.

Hicks: They're in the complex.

Ripley and Hicks:
After Hicks asks how long it was since Ripley got any sleep says, "They'll get us." Hicks replies, "Maybe...and maybe not."


Auto refuel mode:
As the second drop ship is being prepped Bishop engages the auto-refuel mode. The model shots in this sequence were filmed but ultimately never used.


Burke Cocooned:
This is Aliens most famous deleted scene. Ripley is searching for Newt inside the atmosphere processor. A hand reaches out and grabs her. This turns out to be Burke, Cocooned. He begins to plead, "Ripley...Help me...Please, help...Oh, god...It's inside me....God, god...Ripley...Don't stop." Ripley hands him a grenade and continues on.


Even though this scene was filmed it never made into any cut of the film. At one stage, only behind-the-scenes pictures were available for the scene. For the first time ever this deleted scene was included with the Alien Anthology blu ray set finally giving fans the change to see the scene after years of waiting. Cameron didn't like the scene, and so it was never used. An Urban Myth claims this scene was kept for the German VHS release. This, however, is false, if it was true, then the scene would have been made public long ago. An alternate version was also featured in the Newt's Tale Comic adaption.

Ripley in the Power Loader:
After Ripley has closed the main cargo hold door Ripley spies a power loader. She heads towards it strapping herself into the loader in the same manner as we saw her in the earlier in the film, ("well I can drive that loader..."). This scene was filmed and is said to have been included in a rare TV showing of Aliens in the early 90's. However, I've not been successful in proving whether this is true or not.

I'm still in the process of researching any further scenes that may have been filmed and then cut.

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ChrisAug-05-2016 6:21 AM


Love it! Another fantastic addition to the Archives. I'm really enjoying these Xeno_Alpha! I knew about the Burke Cocoon scene but most of the ones mentioned here I as unaware of. I also want to get my hands on a copy of the Newt's Tale comic!

CentauriAug-05-2016 8:24 AM


@Facehuggers! yes! great post!!

S.MAug-10-2016 10:19 PM


The bookend for Wierzbowski in the hive sequence is still in the film.  As Hicks' yells for Wierzbowski there's a shot of a hived pillar, that almost says "What are we supposed to be looking at?". Without the earlier shots of Wierzbowski being propped up against said pillar, we don't have any reason to miss him.

What are the two scenes you're missing?

xeno_alpha_07Aug-11-2016 4:44 AM


I forgot to give you credit but you gave me one of those pictures of Hicks & Wierzbowski.  The two scenes escape me but I believe they are mentioned somewhere in the Illustrated screenplay.  I'll have to dig it out and take a look.  I know the powerloader scene I mentioned is in there which I discovered afterwards.  I added the loader scene just in case as I know that Aliens was edited in the UK for early broadcasts.  For example, Drakes line during Newts discovery is changed from 'F**k' to 'Sh*t' and his death had some dramatic music added to it.  I'll take a look later when I get the time mate.


OK, had a look at the illustrated screenplay and they are not there.  Memory isn't what it used to so looks like I'm going to be digging.  Removed the mention of those two scenes until I've found the source for them. Apologies.     

S.MAug-11-2016 3:24 PM


No worries.

How would you classify the continuity goof in the theatrical version where Ripley takes the weapons off the wall in the dropship then puts them down in the wrong order (other than a continuity goof obviously)?

It's not a deleted scene, but they got it wrong in the threatrical version, then corrected in the Special Edition broadcast of 1992, the got it wrong again on DVD, then finally corrected it properly on Blu-Ray.

xeno_alpha_07Aug-11-2016 11:09 PM


The weapons goof was also corrected for the special edition VHS tape that came with the collectors facehugger box-set.  The 1989 CBS broadcast have the goof corrected too.  Seems strange that it was corrected on and off on various releases.  How would I classify it?  Not sure to be honest with you, besides the obvious goof.

S.MAug-12-2016 1:36 AM


I had a thought about those extra scenes.  Are these the ones you were thinking of?

1) In Ripley's apartment there's dialogue coming from a TV with an ad for moving to the off world colonies, just before Burke knocks.

2) Bishop getting attacked while crawling through the pipe.

Thoughts_DreamsAug-15-2016 3:16 AM


I remember the scene with Burke where Ripley gives him a grenade. This scene is like Burke wanted the Alien for experimenting or what ever and he payed for it.

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