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Apollo 18 Movie
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Apollo 18

  • Rating: 1/5
  • Released: September 2nd, 2011
  • Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego
  • Written by Brian Miller
  • Studios: Bazelevs, Dimension Films
  • Box Office: Not Yet Calculated

Apollo 18 Cast

Warren Christie
Lloyd Owen
Ryan Robbins



Raptor-401 rated Apollo 18 1.0/5. Read their review here!

Apollo 18 Plot Synopsis:

In the early 70's, Commander Nathan Walker, Captain Ben Anderson and Lieutenant Colonel John Grey are assigned in a secret mission to the Moon to protect the USA from USSR using detectors. Nathan and Ben land on the Moon in the Liberty module while John stays in orbit in the module Freedom. They collect rock samples and bring them to the Liberty. They also find footprints and the body of a Soviet cosmonaut on the moon. Soon they hear weird noises and they find that they are not alone in the satellite.

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