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good times

Xenomorphs & Domestic Short Hairs

well for starters, i'm not entirely sure about your original premise... Xenos, or "starbeasts" as i like to call them don't kill everything and everyone one. I think they try to not kill each other most of the time, and in Aliens, when the queen is threatened she calls off the warriors from attacking ripley and newt. As far as why they don't kill cats, maybe the Starbeasts are able to tell when they are in the presence of a superior life-form.

Ultimate Plot holes/questions and answers debate thread

moonman, it's not just you, i think we all misseD something.. there will hopefully be a reason someDay revealeD, like WeylanD alreaDy knew a lot more then was shown in the first movie.

Bible genises

You read the bible? That's awesome... (when ever I touch one they instantly burst into flames.) I guess this is putting it bluntly but, there is nothing *in any way* "scientific" about the book of Genesis and the creation story. Science ain't: talking snakes, magic apples, or the complete lack of any kind of evolution. The questions you are asking haven't been answered by all of humanity for 2000 years of constant thought, but i wish you luck and hope optimistically some unknown fan on these forums will finally be able to help enlighten all of us and answer your questions once and for all with some degree of certitude.

The engineer and it's suit are definitely one

here's another image, just part of a bio suit-collar i guess...

Deacon Wallpaper

Moving thread to media section... thanks for the post!

After watching Prometheus, did you guys like the design of the engineer, either

@Pren, you seriously are happy with how the Space Jockey from Alien turned out to just be a suit? Personally, that was perhaps the biggest let-down of the movie for me, and the only reason for this unveiling was apparently to facilitate putting the engineers into a story that didn't have or need them previously, i.m.o.

Skull mountain significance?

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to signify where Skeletor lives...and where He-man draws his powers from....(not seriously)


After watching Prometheus, did you guys like the design of the engineer, either

It wouldn't have been hard to make them huge @bigdave. The special effects team made Xerxes larger than life in 300 by having everyone look at a picture at the top of a ten foot pole an then adding him digitally to wherever the line of site was pointing.

Design The Adult Deacon!

Fixed it for ya dude! nice work!!!

After watching Prometheus, did you guys like the design of the engineer, either

i'm sorry, but i just don't find idealized Greek statues with Elvis' smile scary in anyway. Maybe they aren't supposed to be, but i think scary is *WAY* cooler than statuesque personally... sacrificial_engineer_prometheus1.jpg

What will happen to David's head?

hilarious discussions, good work team! I think if Shaw was smart, she'd turn david's head into a backpack so he could warn her when she's getting snuck up on from behind.

Space Travel, Androids,

zzplural, i imagine you mean because it's difficult to improve on simple things that serve such useful purposes, but on a deeper level it probably has to do with Ridley Scotts's fascination with blending eastern and western cultures in his view of the future, such as Rick deckard eating at a ramen noodle stand in the movie Bladerunner.

Prometheus DVD US release pushed forward to: 09.10.12

maybe it's another d/l for microsoft office, or a coke commercial... that's what started happening a few weeks before and after the theater release! The whole thing makes me think of the scene in "a christmas story" when Ralphy uses the decoder ring to decipher a "drink your Ovaltine" commercial message. Let's try and lower our expectations so we don't get let down.

Get away from her you b*tch!

I know i always put this link in holloway threads, but it's pretty funny and it's from a long time ago, dont click on it if you've already read it....

Design The Adult Deacon!


I hope everyone is hungry!

how did they taste?

Please, can someone help me translate this? Ty so much.

Here's the first half, maybe i'll do the other half tomorrow if no one else wants to pick up at 5:20.

Prometheus is a film that begins with a question, and throughout the course of the film you are trying to answer that question, and it involves where we came from, and what our beginning,s are and how that came to be, But ultimately in telling that story not only does it ask a question, but it really presents itself as an adventure.

It's not, per say, pigeon-holed into being a horror film or a thriller, but it really has a sense of adventure, and a sense of wonderment, and Ridley did an amazing job of bringing all those genres together and i think packaging up into one film.

Because this is an adventure film, and has a little bit of the space horror genre intensity to it. For sound it will have this great dynamic range. It could be really quiet and creepy and maybe sometimes quite big and powerful, and it really provided really just a huge palette to do a lot of different things.

(part of the movie plays)

When i first read the script i noticed there was very similar elements that are in the original series, like there's the storms, there's tracking devises, there is similar characteristics but the story is different. I wanted to capture some of the original series because i know there's a huge fan-base and the sound of the original series is amazing, it's really really good for it's time. So i was listening to characters like the doors and in the original series the doors were very airy, just a simple air sound and so i developed that into modern technology, some of the elements i used to create the doors were like opening cans and can releases, soda streams, recording that, and xerox machines, and other different machines just used in a different way where is subtle, it's not a heavy sound, but it's light and it still has an air quality to it.

Ridely Scott relies on sound quite a bit for his films, i mean thats part pf the story telling experience and that's one of the many tools that he uses in telling his stories, and in a film like Prometheus where so much of it has to be creative and conceptualized from scratch. it's really rewarding because he really gives you this (sort of) blank pallet.

Ridley tends to go, I wouldn't say "broad-stroke", but he wants a feel, he wants a sense of flow to the film, and he wants to emotionally get what he needs out of each scene.

The whole adage of there is no sound in space is very hard to do in action movies for different reasons, even thought it's real science that there is no sound it just doesn't convey any sense of size or scope or grandeur to sometimes not have sound in those.

We treated it both by putting sound, the sound of the ship, and no sound at all, really depending on where it served us dramatically. If the score was saying something we let space be silent except for the music, if it were revealing something quite large and interesting like when you first see the Prometheus, it seemed appropriate to give it a sound and have an evolving sound to it, that grounded us in what some of the sound for the movie would be like because we went for an "old school" sound with Prometheus and made it sound very much like something based on present-day Earth you know with rockets, and crackles, and metal, and shake and things like that. It just seemed that was going to be one way we were going to differentiate our human earth from our soon to be discovered alien planet.

Isolation was a key on the ship, the crew was very limited and you feel that you are in this very vast spaceship, and we wanted just to accentuate those moments of feeling of isolation on the ship.

For the alien vocals we ended up using a lot of humanistic qualities because they are kind of a cross between humans and non-humans, for the Engineers in particular, but we wanted to also make it feel like if you had to talk to this person you could actually understand a language of some sort, so we did create a language for him too. For the other creatures in the film, when you see them they are representative of amphibians and snakes and that genre of creature because when you look at them that's kind of what they appear to be.

Ron, the dialogue music mixer on the film, has got a music background, has got a studio at home, and has got this incredible low voice that he can do, plus he has got this recording chain that makes it seem even more rich and big and deep, and so he would go home at night, and record different syllables and vocals and lines and words based on ancient languages, ancient greek and San-scrit, and he they would come in and sit down in the morning with Daniel Irwin, our dialogue editor and they would craft little conversations for times when it was appropriate in the film.


Aliens: Colonial Marines EScape Mode Video Preview

Ty so much Garethvk, you seem to somehow have the inside scoop on my most anticipated game ever! anyone you can keep sharing is more then welcome!!! ty for the screen caps, loooks great!!! ::drools::

Aliens: Colonial Marines EScape Mode Video Preview

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! GIVE ME!!! Cat-Monster-Scary-Giant-Movie-Monsters.jpg
WANT TO PLAY!!! Did you manage to screen cam any footage? i wanted to see what you were describing so badly!

Dave 8 The Beginning : A working copy / rough draft

thanks for the post, still leaves me wanting to hear more!

Making a Sequel, Jetlagged Edition

Yeah! good ideas!

Head mystery solved.

This thread has been nominated for the coveted "Stoukalis" award!

Please wish me luck...

best of luck, we are all counting on you

Design The Adult Deacon!

Of course as a staff member, i automatically disqualify myself from really being in this contest, but i really wanted to do something cause it sounded like so much fun, so here's a little something i was working on yesterday, started as a pencil sketch and then used Photoshop to take it further:

Prometheus Engineer head statue collectible

hey guys, let's try and get along, there's no reason to not remain civil and understanding here; we are all in it for the same reasons, thanks. Now hug!

Alternate Fifield headshot(new to me)

ooX98.gif The really weird part is the shots with the "other" fifield were completed about a month before the movie was released on june 1st!!!! wtf!?!?

im confused

just kidding, its the Blu-ray release for Prometheus, i think?

im confused

The end of the Mayan calendar, and this whole quadrant of the galaxy!

So what's actually a sticky now?

This topic leads nowhere, locking....


A bedtime story to have sweet dreams

final fantasy tactics monster: MindFlayer


is this creature the same thing as the illithid in D&D?

A bedtime story to have sweet dreams

thanks for a little HP Lovecraft, 1:31:00!!! I mean a LOT of HP Lovecraft! :D

the best anti-Holloway rant ever

If you want to see a funny discussion for anti-Holloway fans, check this one out from months ago!

Amazons and Valkyries: The female Engineers

What exactly is being suggested here? the engineers mate with the spaceship? lolz

Meredith Vickers and the Deacon!!

Here's a thread on the same thing.

and HERE is another one, if you want to read what people have talked about on this subject, there are tons of topics on it. Just put 'vickers' in the search engine at the top of the page, and you can get a huge list.

Fifelds Tattoos

some people think the one over the eyes says "POO" i have no idea....

ReAction will produce Kenners lost Alien toys

wow, that's awesome, love the 'kane in nostromo suit' and the 'alien' figures.

Total Recall

Chris and Freeze saw it last night, i bet they'll leave a comment here for you at some point today! I'm gonna go check it out in a few days probably.

Engineer seeing what we've become. . .

You might want to check out THIS similar thread from a couple weeks ago, it has some pretty good discussion on why the engineer was sleeping and what happened when he woke up. I think i agree with your take on it pretty closely acutally.

Spacejockey Workinprogress

cool program, looks like a lot of fun!

Prometheus 2 music?

Hey snorkelbottom! i think get-it-out-of-me! is trying to 'brown nose' you!

weyland logo

you mean this tumblr_m5dipa3aev1qaf2gqo1_1280.jpg

looks like this?


i'm not seeing much resemblance, personally...Maybe a little bit, If the hammerpedes are from the ooze mixing with alien worms, what would that have to do with Weyland industries back on Earth?

Mind Blowing Analysis

Thanks, finally an art critique! I feel this movie was a piece of art beyond just the visuals, i agree with this reviewer's technique and analysis. Cinema is an art form as much as painting or writing, and it's fitting to evaluate it as such. Nicely referenced ideas, i can't believe this guy goes on for 20 minutes, that's so much longer than most video reviews, I think it shows how much he's thought about it. thanks for the post

Prometheus or 1979's Alien, which do you prefer?

Shambhala, you didn't answer the question! i would have to say Alien, but I'm really surprised it took 6 posts before someone said something other than Prometheus.

Prometheus Mods are Coming for Doom 3

Sorry, snorkel bottom. I guess my sources weren't reliable. That was from a photobucket a few months ago someone had titled doom 4.

Alien Bunnies! [SHOCK]

thank you for the pure hilarity, truly scrumtrilecent!

Prometheus Mods are Coming for Doom 3

Looks like they got a lot more done, here's a big chunk of the game almost finished!

Prometheus on set footage

Punx! I still can't believe it, but it's just cornstarch and water on a speaker!

And this movie

HERE is an old link from several months ago on it! isn't this weird? no special effects needed....

predator weaponry fault

In case the predator's arm with the nuclear self destruct mechanism is cut off, the "shooting one's self in the head with the shoulder-launcher" is the fail-safe backup system for assisted suicide. You know, in case a short body builder named Arnold beats you up.

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