Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Reasons To See Elysium!

Author: FREEZE! | Aug-20-2013 11:58 PM

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There are many reason to go see Neill Blomkamp's Summer Blockbuster Elysium, here are my favorite 10!

#10. The View:

In the film, the human population is divided into very distinct classes; the haves living on Elysium, and the have-nots down on Earth. Despite this and all the strife caused by this, beauty can still found in both places.

#9. Morality and Politics:

It's not overly preachy, but there is a strong obvious message. Without spoiling anything, there's a lot said in this film about social divisions and the harm caused by same. Poverty does not take away humanity or beauty, or drive, or vision or determination... but rights and privileges?

#8. Return of Sharlto Copley

Did you recognize District 9's Wikus van der Merwe? Howling Mad Murdock? No? Good, he'd have it no other way. Sharlto Copley is Kruger, this go 'round, the villain of Elysium... a highly formidable ex-forces guy turned agency hitman. Copley is an amazing and varied actor. Blomkamp is comfortable enough with using this gent that he is set to voice the robot "Chappie," in the up and coming movie of the same title, this will be the third pairing of this dynamic actor/director duo.

Chappie is set to arrive in theaters on March 27th, 2015.

#7. The Score:

The musical score for Elysium is by Ryan Amon, his first scorework ever ...and he did an amazing job. The music compliments the visuals in a very powerful way.

#6. Pacing/ Flow:

The content is presented smoothly. There is a continuous flow which is steady... not distracting. Elements are introduced only in as much as is neccesary without
wasting extra time or effort in beating the viewer to death with the minutia. The action is driving, but not too fast, not hard to follow... there's no moment where so
much is happening that something important is missed. Elysium will keep your attention if you care anything at all about science fiction.

#5. Acting:

Damon portrays Max, kind of a lovable loser... The guy's had a rough life, he's maybe not the best or brightest but he gets by. Max has made some bad choices and has to deal with the consequences of such... but he's a hero's hero beneath it all. Foster plays Delacourt, at least a quasi-villain... not the normal role for her, but she does it well. She's coldly calculating and driven, even believes in what she's doing. Copley is Kruger. Kruger's a bit unbalanced, he's ruthless, relentless and generally not the guy you want trying to kill you... Personally, I did not feel let down by any of the actors in this film ... lead roles, supporting cast, all believable.

#4. Imagery:

It's pretty where it needs to be, gritty where it needs to be. All the tech design seems realistically depicted while fitting the situation. There are nice contrasts in sets, costumes and accessories which help accent contrasts in characters and roles... (a nice example here might be Max's Kalashnikov equipped with all it's "updates"a relatively cheap, common rifle fitted for a battle with droids ...or the Nissan with armor tacked on all Mad Max-like)

#3. Return of the Director:

Neill Blomkamp, you might remember a little work he directed a few years back ...District 9, yeah that guy. Do I need to keep going? His directoral style blends naturalistic and photo-realistic computer-generated effects with psuedo-documentary elements. He was also the co-writer of critically acclaimed District 9.

#2. The Story:

Set in the year 2154, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth, a man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds. The story is solid. It's well thought-out without being convoluted.

#1. Because it's BADASS:

Killer Droids! Boooooming Sound Effects! Matt Damon! Alice Braga... her ass is STILL awesome! Go see it! Do it, Do eet Now!

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