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Alien 3: Vincent The Enigma

Alien 3: Vincent The Enigma

Who the hell is Vincent?
Watching the Assembly Cut of Alien 3 you will notice in the bait and chase sequence at the end of the movie, we see Kevin ("Did anybody hear anything!?") Walk down the corridor and discover the Alien in the middle of killing a Prisoner (This was also in the Theatrical Cut). Not long afterwards Prisoner David walks along and discovers the same prisoner remains. "I Think I've found Vincent!"

However, just who is he? What does he look like? Let's take a look at the remaining prisoners before the Bait and Chase sequence (not including Ripley, Dillon and Aaron) At the top we have Morse. In the middle, we have William, Jude and Kevin. And at the bottom, we have Troy, Gregor, David and Eric making that's 8 Prisoners remaining.

There is no other prisoner present, Vincent is a Mystery 9th Prisoner, an Enigma (Originally nicknamed this by SM). Even in the scene where the prisoners are gathered in the assembly hall before they all head to the furnace, (in the assembly cut) we see the same prisoners and no one extra. Let's take a look at some of the other 'Enigma' Prisoners in Alien 3. I've also managed to name some of the stuntmen who played these extra prisoners.


 Also did stunt work for James Cameron's Aliens

Another uncredited stunt man in Aliens!


These extra prisoners do have names who are featured in scripts and the movie adaption novel. Here are the names: Ed, Christopher, Janni, Martin, Lawrence, Vincent. Nevertheless, which one of these is Vincent? According to the December 18th, 1990 Hill/Giler draft, the following is Vincent:

Your guess is as good as mine!

Neither one of these guys are present during Dillion's motivational speech nor the Bait and Chase sequence at the end. The reason for this is because that both stunt prisoners were burned and killed during the alien entrapment sequence. In fact, Nick Gillard holds a record for the longest time being on fire without breathing for his stunt on Alien 3. The other stunt prisoner was called Martin which I believe, but could be wrong, was played by Mark Anthony Newman. So, even though they are identified in the December 18th, 1990 draft neither of them are Vincent. 

 Nick Gillard during his stunt

Prisoner Martins jacket

What makes it harder when we get a glimpse of the dead prisoner the alien is devouring we don't see the guys head or anything! This is the view of the deceased prisoner from the aliens POV:

In case your wondering what Nick Gillard did on Aliens, he was one of the guys inside the Queen Alien along side Malcolm Weaver.

Malcolm and Nick inside the Alien Queen

"On Aliens i was thin so was able to get inside the Queen. There were two of us in there. We would do an hour at a time and could hardly breathe. We operated two arms each."

- Nick Gillard, Star Wars Afictionado interview

I guess we will never know which stunt prisoner was who and Vincent remains, as he was nicked named by the forum user SM, an enigma.

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xeno_alpha_07Aug-06-2016 9:39 AM


I've added two articles together and updated this one slightly.  Inspired by a conversation with S.M over on AVPGalaxy.

Gee WAug-06-2016 11:52 AM


Cool! I always thought there were some guys missing. Any idea who the dead bodies that Ripley finds towards the end of the Bait and Chase scene belong to? There's one on the floor and one stuck to the ceiling, from who Ripley takes the torch...

I didn't know Nick Gillard was part of Alien 3, cool fact! He was the stunt coordinator on the Star Wars prequels, and brought all those lightsaber fights to life!

xeno_alpha_07Aug-06-2016 12:17 PM


Yes, the prisoner on the floor is Eric.  The prisoner hanging is Williams :)  In the workprint when Ripley finds Eric, she says his name so you know who it is.  Sadly, they never used it for the final or assembly cut.

S.MAug-07-2016 10:41 PM


I always wondered if that was William hanging from the ceiling.  He's the only one not otherwise accounted for.

I recently worked out that Mark Anthony Newman is Martin.  He's named in the scripted rape scene. However, I believe SD used the first name 'Mark' for Vincent in the Weyland Yutani Report (which, rather humourously, has 'Records Lost' in lieu of a photo).

Another script has Janni, Ed and Vincent in the bugwash when Clemens brings Ripley in.  However in the Assembly its Kevin, Martin and Nick Gillard.

I strongly suspect Vincent is in fact Nick Gillard, but there's no way to tell for sure, short of getting a look at the call sheet. And even then it may just read 'Stunt' instead of a character name, like some versions of the script.

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Written By xeno_alpha_07
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