Terminator Genisys Movie
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Terminator Genisys

  • Rating: 3.3/5
  • Released: July 1st, 2015
  • Directed by Alan Taylor
  • Written by Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier
  • Studios: Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions, Annapurna Pictures
  • Box Office: Not Yet Calculated

Terminator Genisys Cast

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Emilia Clarke
Jai Courtney
Jason Clarke
Matt Smith
Byung-Hun Lee
JK Simmons



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Gavin rated Terminator Genisys 1.0/5. Read their review here!

Terminator Genisys Plot Synopsis:

In 2029, John Connor, leader of the human resistance, leads the war against the machines. At the Los Angeles offensive, John's fears of the unknown future begin to emerge when John is notified by his army unit, Tech-Com, that Skynet will attack him from two fronts, past and future, and will ultimately change warfare forever.

On the verge of winning the war against Skynet, Sgt. Kyle Reese volunteers to travel back through time to save Connors mother's life, thus ensure Connors existence. However, Kyle finds the original past changed. After landing in 1984, events begin to unfold, until Kyle is then confronted by the T-1000. The new machine surprises Kyle, but he gets a bigger surprise when he is saved by Sarah Connor, who already knows of the terminators, of his arrival, and of the war of the machines. It is soon explained that the timeline has been changed, In this timeline, a Terminator was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor as a child and so the Resistance sent their own cyborg back in time to protect her. After the assassin killed her parents, the reprogrammed Guardian T-800 raised and trained her to face her destiny, which she adamantly tries to reject. Kyle then enquires about the T-800 that was originally sent to kill Sarah Connor, which he is then told has already been dealt with by the Guardian Terminator.

Now, faced with a new mission, Kyle, Sarah and the Guardian Terminator, have to escape the T-1000. Using A TDE built by the Guardian Terminator Kyle and Sarah travel to the year 2017, where Kyle is reunited with John Connor himself, who has been converted into a nanotechnological human-cyborg hybrid, the T-3000, sent by Skynet to kill them and ensure Judgment Day. With John Connor compromised, they must find a way to prevent Judgment Day from happening.

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