Another Oblivion Trailer

Author: Gavin Singleton | Mar-01-2013 5:40 AM

ScifiedOblivion Movie 2013 News ➙ Another Oblivion Trailer

Yesterday saw the release of the 3rd official trailer for Joseph Kosinski's sci fi action thriller Oblivion, an adaptation of his own graphic novel of the same name previously published by Radical Comics. Oblivion stars Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, and is due for release in cinemas 12th April 2013.

In 2013 an alien race known as the Scav invaded Earth. Although the human race was victorious in the war against the alien invaders, half of the Earth was destroyed and the human race was evacuated offworld.

Set 60 years later in 2073, Oblivion tells the story of Jack Harper, portrayed by Tom Cruise, a drone repairman left on Earth to extract the last of Earths resources before joining the others. But the arrival of a young stranger in a crashed spacecraft triggers a series of events that unravel Jack Harper's life and what he believed to be true.

Thanks to YouTube for the news!

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Sawa ›

I enjoyed what Joseph did for TRON, & will go see this film. Tom has been sorta more bearable as of late; however, he drove me nutty when he first hit the silver-screen. And not in the more well-known positive (or hysterical) way. I always felt he was a bit of a chipmunk he had something bulging in his cheeks. Anyway, I can't explain it, maybe best left as I just find him really odd, sometimes. Hopefully, he doesn't blow this one ...I thought his role in "War of the Worlds" was quite believable.

I did read recently that this was filmed 60fps, with some new SONY digital 35mm emulation cinema cameras. It will be interesting to see if the projection lives-up to all the techno-babble hype. If anything, I'm expecting a highly visually-intense film; Jo's "TRON: Legacy" unexpectedly was killer-awesome, in that way for me. Also, I'm looking forward to the follow-up ...someone get the Disney cameras writing-to-memory already, LOL.

Thanks Snorkelbottom.


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