Untitled Feature Length 'Halo' Project to be Produced by Ridley Scott?

Author: Chris Picard | Jan-11-2014 11:58 PM

ScifiedGeneral Movie News & Posts ➙ Untitled Feature Length 'Halo' Project to be Produced by Ridley Scott?

Could it be true? Could we be getting a Halo movie after all these years? It's certainly seeming so, as Production Weekly seems to have let the cat out of the bag regarding an Untitled Halo Project which is said to be produced by Alien and Prometheus director Ridley Scott and written by Paul Scheuring. The information hit Twitter only minutes ago and already their original Tweet revealing Ridley Scott and Paul Scheuring's involvement has been removed. But regardless, we've been keeping an eye on the thread and we saw the information posted first-hand and it's got us all excited!

The discussion continued now, on Twitter, which you can see below:

(Thanks to ChrisLikesDinos on Twitter for the screencap!)

Now, before we all start jumping to conclusions, assuming Production Weekly was merely mixing up Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg and the alreadyin-the-works Halo TV series, Production Weekly did make a point of segregating the two as separate projects. Little is known however and from what we saw, the status of this new project remains fairly tight-lipped.

But this could be the first sign of a legitimate Halo movie entering production! With Ridley Scott attached to produce, I have high hopes. For a gaming fanchise that has borrowed heavily from the Alien Universe, I think Scott could bring some great ideas to the table and help bring the gaming phenomenon of Halo to the big screen in a way fans and gamers alike could respect and enjoy.

For more on the Halo Movie, as its status developes, be sure to keep an eye on Scified!

Source: Production Weekly

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Wow.. I'm shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time with this news. However much I'd love to see Ridley produce a Halo movie it seems almost too good to be true. After all, Ridley's plate is extremely full with projects that we all want accomplished. If he can do everything that would be impressive, especially if everything he is involved with works best for the fans! Great article Chris!

Svanya ›

He produces tons of stuff, so it's not out of the question. I really hope he does this, that would be awesome.

Ghosty ›

After first concept art for the next game already being shown, to the announcement of a series and then Alien: Isolation being shown. I couldn't think things could get better and more interesting, I am more than pleasantly surprised by this however, and I would love to see if it were true. Although I am skeptical of it being so, I would be more than elated to see a Halo movie being created as a series is already on the way~!

Batchpool ›

Judging by the concept art, I can imagine Ridley going for this. I would be more surprised if he did'nt. Fingers crossed.

Lone ›

This is very interesting! Fingers crossed x2!

Hahaha.....nice profile pic update Batch! :D

x_paden_x ›

I watched the fan movie, Done with actual actors and not in game, And It was one of the best films I watched that year... 


I think theres a lot of un struck petentioal here...


Sci-fi King25 ›

When is the Halo series coming out? My brother and I've been waiting a while.

Mr Ruhaniya ›

I think Kurt Russell, well at least a younger Kurt could be Master Chief!

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