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Alien 3: The Dog Catcher Commandos

Alien 3: The Dog Catcher Commandos

If you've watched Alien 3 real close, you will notice two commandos that look strange and stick out from the rest. You first come across these two commandos during the Company's arrival. They are seen behind Bishop II carrying a large cage. These two commandos have been nicknamed "The Dog Catchers" by myself and a few others. A bit of a strange name to dub these two right? Well, there is a reason for this and here's why:

First, let us look at what these two are wearing:


At first glance, you will notice that they are both wearing a chain-mail sort of padded suit, mainly around the Shoulder, arm and leg areas. This resembles a Dog trainer's bite suit. These bite suits are worn by Dog trainers and are designed to withstand bite attacks, protect and prevent injuries to the trainer.


Notice that they are also carrying a pole device with a rope hoop on the end. This is a Dog Catchers Lasso. This is used to catch dogs by putting the looped end over the dog's head. The other end of the pole are the ends of the rope which they pull on to tighten the hoop. This isn't to strangle the dog but to restrain it and to manoeuvre the dog into either a cage or van. Seeing how the commandos brought a cage with them it seems obvious what they intended to do.


You'll notice the strange cage-like helmet the Commandos are wearing. This looks like a form of Bite helmet dog trainers also use to protect their heads from bites and other injuries. Looking at their helmets it doesn't look like it would protect them from the Alien that much. The Aliens inner jaw could easily make the gaps killing them.


Judging from their uniforms and equipment they planned to corner and capture the Alien like a stray Dog and cage it. However, this is just a theory. If this was the case, then IMO this shows how little the Company knows about the creature. If they knew what they were up against, they would have come properly prepared and better equipped, as Ripley said, "They can't control it, they don't understand it, it will kill them all" and by looking at their methods of capturing the Alien this would be stating the obvious.

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Patient LeechAug-08-2016 11:32 AM


Haha... nice find. I actually just watched Alien 3 again last night.

Yeah, I think the company was extremely naïve about the creature. I don't think they would have even gotten it off of Fury. That's probably why Ripley was the prime target. They could take her back and nurture their very own Queen, which would no doubt end up taking over the world as we know it, or at least destroying a continent or two.. haha

FacehuggersAug-08-2016 12:12 PM


Those are some very keen observations. And very interesting! I never thought of them more than just vintage hockey pads! :)



LoneAug-08-2016 12:22 PM



The only useful part of the outfit would have been the first aid kit....but then again...

Nice research xeno-alpha!


Something RealAug-08-2016 3:25 PM


XENO _ALPHA _07 - Very interesting! I can not imagine those outfits would provide anything more than a chewy outer shell for the alien; however, the distraction they might provide while being eaten could allow others to trap the beast! ;)

xeno_alpha_07Aug-08-2016 3:41 PM


Here's a cut scene from Alien3 with Aaron when the company arrive, clicky. It's his comment about the cage that makes me smile.

Thanks, everyone :)


S.MAug-08-2016 4:39 PM


Shame that line got cut.  Funniest line in the film.

And also a little sinister.  Maybe the cage wasn't for the Alien at all.

Also, as an aside, someone at Aliens Legacy found a picture that had one of the commandos names on the back of his helmet - 'Animal'.

FacehuggersAug-08-2016 6:12 PM



Wow, I never knew that scene was extended! Thank you so much for sharing!

Something RealAug-08-2016 8:25 PM


XENO_ALPHA_07 - That is extremely neat! I was not aware of that scene's existence! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share this with us! :)

Gee WAug-09-2016 5:11 AM


I've never noticed these guys before, and I've seen this movie a dozen times. Cool! If they were indeed trying to capture the alien with those lassos it seems the company had no clue as to what exactly they're dealing with. Which makes sense in a way, as they have never been in contact with it themselves. Only through Ripley's stories and some vague descriptions have they heard about it.

That Aaron line in the extended scene is very funny, they should've kept it!

BigDaveAug-09-2016 6:25 AM


Yes its most likely to catch the Alien... but who knows... its very ill prepared way of doing things surely the company would know it was more deadly than what that kind of equipment would require.

But it could be to catch Ripley lol....

The great thing is its ambiguous and also that Alien Covenant and its sequels could fill in the gaps as far as how much the company finds out...  which we can then  use to fit with the Alien 3 Dog Catchers.

For example... one thing is what if they find out about the Goo and Xeno connection and indeed they have some idea Ripley is infected and its a precaution in case her DNA is infected too.

Also there could be someone on Fiorina 161 who is in the know...  and messages the company about a Xenomorph from  a Dog Host?

We dont see this in the movie... but we could have had someone who had some Intel.... who knows..

S.MAug-09-2016 3:51 PM


The Company had a pretty good idea there was an Alien running around because of data from the EEV sent back to Network.  In the Assembly version they flat out knew there was an Alien running around because Ripley told them.

No one knew it came from a dog because Murphy was the only one who cared about Spike, and Murphy was the first one to get offed.

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Written By xeno_alpha_07
Published: 2016-08-08 11:02:39

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