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10 things you need to know about Riddick: Rule The Dark... and a New Trailer

Author: Gavin Singleton | Jun-24-2013 2:09 PM

ScifiedGeneral Movie News & Posts ➙ 10 things you need to know about Riddick: Rule The Dark... and a New Trailer

Riddick: Rule The Dark sees the return of Vin Diesel as the galaxies most wanted criminal, Richard B. Riddick, in a new movie that harks back to the franchises roots. Directed by David Twohy the movie is set for release 6th September 2013, and to make sure you're ready for the movie here's 10 things you need to know about the Riddick franchise...

#1 What is Riddick: Rule The Dark?


Riddick: Rule the Dark is the 3rd science fiction action movie in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise, with Pitch Black (2000) and Chronicles of Riddick (2004) being the previous two installments. This third movie shows Riddick in his element, fighting for his survival against alien predators and deadly mercenaries. The movie also stars WWE wrestler Dave Batista, sci fi babe Katee Sackhoff and Dredd (or Bones) himself Karl Urban, returning as Vaako.

#2 Who is Riddick?


Richard B. Riddick is one of the few surviving Furyan's in the galaxy. Considered by many to be the galaxies most dangerous criminal and a psychopath, Riddick is more of a survivor, with no prison able to hold him. He has honed his naturally potent strength and endurance with military training during his time as a Ranger and Mercenary, and is now highly dangerous with any weapon, and without.

#3 How can Riddick see in the dark?


The ability to see as Riddick does, in pitch blackness with a purple hue is called Eyeshine. Riddick claimed to Jack/Kyra that he received the ability from Pope Joe while an inmate at Butcher Bay, but while a guest at Butcher Bay he received them while having a vision of the Furyan Shirah. It is believed that Eyeshine is a naturally ability of Alpha Furyan's.

#4 What is a Furyan?

The mysterious Shirah.

A Furyan is an inhabitant of the planet Furya, a harsh unforgiving yet beatiful planet colonized by humans. Because of the extreme conditions on the planet the human inhabitants evolved, adapted to survive there, becoming physical and spiritual warriors. However when Riddick was still a child virtually all Furyan's were massacred by the Necromonger Zhylaw, whom later became the Lord Marshal, to prevent his foretold death at the hands of a Furyan.

#5 Are there any other Furyan's left?


We really don't know. Riddick has been repeatedly seeing visions of Shirah since receiving his Eyeshine ability, though it is unknown who or what she is exactly, a ghost, a telepathic projection, a Furyan goddess, Riddicks mother - nobody really knows yet. The only other Furyan Riddick has met was the Necromonger Purifier, whom saved Riddicks life before committing suicide by walking out on to the blazing hot surface of Crematoria.

#6 When & Where is Riddick set?


The Chronicles of Riddick franchise is set in the distant future when mankind has spread itself among the stars, seeking new homes from the dying world that was Earth. Mankind is still a community, but is now a community of distant planets with worlds like the beautiful religious mecca that is Helion Prime, or the inhospitable prison world of Crematoria. The name of the planet in Riddick: Rule the Dark has not yet been named.

#7 What are Necromongers?


The Necromongers are a dark religious empire whom embrace death and the lack of life, and as such do not add to their numbers through reproduction but by converting those they conquer. Necromonger conversion involves receiving the mark of the Necromongers; a process that results in the lack of feeling, pleasure or pain. They are on a crusade to cleanse this universe of life by killing those that stand before them or converting them to their order so that they mat survive the journey into the Underverse - a constellation of new dark stars.

#8 Who is Katee Sackhoff playing?


In Riddick: Rule the Dark Katee Sackhoff plays a mercenary sniper by the name of Dahl. Beyond that very little is known about her character, though there is some speculation that all the bounty hunters in the movie, including Dahl, have a history with Riddick. Katee is no stranger to the world of Sci Fi. Although she is probably best known for her role as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace in the Battlestar Galactica remake TV series, she has also appeared in the animated TV series Star Wars: the Clone Wars as Bo-Katan, and supplied her voice in video games such as Resistance 2 and Halo 3.

#9 Will there be more Riddick in the future?


Yes! Actor and Riddick star Vin Diesel and director David Twohy have confirmed that there will be more installments in the franchise with promises that the next installment will explore Riddicks past and homeworld on Furya.

#10 Who is David Twohy?

David Twohy with the movies cast of mercenaries.

David Twohy is an American movie director and screenwriter who in addition to having directed with all 3 live action Riddick movies, once was attached to write and direct Alien 3, but refused the project, though his early draft did influence the final project heavily. He has directed recent movies such as Below (2002) and A Perfect Getaway (2009), and has been credited as a writer on films such G. I. Jane (1997), Waterworld (1995) and The Fugitive (1993).

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