35,000+ years of research or something more???

I've gone full circle to one of my earliest ideas...that the pictograms were not an invitaion, nor a warning...they were simply acknowledgement by early Earth cultures of a higher intelligence of extraterrestrial origin.

The Engineers on 223 were not expecting humans to visit in my opinion and simply being found there by the Prometheus crew doesnt mean to me that they were the same guys in the pictograms.

I also dont think that the 223 Engineer was hostile until he perceived correctly Weyland's intention, probably highly offended by his attitude. As for how he felt about Shaw, I dont' think he was necessarily going to kill her..he certainly had the chance but she caused his death first.

In Galaxy We Seed: Intergalactic Engineers

smiles...I am Union...for a very long time....

:) :) :)

In Galaxy We Seed: Intergalactic Engineers

I'm staring at this....maybe I'll get a warning but I have to speak freely.

This is so fucking awesome that I cant stand it

My David Drawing

You have a unique mind's eye and such clarity that I have a new way to see David. So talented, thank you for sharing this.

Engineers in the Dream of Dr. Shaw

Your English is fine...I didnt see the boy in Shaw's dream but I will look for him next time I see the film. Killing Weyland with his Android's head was perfect irony.

The film has so much in it that you really have to see it more than once and once we get the home version it will become even more clear

Thoughts from an open mind...

I got my own way of seeing things and when they work for me..they work for me. There's no right or wrong, there's only the perspective of the individual that counts to me. Anything other than that is just as valid to those who feel that way. But not to me.

Here’s Why Prometheus Left Me Fuming

Pickle Guy for the win....hands down!

Space-Jockey skeleton/suit

The suit issue bothers me even more than the Deckard Replicant least Ford is around to shoot that down.

Space-Jockey skeleton/suit

Little Incentive

That's what I was thinking about the Jockey suit...Ridley has some wiggle room to do that or show us a mutated(like Fifield) Engineer that is purpose-built or designed to be a pilot and nothing more. He's already shown us 2 variations of Engineers, one that seems designed solely to be a life source and another with a flight suit as part of his anatomy, permitting mobility as both a pilot and ambulatory individual.
Nothing bothers my sense of continuity more than this issue and I find it amusing that Scott himself goofed at a French press event and called it a skeleton instead of a suit.

They Got No Story

The deal is done..what some don't seem to understand that Lindelof doesnt have to be around in the future because he, Ridley and Spaihts have ALREADY finished the's laying there waiting to be filmed and odds are that some of it if not all of it will be.

Thoughts from an open mind...

I see Prometheus in a certain way and it may sound simplistic but here it is...Ridley says it's the first part of two, maybe three installments. So what I and everyone else have seen so far is only part of the whole story and I'm taking the long view....I like what I have seen very much and recognize that the film is doing well and Fox has stated publicly that they got Ridley's back.

I know the rest of the story I will like as well.

Space-Jockey skeleton/suit

Ridley had to make it a suit instead of a lifeform growing out of the chair..which we all know it the Engineer could get into the chair to fly the juggernaut so that Shaw could also to get into the chair of another ship and fly out of there...its a clumsy barely workable device that I don't wanna buy...but there it is, nothing can be done about it now....unless..

There is a way for Ridley to get out of this discontinuity mess and there is a hint of it in Prometheus...but I doubt Ridley will depict it..I think in his mind, he's moved on from the subject.

Idiotic Fun

That was a hell of a pitch for Superman, who I couldn't care less about before this thread started but now I'm seriously reconsidering.....a mad scientist turns himself into a lizard to get his ARM back.

I gotta admit, that's irresistible

Idiotic Fun


That's probably a healthier perspective than I have had...I may have to break off a chunk and borrow it..smiles

Answers given on Blue Ray

Meh.....he's got a right to do I..its what this is all about

Answers given on Blue Ray

I don't like it any more than you but I recognize that the business model for some works has changed..I'm resigned to it, that's what we got now in this day and age in some cases and that's is what it is.
I would like nothing better than self contained films that don't rely on salting the Internet pre release or sequels and home releases to provide further clarity...I would love to park my ass in the theater for a 3 hr film that covers the story beginning to end.
Sadly, maddeningly.....that isn't the case.

Answers given on Blue Ray


Agreed...pirated content sucks ass and bleeds the artists...then we get less. It's that simple.

Answers given on Blue Ray

Don't really want to know what David said...wait...taking that back haha..but I don't think we will learn that.

Don't care about the Elders at all...better in the beginning with one Engineer.

20 to 30 minutes of footage will probably expand the Shaw/Engineer scene and fill out several pivotal scenes....probably no new FX shots

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

I am very antagonistic towards the IRS.



The only reason I can think of them running into the goo pod room was that it was safe for them in there because they knew they wouldn't set off the pods like the humans did later....the pods were keyed for life forms other than Engineers

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

I don't think anyone wants to boot you off the site for your beliefs or your mental abilities, certainly not me. You got my vote to stay.

STILL #2!! :-)

#2 makes it #1 in the adult segment, that's how I see it. Also, I'm beginning to wonder if the staggered release schedule wasn't a bad move ...this way the film stays in the money bracket as each market/region opens...and if that's not the plan, it still posts up good over a period of time, instead of a big dropoff all of a sudden

STILL #2!! :-)

Great...let's hope the home market release is the same everywhere in the world

Just remembering one false rumor...

I thought it was Dickie said she died 28 minutes into the film.

The Six Typical 'Prometheus' Reactions: Which Are You?

Mod...I'm hung up on the fact that the BluRay will have more..I don't need everything solved but whatever will be is welcome. Another thing is a sequel...can't know the whole after seeing only one part.....gimme!

Prometheus a heavy-handed cinematic indictment of germany?

Yeah stop right there CD..we were talking about this brainless, drooling rant( no offense intended pooter, just MHO) posing as a thread when we should be talking about Ridleys THAT'S class...classy and elegant, rich yes, but in an understated way.
Wonder if Clints got one too?

Prometheus a heavy-handed cinematic indictment of germany?


The limitless supply of arm candy available to both of 'em couldn't hurt either....that's HollyWOOD for ya.

Prometheus a heavy-handed cinematic indictment of germany?


Sure does...whatever he's doing, he's doing it right, that's for sure.

Prometheus a heavy-handed cinematic indictment of germany?

I read this carefully before responding how I thought most appropriate.

Are engineers a friendly race

I think that good and evil are a matter of me, the Engineers appear to be indifferent or impersonal to humans until some type of behavior on the part of the humans initiates a response from the Engineers. Again, whether its a good response or a bad one depends on perspective.

I dont see enough in the film to answer your other questions, I wish I did but I dont...what do you think? What happens in that game?

Temples modelled on animal kingdom

Eveytime i saw the film(3 times) , when that scene came on, I tried to commit to memory more and more of all that mapping displayed and I noticed the levels that went up. It looked a bit like a diagram of a Egyptian pyramid overall. Good observation of the termite similarity...gotta wonder who thought of that...thanks

Damon Lindelof answers questions about plot holes in Prometheus

You can't love him...I loved him FIRST hahaha

Gosh he was great, can you imagine if Ridley picked him up for a role?

My thoughts on the Proto-Xenomorph

Dude..Ive seen it three times now and i am in the same boat as you are right now...maybe somebody else knows.

I'm hoping the BluRay comes through on answers like this for me....go see it again, maybe you'll see something I keep missing.

Laughably bad dialogue thread

sukkai....your av is rightside up now !

The Ever Elusive "Scary" Film Is A Rare Thing Indeed!

The end of "Looking For Mr. Goodbar"....that for me, was profoundly chilling, very upsetting. Shouldn't say

Laughably bad dialogue thread


I am embarrassed for Ridley Scott

I think calling Ridley's legacy destroyed is way too harsh, I remember hearing the same thing after he did G.I. Jane, which I didn't care for, but I saw his next movie without any doubts as to integrity.

I didnt see enough of Highlander to get an opinion, so I'm out of the loop on that one..and Prometheus is clearly a multi part story of which only the first has been completed...I say this first part was good without reservations and want more now..although I have to wait..dammit

Damon Lindelof answers questions about plot holes in Prometheus

LOL Youre amazin me right back haha...Do we ever hear all that Damon said that Weyland says to David? That whole 'conversation'??

You have got to be kidding...the only scene depicted in the film is a brief, one way conversation by David to Weyland in his tube..thats it.

I take it back, it's not duh..its HUH?

hey off topic, what did you think of Bricktop from "Snatch"?

Damon Lindelof answers questions about plot holes in Prometheus

Damon Lindelof: I'd say that the short answer is: That's his programming. In the scene preceding him doing that, he is talking to Weyland (although we don't know it at the time) and he's telling Weyland that this is a bust.

No shit, we don't know it at the time, the time being when we're sitting in the theater watching the movie....the entire scene he's talking about, taking up this rather large paragraph..isn't in the film..duh.

BluRay! What more is waiting in that release?

Why the Trilobite?

I know that there is a group of thought out there that endorses the view that David is completely under the direction of Weyland, and I agree to a certain extent. But as the film progresses I see David also pursuing his own agenda in parallel to his Weyland dictated mission and I believe he infected Holloway because Holloway's statements....David gave him what he asked for.

I don't think David saw him as a guinea pig, I think he completely misjudged the effects to come.

As far as the Deacon and the Trilobite are concerned, I want to see the BluRay for what may be scenes that may complete the picture where those two are concerned...the film was skillfully edited from top to bottom, leaving just a taste in some places, not enough to go on conclusively

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

Dangerous Days...

Hampton Fancher: [about the unicorn dream sequence] And my interpretation had nothing to with 'oh, that shows that Deckard's a replicant'. I don't think anything should show that Deckard's a replicant. If you think that, you're already wrong.

Ok....its outta my system now....thats all...

Final Verdict?

I like what I've seen a lot and I'm looking forward to both the BluRay release to give me more Prometheus material...and also got my fingers crossed for a sequel or looks likely.

Advice to Ridley? None.

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

@artyoh Another blurb I read at the time was that the Unicorn footage that was shot for Legend was inserted into BR for two, to be a sort of embedded plug for Legend, and to attempt to back up Ridley's then brand new claim of Replicant status for Deckard.

From what I hear about a stormy relationship between the two men, I suspect this..Ridley had it in mind to get Ford to play Deckard as a Replicant... and Ford didnt go along with it, saw the story and script in a different way.

And Ford won, at the time a true MegaStar with enormous power, far more than the English director, top dog back home, but not in Hollywood. I think Ridley accidently created a lot of his own problems with Hollywood, which are now legend...and he didnt help change that this time around...he didnt bring much actual work to Hollywood..something that is deeply resented.

I don't think it's any accident that Gladiator won Oscars for actor, picture...but not director.

The REAL Meaning of the Sacrifice

Hadley consider yourself lucky you didnt get LOST

Space Jockey planet and culture?

Ridley cut the Elders and I hope he buries them for good, the film's opening had more with's not the first time he's made cuts for the good of a film and i hope it's not the last.

Shaw and David moving on...hmmm...I was so wrong last time, except for Shaw and David survivng, lemme see...

I think when they get to the homeworld, there's no one there, but there is a clue where to go next and it isn't Earth...and no matter how much she tries, Shaw can never meet the True God, the top's beyond her and beyond all of us as well.

The REAL Meaning of the Sacrifice this was funny..gotta admit it....I like this..Great Job

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

No unicorn sequence when I saw Blade Runner in its day.. no narration either

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

Engineering...that seems to be the question that was intended to be debated and pondered....I dont think that Ridley just let that slip out..OOOPS I drooled on myself, didnt mean that....I see it as calculating, deliberately so

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

Goodnight's about time for you...smiles

Jesus theory - simply NOT true!

You mean....why Harrison Ford said he played a human in Blade Runner, not a replicant? And why this came up years after the film was made and never hinted at until RS came out with it on his own?

Sounds like a familiar strain from Ridley...years later we find out that the Space Jockey wasn't the skeleton we had all thought it was for dozens of years, but now it's a suit for the purposes of another film?

Or perhaps a recent quote from Ridley is most telling of all in this peculiar trait Ridley seems to have..." A canvas, is never done, it's never done"..speaking about his own pastime painting, and other painters as well, I believe the Old Masters.

A revealing personality trait I beleive, and in full operational mode whenever it can be judicously applied.

Now...Rildey pulled off a convincing arguement for the suit idea with this film, I'll give him that...I'm not happy with it, but it did work..sorta. Barely.

Ford is on record flatly denying he played a replicant and the evidence is legion in his is no challenge at all to claim years later and EDIT years later as well that the actor who played the role didnt know what role he was playing. There really isnt enough space here to really make the case which shouldnt even be a question LOL

But enough...wheres Jesus? Isnt he supposed to know the real deal, the true blue, the Mojo Raja?

Engineering...youre cool, it's all good.... we're here to just ramble

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