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Thor: Ragnarok Movie
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Thor: Ragnarok

  • Rating: /5
  • Release Date: November 3rd, 2017
  • Directed by Taika Waititi
  • Written by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Stephany Folsom
  • Studios: Marvel Studios
  • Box Office: Not Yet Calculated

Thor: Ragnarok Cast

Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hiddleston
Cate Blanchett
Idris Elba
Jeff Goldblum
Tessa Thompson
Karl Urban
Mark Ruffalo
Anthony Hopkins


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Thor: Ragnarok Plot Synopsis:

Thor, held captive on the planet Sakaar without his hammer Mjolnir, must win a gladiatorial duel against an old friend—the Hulk—in order to return home to Asgard in time to stop the villainous Hela and the impending Ragnarok, the doom of the Asgardian civilization.


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