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Knight Rider to become a Big Action Movie

Author: Gavin Singleton | Jun-26-2013 12:46 PM

ScifiedGeneral Movie News & Posts ➙ Knight Rider to become a Big Action Movie

The 80's revival shows no signs of stopping. We've had three Transformer movies, with another three, and an A-Team movie (fingers crossed for a sequel), now comes news that the Weinstein Company wants to turn Knight Rider into a big, action film.

Contrary to the chessiness of this photo the show, it's theme tune and more importantly the car were, as the kids say... DA BOMB!

The original, classic series, which ran for 4 season started back in 1982, and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight whom along with KITT, his artificially intelligent Pontiac Trans Am, drove around America helping out the helpless and foiling the bad guys. Creator Glen A. Larson, also creator of Battlestar Galactica, likened the show as a sc fi lone ranger.

Despite the success of the original series, attempts to revive or remake the franchise have all failed, with direct to DVD movies and many single season spin offs.

In addition to the news of a remake movie, which in itself is nothing new, comes news that Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs, Arrested development) has beaten off the likes of Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim), Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci to write the script for the planned movie.

The Hoff himself has even expressed interest in playing a part in the movie.

In Scifieds opinion, if they use a car similar in look to the the original Trans Am and stay close to the spirit of the original series this could prove to be a successful franchise. Treat it with respect and we will come!

Thanks to the LA Times for the news!

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djrees56 ›

I always thought KITT was a Firebird,but I looked it up,your right...he's a Trans Am.
Well,I hope the next version of KITT stays "middle class sports car"...and I agree,he should have a Pointiackiness(invented new word here)about him.
There's a lot of models that fit into KITTS demographic role as a middle class sports car these the Mazda can just hear KITT saying "Micheal...why are the girls laughing at me?"
Then there's new Mini..but there would be no room for KITTS dash mounted control panels because the speedometer takes up 75% of the dashboard.
KITT also needs some muscle car styling...the new Challenger is awesome but its cool dated styling is too dated for KITT.
I saw this add a few years back.I'm not sure what became of it.I never saw any new episodes. Furd is not my first choice but they make cool looking muscle cars :)


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