Gravity and the significance of the Frog

Author: Rohan | Oct-07-2013 2:04 PM

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Before you even commence reading this article make sure you think about it first if you have not yet seen Gravity as what I have below is a bit of a spoiler. So, consider yourself warned. But, if you don't care about knowing a bit more before watching the film in the theater then by all means, go right ahead and read.

Now that I have my opening spoiler warning message taken care of, I can continue to add few words about Alfonso Cuaron's recent space thriller Gravity. - Good writing and good films always contain few hidden messages that a viewer at a later time during second or third or more viewings realizes. Films like Memento, Inception, The Prestige, The Shining, Tree of life, with every viewing I have personally noticed hidden messages, metaphors, symbols in them, which so obvious that I have literally slapped my knee the moment I learned about them. M. Night Shymalan's films are also example of what I am talking about; his supernatural timeless classic The Sixth Sense, if you look closely again and yes, once again, you will see some interesting hidden symbols about life, ghosts etc.

Anyway, the titles I mentioned above, well, some of them, are non-linear. But, Alfonso and Jonah Cuaron's Gravity is the opposite. The script's straightforwardness and the plot that is really simple, we do still have some interesting symbols to look at. Some later that I am sure will be answered when I see it again and again, but there is one scene in particular, as I have been thinking about the film lately a lot, takes place under water when Dr. Ryan Stone limned by Sandra Bullock finally lands on Earth.

As Dr. Stone, exhausted and eager to swim back on the surface, she gets rid of the heavy space suit first. And as the camera begins following her towards the surface we see a frog swimming the same direction, following her for few seconds. - I said to myself, okay, it is under water and obviously we will always find some kind of a creature there. Perhaps, a fish or something else, but why a frog, though? - Even though, she is in a lake, but what is the significance of this frog following Dr. Stone?

Here you go:

According to this interesting article, Frogs and humans are kissing cousins, the frog can be used as a human disease model. Within conserved sequences in the Western Clawed Frog, the researchers found genes that are similar to 80% of human genes known to be associated with diseases.

And this research explains a bit further to us that frogs make a good model for studying heterotaxy in human embryos, because the left-right axis develops the same way in both humans and frogs. By examining the number of genetic copy variations in frogs, the scientists were able to identify genes that cause left-right axis mutations.

I am not an expert when it comes to human anatomy, but one can perform research further and study this subject that frogs and humans have closed circulatory systems using a muscular heart to pump deoxygenated blood to the lungs, where the hemoglobin in their red blood cells picks up oxygen to be re-circulated to the rest of the body.

Now I know why frogs like humans cannot for long swim under water. Gravity is now playing in theaters.


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