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Top 10 Tuesday: Androids in Sci-Fi

Author: xeno_alpha_07 | Sep-03-2013 5:42 AM

ScifiedGeneral Movie News & Posts ➙ Top 10 Tuesday: Androids in Sci-Fi

For this week’s Scified’s Top 10 Tuesday article we will look at the top 10 Androids in science fiction, selected from both the movies and television:

10# Sonny: I-Robot

Created by Dr. Alfred J. Lanning, the so-called inventor of robotics and a high-ranking USR employee. He has a secondary processing system, one which clashed with his positronic brain. This meant that although Sonny was aware of the Three Laws of Robotics, he could choose not to obey them. He is therefore capable of murder. Sonny was also given dense alloy and the ability to dream.

9# Gunslinger: Westworld

The Gunslinger is a robot cowboy at the adult theme park westworld designed to start gun duels towards guests. One day, the robots revolt and the unnamed gunslinger begins to kill for real. The Gunslinger begins to stalk Martin one of the surviving guests at the theme part who in the end manages to escape his clutches by covering him in acid and lighting it with a torch. The damaged and burned hulk of the Gunslinger tries one last-ditch attempt to kill Martin before succumbing to the damage.

8# David: A.I Artificial Intelligence

David is an android boy designed to resemble a real human child built by Cybertronics and has the ability to love. He is adopted Henry and Monica Swinton whose real son is in cryro sleep due to an illness. Eventually, Martin, the Swintons real son, is cured and a rivalry ensues between them. Soon afterwards David is abandoned in a forest with his teddy companion. The two then set off to find the blue fairy from the story of Pinocchio in order to be turned into a real boy.

7# Evil Maria AKA Maschinenmensch: Metropolis

Created by the mad scientist Rotwang. Evil Maria was the first robot ever depicted in cinema and the template for all humanoid movie robots since. Maria is the seductive and evil Doppelganger of the sweet-natured human Maria. She was created to foment rebellion within the populace of Metropolis.

6# David-8: Prometheus

Created by Peter Weyland. David possesses real emotions and is almost indistinguishable from human individuals. He has a child-like curiosity about him, going so far as styling his hair to match his interest in Lawrence Of Arabia. David is trying to comprehend his emotions in an appropriate manner of social interaction, especially when he found a curious interest in Elizabeth Shaw. Like Shaw, David hopes to discover the Engineers and their advanced technology, in order to understand if man's existence is similar or different from his own.

5# Bishop: Aliens

Bishop was a synthetic humanoid, who prefers the term artificial person, assigned to the USS Sualco and served as Executive Officer. We get a hint of Bishop being a synthetic whilst performing a knife trick on Hudson. At some point, Bishop cut's his finger and Ripley notice's the white blood coming from the wound. Because of the events of the Nostromo with Ash Ripley is unfriendly towards him. Bishop is torn in two at the end of the movie by the Queen alien who attached herself to the Dropship landing strut.

4# Roy Batty: Blade Runner

Created by Eldon Tyrell. Roy Batty is the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicants and the main antagonist of the film Blade Runner. He is very intelligent, fast, and skilled at combat, and yet still learning how to deal with developing emotions. He leads a few of his fellow replicants on what is inevitably a fruitless search for more life.

3# Data: Star Trek

Lieutenant Commander Data built by Doctor Noonien Soong and was discovered on the planet Omicron Theta by the crew of the USS Tripoli who responded to a distress beacon. Data served as chief operation's officer aboard the USS Enterprise -D & E. Data often strove to become more human in his behavior and on many occasions with unfortunate results. Data died saving the lives of Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of Enterprise.

2# C3PO: Star Wars

Built out of spare parts by Anakin Skywalker C3PO, sometimes spelt See-Threepio, is a humanoid protocol droid designed to serve humans and is fluent in over six million forms of communication. C3PO was originally built to serve Anakin's mother Shmi with household chores. Years later C3PO would meet his lifelong friend R2D2 when Anakin meets Padmé Amidala and would have many adventures together.

1# Ash: Alien

The quiet, unassuming science officer of the Nostromo, who breaks quarantine by allowing Kane back on board after he has been infected by an alien life form. It is later discovered during an altercation that Ash is not human at all, but is in fact a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, who is acting upon secret orders to "Bring back alien life form. Crew expendable".

What are your thoughts on this top 10? Are there are any androids you think should have been included in the list? Let us know below, we would love to hear your input.

(This article is the first installment of a three-part collaboration between Admin Svanya(#1,4,6,8,10.) and Staffmember xeno_alpha_07(#2,3,5,7,9.)

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