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Review Alien: Covenant film review by ali81


Written By ali81 on 2017-08-15 11:31:13

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant Movie

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my review is based on scoring with 5 sources. visual, plot, character building, performances and entertainment.

1= yeh liked it

0.5=meh was ok

0=nah didn't do it for me


very very few can rival Ridley for putting together a movie that looks and feels the way he does it. covenant is no different. visually it is awesome. the detail in the covenant ship, especially the interior is spot on. the setting is spectacular and the monsters are done superbly.=1


the plot is simple enough carried over from Prometheus. the mental synth wants to create a creature he can use to over throw humanity and punish them for their imperfections, arrogance and general down right mistreatment of him. the one thing missing from the plot for me was the inclusion of the engineers and any sense of their motives in the series or their actions when they find out what happens to their planet. I know this will most likely be shown in awakening but I would have liked the plot to have included their motives where humanity was concerned and I felt killing them off so quickly wasn't a positive.=0.5

character building.

quite simply zilch here imo. with the excpetion of david, whos character had already been established, the only character I had any kind of feeling, be it admiration, sadness etc for was Tennessee. the fact that daniels was the lead and I came away thinking, why was she the lead? she could died at any point as part of the crew and it wouldn't have had any bearing on the film for me shows for me a lack of the film doing much to bring these characters to life=0


Fassbender was his usual excellent self and mr O'Brien was very good as Tennessee. Cudrup did an ok job but I felt him slightly lax in emotion. the rest didn't project enough on screen presence for me=0.5


was I entertained????? giving thought to this many factors come into play. given that this is a Ridley Scott film and I love his films, I was so so so so disappointed. I was so hyped for this film more than any other in years. im somewhere between 0 and 0.5 in rating and I have to come down on one side or the other so I asked myself simply, was I entertained enough to go and buy the dvd/blu ray? was I entertained enough to think of multiple viewings? the answer is a sound NO=0

so 2 out of 5 for me im afraid but I am still looking forward to awakening, expecting nothing, hoping for the best

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