Halo 5 Game News Round-Up, New Enemies, Vehicles and Plot Updates!

Author: Chris Picard | Nov-18-2013 8:37 PM

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With the upcoming release of Microsoft's Xbox One I thought it would be a good time to re-cap the latest news surrounding Halo 5 and what information has come up since the teaser trailer was shown at this past year's E3 convention. Some of this news may be from a while back, but this article is meant to bring all of you up to speed on the current state of the fifth Halo game as well as what we can expect from the title in this next generation of gaming.

To start things off, back in July, some potentially exciting news surrounding Halo 5 was leaked on the NeoGAF forum, which pointed readers to a post on pastebin.com where apparently either one of the developers for the title, or someone close to 343 posted a lengthy post, outlining a ton of info for the next game. This was of course preceeded by a mention that many of the points outlined were in 'prototype' phase and that many could change before the game is actually finished. But for the fun of it, check out what was described:


  1. Campaign is planned to be 3-5 times longer than Halo 4. No more linear , going open world.
  2. Master Chief has gone rogue, has own ship and can visit different planets (6-8 planned). Each planet has several regions with main objectives and several side missions. ( Think of Wings of Liberty or Dawn of War 2 cmapaign)
  3. Core gameplay is still Halo (2 weapons, grenades, melee; "30 seconds of fun"; sevaral different enemies) but there are RPG elements added to it: character progression (mostly  items like forerunner relicts you will find that make Master Chief stronger or will give him more ablities), not really loot, but you will have to acquire weapons first, before you can use them in more missions. Weapons are stored in the armory on the ship and chief can choose his loadout, which he will use on the mission start. He can still pickup and use the weapons he finds in the different missions.Loadout weapons are basically the same you have in Halo 4 Multiplayer (you cant start with a rocket launcher, but you can call in those "super weapons" on a mission like in Infinity Multiplayer; difference is this is a limited ability, at "low level" you can call one time, this can be upgraded over time)
  4. There will be more weapons in campaign than in Halo 4(and yes more "alien" weapons; not just human weapons with a different coat)


  1. Elites (the same faction you fought in Halo 4), Grunts, Jackals, Hunter, Brutes, Drones
  2. Promethean (heavily redesigned, more types like Promethean Warlords)
  3. Humans (yep you will gith humans, but not UNSC, those are Insurrectionists)


  1. Biggest number of vehicles ever.
  2. Warthog (classic, rocket, gauss), Scorpion and yes the Grizzly will be in, Mammoth, upgraded Mantis, more Halo Wars vehicles like rhino, wolverine, cobra, hornets, falcons, vultures
  3. Chiefs ship can store a limited amount of vehicles (call in similar to weapons)
  4. Forerunner War Sphinx are in, very powerful enemy "vehicles" (and yep you will fight them)

In addition to the outline of new gameplay, enemies and vehicles, the author also outlined a testing round the team at 343 put together, to test out the new AI and new enemies. Check out the description below:

To put the gameplay in campaign into perspective: The team was running an encounter test in the Halo 4 engine with prototype models. This encounter featured several hundreds of Brutes with 2 Scarabs, 10 wraiths and several ghosts and banshees fightin against one Forerunner War Sphinx and some Prometheans. Now the player could engage in that battle or just simply watch them fight (Power of the Cloud: AI in short distance to chief is process on the box; rest in the cloud) and pick off the remaing forces. Well the current player chose to engange, took his Hornet and landed it on one of the Scarabs ( the AI is amazing, the Brutes had now to choose who to fight, most forces fought against the Prometheans, a few took on the fight with chief; it really looks and feels like every single AI makes smart and menaingfull decisions)) The Player killed of the crew on the Scarab and well, thise time he doenst destroy the Core, he gets behind the wheel of the Scarav ;) All hell breaks loose, brute forces more and more engage the rogue Scarab, while the Prometheans dont really difference their enemies. And yep the Scarabs is destroyed withing seconds , thought the Player surived thanks to god-mode. Those are the kinds of encounter you will find in the final game.

When I read "Forerunner War Sphinx", I automatically think of this guy, from the E3 teaser footage:

So far, the fifth addition to the legendary Halo franchise is sounding quite promising! In addition to the above descriptions, the Microsoft Store currently has the title available for pre-order, here and to further add to the plot speculation surrounding Halo 5, according to Halo5News.net, previously Miscrosoft's product page for the game had outlined a little more of the plot than they would have liked, so it seems - as this description is no longer available on the product page:


Now, it should be noted that there had been a little confusion behind the title for Halo 5. Currently, Microsfot have dubbed the game "Halo for Xbox One", which isn't nearly as catchy a title as Halo 5 would be. But a recent trailer for the game, which was apparently taken down shortly after going live, had the title appear as Halo 5 - putting the "Halo for Xbox One" title to rest. I expect we'll hear more about this as Xbox One hits shelves this week. Until then, here is apparently a screencap of the end of the trailer, where the title indicated "Halo 5":


Title swapping aside, the next generation of Halo sounds like it's gearing up to be the most "epic" yet, with a multitude of new gaming options, enemies and vehicles - the exciting aspects which made Halo one of the gaming industries top contendors for best game... ever.

But wait.. what about the multiplayer? Well, going by the same description from pastebin.com, here's a rough idea of what we can expect when it comes to Halo 5 multiplayer expectations:


Split between two categories.
Halo Wararena ist basically Halo 2 reloaded. No loadouts, no armor abilites and perks.
Player Count 8-16, game types are Slayer, CTF(yes classic Halo CTF ;) ), King of the Hill, Assault, Oddball.... Static weapon spawns, more weapons on map which means more ammo, weapons wont respawn as quick as in Halo 4. The seconds multiplayer categorie is titles Halo Battlefield (not final name obviously). Those are basically really big teams battles like 32-64. Gameplay is more inline with Invasion from Halo Reach. Custom Loadouts, "armor abilites" (more like class abilites), Vehicles, Infinity like call ins.

Halo 2 multiplayer was great, so to see 343 revisiting that style of gameplay will be something most hard-core fans will appreciate, I'm sure.

But we at Scified want to know, what do you think of all this? Given the current plot rumors and gameplay descriptions, are you looking forward to Halo 5 on Xbox One? Do you have any concerns, any hopes? Let us know by commenting below!

As we welcome the next generation of games, Scified will be opening and expanding our Sci-Fi games coverage, so be sure to look for more news on Halo 5 as it's released and don't forget to partake in our new Halo Universe Forums here to further discuss not only Halo 5, but the entire quadrilogy and spin-off titles!

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