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Dark Skies Movie
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Dark Skies

  • Rating: /5
  • Released: FEBRUARY 22ND, 2013
  • Directed by Scott Stewart
  • Written by Scott Stewart
  • Studios: Entertainment One, Blumhouse Productions, Dimension Films, Alliance Films
  • Box Office: Not Yet Calculated

Dark Skies Cast

Keri Russell
Josh Hamilton
Jake Brennan
Dakota Goyo
Kadan Rockett
J.K. Simmons


Dark Skies Plot Synopsis:

The Barrett family become victims of a series of unexplained events and evidence of strangers in their home. At first they and the local police believe the cause of the strange events to be local troublemakers, or the eldest, teenage son acting out, but soon after multiple flocks of birds dive bomb the house in a mass suicide attempt the family begin to realise something else may be responsible.

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