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Star Wars Episode VII - What We Know So Far

Author: Gavin Singleton | May-11-2013 3:42 PM

ScifiedStar Wars Episode 7 News ➙ Star Wars Episode VII - What We Know So Far

With the latest news that Lucasfilm have confirmed that Star Wars: Episode VII is to be made in United Kingdom, we here at Scified thought that it would be a good time to take stock of the facts, and hopeful fiction, regarding the return of the Star Wars Saga, the sequel trilogy and other related Star Wars movie news.

Much Star Wars news, we Have!


Lucasfilm - Lucasfilm is still heavily involved in the production of the plethora of Star Wars films that are heading our way starting 2015, though the company is now owned by Disney Pictures, whom purchased it for a whopping $4 Billion.

George Lucas - The creator of the Star Wars universe, executive producer of all the episodes and director of Episodes I-IV, will remain on board as creative consultant, and most likely as an executive producer, for all future installments.

J. J. Abrams - The guy behind Lost, Super 8, Fringe and the rebooted Star Trek franchise will direct Star Wars Episode VII. In a recent recorded chat with Star Trek: Into Darkness star Simon Pegg, Abrams revealed that he was never a fan of Star Trek until making the 2009 reboot, yet he has always been a Star Wars fan, before stating that he recognizes and acknowledges the vast differences between the two franchises. It is also anticipated by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy that Abrams will also direct episodes VIII and IX.

Michael Arndt - The American screenwriter is penning the screenplay for Episode VII. His previous works include Oblivion (in cinemas now) and the upcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It is said that he is working closely with director Abrams and creative consultant Lucas.

John Williams - The legendary movie composer has stated his interest in returning to score Episode VII, much to the delight of the fans, who cherish his epic and instantly recognizable scores and anthems.

Filming - According to producer Bryan Burk Episode VII is to begin filming next, most likely with studios in the UK being utilised, with a summer 2015 release date scheduled. There is no news yet of any locations, though we speculate Morocco will be used if we return to Tattooine.

One of many, many images showcasing director J. J. Abrams.

The Cast

None of the cast have been official confirmed, though the returning cast are heavy believed to be involved in Episode VII, if a statement reported by Entertainment Weekly from George Lucas is to be believed - "Maybe I'm not supposed to say that. I think they want to announce that with some big whoop-de-do, but we were negotiating with them. I won't say whether the negotiations were successful or not"

Mark Hamill - Hamill has all but confirmed that he will return as Luke Skywalker in Episode VII. At 61 it is unlikely that Hamill will feature in any action sequences, more likely taking on an advisary role similar to that of Alec Guinness' in Episode VII.

Harrison Ford - Ford has stated his desire to return as lovable rogue smuggler Han Solo.

Carrie Fisher - Though her initial announcement of returning as Princess Leia was claimed by her representative to be in jest, it is highly believed that Fisher will in fact return.

Billy Dee Williams - There has been no official word of whether or not Billy Dee will return as Lando Calrissian.

Anthony Daniels & Kenny Baker - Though unknown as to whether or not the actors will return, it is almost certain that the droids C3PO and R2-D2 will return, having starred in every episode to date.

Ewan McGregor & Samuel L. Jackson - Both actors have announced their desire to return in the sequel trilogy, though as to how they will be able to return is unknown. Their involvement, if any has yet to be confirmed.

Frank Oz - The voice of Jedi Master Yoda has also stated his desire to return, but yet again his involvement has yet to be confirmed.

John Noble - according to MovieWeb the host of an Australian radio show has it "on very good authority" that Fringe star John Noble will be "appearing as a villain". Though unsubstantiated, this rumor holds promise; with the actor having worked with director Abrams on Fringe, and of a high enough caliber to play an evil minded, Sith-like villain.

John Nobles inclusion in the cast, if true, would be truly awesome for sci fi and Star Wars fans.


Name - As of yet, the movies full name is unknown. To date and in order we have had, The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, Revenge Of The Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. What name do you think Episode VII will have?

The Replublic - In the extended universe books the Galactic Senate, AKA The Old Republic was rebuilt under Princess Leia's supervision as remnants from the Sith and the Empire occasionally resurfaced to unsettle the new state of galactic peace.
Episode VII however will feature original elements and storylines and as such will not be an adaptation of any of the EU books. Though the Republic will most likely be featured in some capacity.

Jedi & Sith - With Episodes I - III focusing much on Jedi and the Galactic Senate, and Episodes IV-VI focusing mostly on the Empire and Rebel Alliance, it seems likely that Episodes VII-IX will focus on the Sith and The New Republic. Hopefully questions of the Sith's past, and their past relationship with and to the Jedi, will be answered.

A New Generation - With the returning cast from Episodes IV-VI being too old to safely perform in any action sequences, it seems likely that the Episodes VII-IX will follow the exploits of the next generation. It has been speculated that the main hero character of the sequel trilogy will be a female Skywalker, as to whether this will be Luke's daughter or Leia's is unknown as the speculation has yet to be confirmed.

Uncovering the mystery of the Sith would complete the saga perfectly.

Episode VIII & Beyond

Though it has been anticipated that Episode VII director J. J. Abrams will return for Episodes VIII and IX, it is known that writers Lawrence Kasdan (Episodes V and VI) and Simon Kinberg are writing the screenplays for Star Wars spin off movies that will be released in the summers in between the main episodes. These spin offs are said to explore the characters of Boba Fett, Han Solo and Jedi Master Yoda.

We expect the long awaited Boba Fett spin off will cover the characters story from Jango's death in Episode II to the characters first, originally deleted, appearance in Episode IV

While we expect the confirmation of the cast and crew for Episode VII to happen before the production of the film is hinted to start next year, the biggest confirmation will come with the movies name, as this will be an indication as to the direction of which the story is going.

Until then expect more expected, and unexpected Star Wars Episode VII news here on Scified, which we will deliver to you as soon as the news surfaces. Every saga may have an end, but every sci fi fan has Scified.

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