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Review Pacific Rim film review by Kaiju630


Written By Kaiju630 on 2013-07-13 23:22:02

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Movie

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Pacific Rim was Bad Ass. Although I'm in it for the monsters I thought the Jaegers were really cool and a good way to have humans in it without falling into the Transformers-giant robots fighting so why even have humans in it-situation. And the Kaiju were so epic, really cool designs grounded in reality, resembling real animals but just way massive and crazy with extra limbs and claws and spikes and exactly what you want out of a Kaiju film. The action was great and looked real good. Ron Perlman is awesome as always and I was very happy with Charlie Day's performance. He was a scientist but he was the exuberant obsessed scientist you would expect him to be, and his sidekick scientist was that one creepy dude(Burn Gorman) in The Dark Knight Rises and he really worked well with Charlie Day. I've never watched Sons of Anarchy before so I wasn't excited about Charlie Hunnam being the main character but I thought he and Idris Elba did a good job of carrying the film between the Kaiju action. All around fun movie, I will definitely be checking this out in IMAX 3D.
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