New Terminator 5 Casting Rumor Suggests Tom Hardy will Battle Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Author: Chris Picard | Nov-12-2013 6:59 PM

ScifiedTerminator 5 News ➙ New Terminator 5 Casting Rumor Suggests Tom Hardy will Battle Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Getting excited for Terminator 5? So are we, and the news / rumors regarding the fifth Terminator's casting situation just keep getting better and better. In addition to some potentially terrific casting news, we also learn more of T5's plot, and the rolw to-be-played by action movie legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger! Read on for the details!

Okay, to start things off, THR recently leaked some info regarding a potential new actor, who will reprise the role of the iconic character, John Connor and his name is Tom Hardy. Yes, the Bane of Batman's existence, and the new Road Warrior in Mad Max: Fury Road, is potentially in talks to play John Connor in Terminator 5 - how awesome! Tom Hardy has proven himself to be formidable talent, and brings an immense pressence to the screen - something we're in dire need of since Terminator: Salvation.

However, although THR mentions that currently no negotiations have taken place between Hardy and Paramount for the role, sources tell them that director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) has him on his "wish list" - and we don't blame him!

Following up with this excitinr rumor is a potential plot leak, where the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger is revealed. According again to THR, Schwarzenegger will be portraying the role of a 'protector' Terminator, sent back in time to guard John Connor's mother, Sarah Connor, who will potentially be played by Margot Robbie (Game of Thrones).

THR reports:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back as a Terminator robot in a time-spanning story that sees him tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up.

But John Connor is also back and sources say Taylor's wish list starts with Tom Hardy(Christopher Nolan's memorable Bane in The Dark Knight Rises), although at this stage not even a meeting has taken place."

So far, the casting call and plot rumors for Terminator 5 are sounding great. It's important to note that currently, T5 is set to be a continuation of the previous films, but with a new set of characters (minus Schwarzenegger of course).

As we await more news on the development on Terminator 5, be sure to like our Terminator 5 News Facebook page and follow our T5 Twitter account for the latest updates!

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