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Android David

Sep-16-2013 4:58 AM: i think the important part of davids development happened in the 2 year journey . he developed a preference of the ...

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

Jul-03-2013 2:49 PM: Its a thought from me not a wish . its generated some good discussion. And of course time will tell .........

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

Jul-03-2013 2:13 AM: Hi theres a few references to vickers being a robot . i never suggested she was a robot :) I doubly theres any cl...

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

Jul-02-2013 3:52 PM: The push ups were a clue. Vickers =replicant ...

was vickers a replicant ? circa tyrell

Jul-02-2013 7:45 AM: i can see vickers as a female Roy . she can have emotions like fear and anger but based on the characters in blader...

davids head to lead engineers

Mar-08-2013 3:23 PM: yeah ,time travel ?...

development of the engineers

Feb-28-2013 2:11 PM: yeah sounds interesting ...

the 3 heads of prometheus

Feb-28-2013 2:10 PM: lol ,theres been worse titles ...

the 3 heads of prometheus

Feb-28-2013 10:28 AM: i only thought about it yesterday when i thought,why is it not a statue ? every mural has a full body . then i thou...

Prometheus vs The Dark Knight Rises

Jul-29-2012 4:33 PM: both exceptional films. prometheus had my interest more but the dark knight was superb ! both 9/10. tdkr could hav...

Box office...your thoughts?

Jul-16-2012 2:35 AM: I would also take into account the earnings from the rest of the world . its earned $298,769 world wide. there will...

Notice the Hammerpede and Deacon facing each other in the construction of the En

Jun-17-2012 1:31 AM: i thought there were elements of both creatures in each arm of the ship. its a design thing :)...

An overwhelming feeling of, 'Meh'

Jun-10-2012 6:09 AM: lol :) ...

An overwhelming feeling of, 'Meh'

Jun-10-2012 2:30 AM: 2001 would send me to sleep. the movie didnt do anything for you and i loved it. it was the same movie therefore it...

An overwhelming feeling of, 'Meh'

Jun-10-2012 2:20 AM: a lot of peoples problems seem to be relating it to alien . its not a prequel and its not about also ...

add me to the dislike

Jun-10-2012 2:12 AM: top cast in this . l loved it .must have watched a different movie !...

Weyland, Vickers, David relationship.

Jun-09-2012 4:25 PM: it is ma'am :)...

Comic Relief?

Jun-09-2012 4:17 PM: its a classic scene ,messing around leads into horror. these 2 ( sean harris and rafe spall ) were excellent hopele...

number of crewmembers - plot holes?

Jun-05-2012 4:23 AM: its just a film , you seem to want to force your opinions . my opinions are worth just as much as anyone elses ,no ...

number of crewmembers - plot holes?

Jun-05-2012 4:12 AM: crew is something like 4 mercs and 4 mechanics .i merc died via engineer .at least 4 deaths via fifield . that leav...

Prometheus isn't broken!! (totally spoiler free)

Jun-05-2012 3:22 AM: my thoughts exactly .i wanted to watch a good sci fi thriller and thats exactly what i got ! :)...

I loved it.

Jun-04-2012 4:51 PM: hi i have seen it ,and i loved it . i though the acting was spot on ,what do you think was wrong with the performan...

wall memorial theory

Jun-04-2012 7:32 AM: i think there is religious overtones and we dont have the full story about that figure that holloway looked at. we ...

did IQs just drop?

Jun-03-2012 3:14 PM: this film is a good sci fi yarn ,god knows what people expect. in 2 years time it will be regarded as one of his be...

My opinion about Prometheus (spoiler free)

Jun-03-2012 5:21 AM: i watched it yesterday . is it all things to everyone ? no. is it a stand alone sci fi adventure ? yes . it is also...

sequel :D

Jun-03-2012 2:40 AM: i think the engineer saw he human like dogs or something , and when one of them starts to talk gets pissed off with...

Guy Pearce as opposed to older actor as Weyland. Please no spoilers.

Jun-01-2012 4:52 PM: maybe he was picked with a longer story arc in mind and more films , just a thought :)...

Is 'Prometheus 2' in post-production?

Jun-01-2012 8:08 AM: If you remember ,there was a magellan ship door described somewhere, could be in the next film ?...

"How Far Would You Go?"

May-31-2012 3:57 PM: i agree with this and i bet at this point ,david gives holloway an infected drink"the poisoned challis"...

New Clip with David & Holloway.

May-30-2012 1:23 PM: i bet this is when david slips the goo into holloways drink . holloway goes back to his cabin has sex with shaw. lo...

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VirtualVel Happy (early) Valentine's Day everyone :D!

Feb-13-2016 7:42 PM


Raptor-401 Thanks VirtualVel and Chris, feel better today, though I'm still a little sick.

Feb-13-2016 5:50 PM


Chris Picard Hope you're better now Raptor-401!

Feb-13-2016 12:08 PM


Chris Picard Hope you're right Ruh! I'm getting anxious over here!

Feb-13-2016 12:07 PM


Ruhaniya Had a crazy Alien dream last a good feeling some new Alien news coming.

Feb-13-2016 10:05 AM


VirtualVel I hope you feel better soon Raptor-401 :).

Feb-13-2016 9:04 AM


Raptor-401 Hello, was gone the past days after being sick and feeling incredibly tired...

Feb-12-2016 7:00 PM


VirtualVel I just accessed my profile and my name under my profile picture seems to be off center.

Feb-10-2016 5:53 PM


Chris Picard Hey Lone, thanks for the heads up, can you PM me with more details? Thanks!

Feb-10-2016 11:20 AM


Lone When trying to edit or post on my site, I get error logged out!

Feb-09-2016 2:26 PM


Lone Thanks Chris, looking good!

Feb-09-2016 12:11 PM


Lone Speedy SCIFIED loads in a second! :)

Feb-09-2016 12:10 PM


Chris Picard @Everyone, you all should notice Scified loads a lot faster with thenew updates now live!

Feb-08-2016 9:26 PM


Chris Picard PM sent

Feb-08-2016 9:26 PM

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