And finally

very nice than you for sharing very Impresive.

"Elder Engineer" revealed.

I was very excited to see these pictures on a site called; mp


Svanya's thoughts on Prometheus after seeing it (my review)

I agree about the part when shaw had the baby and no one was around and no one seem to care about what hell shaw had been through losing her lover and then giving birth to a alien . That part of the movie bothered me somewhat, since I could relate after having 4 c-sections myself, It was very cold the emotions shown by the other actors. The concern for this alien being on the ship had no importance what so ever at the time.

My Tribute to Prometheus

I'm putting this on one of my T-shirts for the opening. I hope you don't mind....

New behind the scenes video

Nice behind the scene shots. tks for sharing.

Beautiful and Unique (spoiler-free)

What a great write up that;s what I want to hear Positive and thrilling..

1000/1000 (spoiler-free)

I personally can;t wait to see it. I know that I am going to love without a doubt. It is just to bad that I have to wait until next Thursday to see it.......

I Really Liked The Film!! (spoiler-free)

Why does this sound like the star war saga, where fans were let down when the newer movies came out. I am truly sorry for those that didn't care for the movie, but I feel we will all have different emotions about the movie and we should just enjoy the amazing work that Ridley Scott has presented to the world with as a whole.

My Tribute to Prometheus

Very nice art work that would make an amazing tee shirt or even a great enlarged poster....... Nice work I love art good details , and very appealing to the eye. Great fan art.

Various Forms of Biomechanoid


Proto Queen Xenoform revealed


Happy 33rd Birthday, A L I E N!

The cakes are creative and out of this world.

Yet MORE ALIEN visual DNA to compare...

Yes I agree also, women need a break real life is hard enough on a day to day bases.

Images for Alien Painting

Hi, Slim!

Natalie Portman instead of Noomi

I agree She is known for her Star war roles and I feel Noomi is the perfect actress for this role.

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