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Android David

i think the important part of davids development happened in the 2 year journey . he developed a preference of the way he looked and spoke . also what activities he did . he made a choice to spy on peoples dreams as well. he outgrew his original programmings as did the human race . i noticed this the 5th time i watched it.

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

Its a thought from me not a wish . its generated some good discussion. And of course time will tell ......

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

theres a few references to vickers being a robot . i never suggested she was a robot :) I doubly theres any close friends of scott on here. its a fair theory for someone who made both blade runner and prometheus to throw a few red herrings in there. i think its a reasonble idea that she may be a replicant .

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

The push ups were a clue. Vickers =replicant

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

i can see vickers as a female Roy . she can have emotions like fear and anger but based on the characters in bladerunner she may not feel compassion . imagine if she only had 4 years to live she would want her father to die before her. she would also have a stronger fear of death . she has a lot of the characteristics from the replicants in blade runner

davids head to lead engineers

yeah ,time travel ?

development of the engineers

yeah sounds interesting

the 3 heads of prometheus

lol ,theres been worse titles

the 3 heads of prometheus

i only thought about it yesterday when i thought,why is it not a statue ? every mural has a full body . then i thought about david being a head in a bag and where they were heading

Prometheus vs The Dark Knight Rises

both exceptional films. prometheus had my interest more but the dark knight was superb ! both 9/10. tdkr could have been half an hour shorter though :)

Box office...your thoughts?

I would also take into account the earnings from the rest of the world . its earned $298,769 world wide. there will also be sales from blu-ray dvds etc. i think it will get the green light for a sequel ,if its not already made :)

Notice the Hammerpede and Deacon facing each other in the construction of the En

i thought there were elements of both creatures in each arm of the ship. its a design thing :)

An overwhelming feeling of, 'Meh'

lol :)

An overwhelming feeling of, 'Meh'

2001 would send me to sleep. the movie didnt do anything for you and i loved it. it was the same movie therefore its down to individual taste. my thoughts? dont watch it again or buy the dvd :)

An overwhelming feeling of, 'Meh'

a lot of peoples problems seem to be relating it to alien . its not a prequel and its not about also does not link into alien. its a new story set in the same universe . there will be a second and third movie .

you got a mercedes instead of a bmw :)

add me to the dislike

top cast in this . l loved it .must have watched a different movie !

Weyland, Vickers, David relationship.

it is ma'am :)

Comic Relief?

its a classic scene ,messing around leads into horror. these 2 ( sean harris and rafe spall ) were excellent hopeless recruits to the mission. i saw a lot of humour in it for instance Janek singing cant always get want you want before bedding vickers. this film will be seen as both a seller and a classic :)

number of crewmembers - plot holes?

its just a film , you seem to want to force your opinions . my opinions are worth just as much as anyone elses ,no more no less. if you look for excellence all the time ,you will be disappointed . i dont think this is an average film :)

number of crewmembers - plot holes?

crew is something like 4 mercs and 4 mechanics .i merc died via engineer .at least 4 deaths via fifield . that leaves 3 ? is it worth bothering about ?:)

Prometheus isn't broken!! (totally spoiler free)

my thoughts exactly .i wanted to watch a good sci fi thriller and thats exactly what i got ! :)

I loved it.

hi i have seen it ,and i loved it . i though the acting was spot on ,what do you think was wrong with the performances ? :)

wall memorial theory

i think there is religious overtones and we dont have the full story about that figure that holloway looked at. we do know the engineers know about them .we also know that an engineer can spawn one of them . they might be a weapon they create to wipe worlds clean . the black stuff changes dna, some cross breeding creates the tentacled creature , and using the engineer as a host ,i creates a xenomorph. my theory ? humans were created as hosts :)

did IQs just drop?

this film is a good sci fi yarn ,god knows what people expect. in 2 years time it will be regarded as one of his best. its his story , and we have paid to see it. it makes me laugh how so many people on here are so full of self importance that they feel the have a final view on the film . its a film,its entertainment ,get a life :)

My opinion about Prometheus (spoiler free)

i watched it yesterday . is it all things to everyone ? no. is it a stand alone sci fi adventure ? yes . it is also one that will be in peoples blue ray collections . 9.5 0ut of 10 .
the .5? lindolfs input !

sequel :D

i think the engineer saw he human like dogs or something , and when one of them starts to talk gets pissed off with them . then security shoots him then he goes mad . going back to the promeheus theme, david stole from them . also david having no moral compass coud have said anything to the engineer.
janek was bang on with his thoughts :)

Guy Pearce as opposed to older actor as Weyland. Please no spoilers.

maybe he was picked with a longer story arc in mind and more films ,

just a thought :)

Is 'Prometheus 2' in post-production?

If you remember ,there was a magellan ship door described somewhere,

could be in the next film ?

"How Far Would You Go?"

i agree with this and i bet at this point ,david gives holloway an infected drink"the poisoned challis"

New Clip with David & Holloway.

i bet this is when david slips the goo into holloways drink . holloway goes back to his cabin has sex with shaw. looks in his eye in the morning and bingo !

janek and ravel

yeah you could be right :)

janek and ravel

i wondered if vickers uses an ecape pod and janek and crew use a lifeboat ?

i do not know :)

The Last Transmission of the Prometheus

i think i have seen janek and ravel in a different cockpit , i thought it might be the lifeboat ?

Is Christian Bale In Trailer?

sean harris is a fab actor check him out in red riding and harry brown to name just a few :)

engineers face

have we seen it clearly ?

Weyland v Yutani

we will see then :)

Weyland v Yutani

I think the virul stuff is to set up story lines. ie we know what peter weyland is like,we know they can bring people back to life and we know that yutani is watching and in the sidelines. there is going to be multiple storylines going on that we are unaware of . it going to be a great film :)

Crew members deaths.


good observations :) i think holloway will play a big part in the movie and might exist in another way . i think i have seen janek and ravel in a different cabin so i dont know if they escape. the actor who plays chance has spoken of his fate. i dont know if prometheus survives the crash partly ,because it looks like shaw and blue guy is on it aferwards, i think the trailers are misleading. dont forget that weyland will have a sizeable role and he is not really in the trailers.everything to hope for in this film :)

We Do Not Know Where Eggs Come From

Hi there

if you watch alien directors cut ,you will see where the eggs come from :)

Blue bald man not SJ


I dont think Ridley would have missed a size descrepency. there will be a reason for it. they may grow with age . they may have different development states ?

i am looking forward to finding out. i am seeing it on 2.6.12 :)

Holloway's Death....

I think holloway gets infected early on. and it develops .its possibly on the second or third trip out that he starts changing. given that he is central to the story he is going to have a big story arc. at one point janek says to shaw ,"i cant take him home with us. "
i terms of shaw its her love interest , so he will either probably bravely sacrifice himself or beleft behind in another form . it could perhaps be holloway vs weyland that would be a classic story :)

Vickers messy quarters

Hi Cypher ,obviously i do not really know. what i have seen is interiors of prometheus in a mess. shaw is in the suit with orange stripes on which seems to be the latter end of the film . and the panels in some photos are flashing red alert or something .i have not seen any pictures of large bits of promethues landing after the crash so i dont know what happens. i suppose i wondered how the squid thing and the big fella are on prometheus before it took off . it made more sense the big guy looking for trouble after his ship is crashed,

please put me right if i have got things hopelessly wrong !

Vickers messy quarters

i think this might be the remains of the prometheus after the crash . i think the crash might happen about 60% way through the film and not at the end :)


hi ,i think there ar bits of cgi in it particulalry on the corridor chase bits. its mixed in with the puppet bits. i love the film by the way !

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