Prometheus Sequel won't be written by Lindelof

Best news yet!

YAAAAAAAAAY! Now we can get a proper movie. One that's NOT rushed.

Fans of Space/Science: NASA Mercury Announcement Imminent!

Any updates on that organic material? I've been giddy about it ever since i read that bit of info.



Thank you...



Yeah... well said.

And the one Xeno at the end of Prometheus, all by it's freakin' lonesome... will affect the story.

What an arbitrary-ass thing to do...

But it always gets me thinking about how pointless that scene was... i mean, what's the Deacon gonna do? Just sit there, and wait till it dies? Because there's nothing there for it on LV-223.

Fans of Space/Science: NASA Mercury Announcement Imminent!


Gets me excited...

Crossing my fingers for organic life. It's about time something happened to spiritually awaken everyone. and/or open up their minds.

I'm feeling it, at this point in our history.

And if the announcement is bacteria... someone's gettin' punched in the ****in' face!

Fans of Space/Science: NASA Mercury Announcement Imminent!

Pretty exciting... but nothing will excite me like the last few moments of footage from a space probe that shows it being pumelled by the natives of a planet currently undergoing exploration/discovery :D.

Ice, impressive.

But what interests me most is this organic material...? Hmmm?



One of the biggest piles of BS i've encountered on the site.

Also; Engineers worshipping Xenomorphs = Weak as FAWK!

The Engineers are the gods. And if anything, their relatives should be shown. Assuming the story will follow the basic basics of the whole Igigi/Annunaki thing. And we get introduced to the Annunaki. Whoever, or whatever they may be.

And THAT in itself is subjective. And just something i thought of as an alternative. Because the OP idea is terrible...

Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires


I'm pretty sure Lindelof already confirmed that in an interview.

The Engineer...smiling (Creepy as FAWK)

Link is working.

So... um... yeah. Did the Engineer catch Shaw at a bad time or something? Because that smile is just... so wrong. On so many levels.

Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires


You know, Vickers wasn't an android, right?

Jon Spaihts Confirms Leaked Script is Authentic

Better than the original.

Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires

@Visionary Alpha

Very well spoken.

Although i can't stress this enough; Prometheus should steer clear of being anything like Alien. Ridley Scott, and Fassbender also, have said that Alien was just a small part of this universe. Just a little preamble to the grander story that is just starting to open up.

Prometheus does not, and should not be another Alien.

Honestly, i think the Deacon's appearance at the end was too much, even. Too much to cater to the Alien fans.

We didn't need Xenomorph's at all.

But anyhow, thanks a lot for the positive feedback and support. And remember, i'm just the OP :D

Everyone needs to speak their mind, and contribute. That's what it's all about.

Keep it coming, folks!

Prometheus was an awful lot like AVP!

Nevermind the briefing...

The entire movie was like AVP, for the same reason.

AVP was rushed. Simple as that. So was Prometheus.

Riddles should have taken more time. Another solid 30 minutes of run time...

Maybe even an hour, would have made all those flaws non-existant. And would have given us the movie we should have had.

But i still love coming here, and discussion what should have been, and what could be.

There's a stickied megathread on the Prometheus 2 discussion about the future of the series. Please visit, if you'd like to discuss new ideas. What should be featured in the sequels, and what should be done.

Prometheus 2 and 3


Rushed Ending....

Correction; Rushed movie :D.

The whole thing was rushed. Which is why it was such a downer. And that's the bottom line.

You could get down to the details, and talk about every individual scene, but that's what it comes down to.

Another extra 30 mins or so, would have been nice. Hell.. even an hour.

Prometheus should have been one of those long movies that aren't made for incomplex, low IQ simpletons.

Should have been about as long as The Chronicles of Riddick Director's Cut.

Something like that...

Also, if you DO want to get down to the details. And talk in-depth, and maybe even share your ideas to better the series, and make sure Paradise is 10 times the movie Prometheus is, you should check out the Future Megathread.

Future of the series

I hope to see many contributions. Keep the ideas coming, folks.

Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires


... Too much relation to Christianity.

Christmas day... Deacon day?

There might never be a sequel to Prometheus.


Not that the crashed ship on LV426 is of huge significance in the Prometheus series anyway. It's a connection. Just like the Xenomorph. And the entire Alien series. A connection...

A connection that jerking Alien closet-dorks drool over, for no good reason. Other than to see their favourite monster in action...


There might never be a sequel to Prometheus.

Worst, sequel. EVER!

Anyway... i think this thread is a partial troll.

Yes... we're gonna leave the story as-is. No need for a sequel...


the suit

If the Engineers just turn out to be antagonists. That will suck Baaaaallz....

the suit



Yeah.. noticed that once i saw the deleted scene.

Your guess is as good as mine. Have no idea, honestly.

Might have just been another one of Ridley Scott's attention to detail type things...

No idea...

What's Your Favorite Scene From Prometheus?

By far, the Engineer dummying everyone, and taking off.

The way he interacted with the controls. Taking a big breath before the mask goes over his face.

The sound effects of the ship. The music.

Oh, my!

And of course, the momentus of the scene gets ruined in an instant. Once Janek pulls his "HAAAND-JOOOOOOB" ...

Freakin' pathetic...

I've got my fingers crossed for Paradise. I hope it won't dun-goof like Prometheus.

Has the Prometheus universe been fused with Blade Runner's?

Would definitely be whoopty.

If anything AVP merging w/ Prometheus would make more sense...

New Mad Max Movie on the way! New Movie Site!

Cool. Very surprising news. And very exciting news for Mad Max fans.. but.

The question is; Will Mel Gibson be in the movies? Poor Mel. Done-goofed.

Riddick 3

...I wonder...

If Chris... would maybe want to make a Riddick site...

Who's in?!


One of the best Sci-Fi series of the last 10+ years.

But, BUT! Listen up, folks...

Now. One thing worries me...

I'm not liking what i'm hearing about the story so far...

I don't want it to be another Pitch Black. Good movie. But it was GOOD, as an INTRODUCTION! Not a full Riddick movie. The Chronicles of Riddick was the first...

And i thought it would start off from where the last film ended.

I want the story to delve deeper into the Necromongers. Riddick to visit the underverse. To learn about the underverse.

What the hell is THIS?! NOT COOL!

Oh, and i absolutely love the long run time of Chronicles of Riddick.

And the complexity of the series' universe. The codex of information.

Very encyclopedic.

Chronicles Director's Cut <3.

Prometheus 2 : a sinister revelation

Well... i sure hope it isn't a grimy, boring landscape.

I really want the Engineer world to be beautiful. In a very alien way.

If the movie is all-action. Then it'll most likely end up disappointing.

I'm not liking what i'm hearing about Paradise so far...

And, that video.

Could have been much better if some dude was just talking.

didn't even catch that.

Freakin' annoying to watch. Piss off!

Am I the only one who just wants another Alien movie?


Yep. Me and Void constantly saying that, ahahaha.

Because it's TRUE!

And btw... DIRTY profile picture...

Best. Star Wars character. EVER!

Viewer Complaints Explained


Well... You pretty much summed up what was wrong with the movie. And... that IS the main flaw of the movie...

But that ONE flaw, has multiple paradigms of shitty-ness to it...

Too short. Covering too many things in one time?

Yeah... and... think of how that affects the ENTIRE movie.

I'm not going to go further into anything else... i just don't have the energy for it... it's all been wasted on ripping on Prometheus. I've moved on. I've started the megathread for the series, in the Paradise discussion.

But... i still can't help but think of what could have been.

And. The Engineer dying might have been necessary to show the Deacon. But ask yourself...

1.Did they really show him as an entity in the movie that was pure EVIL? Did they really try and make the audience have that sort of mentality towards the Engineer?

They sure as hell didn't!

He rips open the door to the lifeboat. Shoves Shaw. Kind of... grabs her... and then gets caught by the body-humper.

2. What was the significance of showing the Deacon in the end, really? It might seem like the most arbitrary-ass question, but think about it;

What the hell is that specific Deacon going to do? There's absolutely nothing on LV223 for it. What's to become of the Deacon? It's going to do circles around the lifeboat till it dies?

If we get a flashback to when Shaw and David leave LV223 in Paradise. And we are shown a run-in with them and the Deacon, then i'll put that to rest.

If...say... we're given acknowledgement that the Engineer WILLED it to happen. It wasn't just the word of the body-humper. It WANTED to give life to the Deacon (because of that ever so coincidentally designed suit). Then i'd say "OK, fair enough..."

But if the Deacon was shown at the mural, maybe even a little clearer than it was. That would have been so much better.

The subtlety, combined with the mystery, and reactions of everyone in the audience who is familiar with the Xenomorph would have made it so much better.

*Focuses on the mural* *GASP*

But no. It had to be nice and CLEEEEAAR. We had to see it come out of the Engineer at the end. Come on...

Give me a break.

Something much better could have been done by the Engineer.


Engineer runs back to the temple, before going to the lifeboat.

Takes the green gen that has the Deacon's DNA in it. Makes himself a nice cocktail out of the black liquid, and contents of the gem. And willingly turns into the Deacon.


And in the end, we could have had a nice, but relatively short battle between Shaw, and the Deacon. Or maybe she could have just escaped its grasp. I don't know. Use your imagination.

Viewer Complaints Explained

Dude... Movie is whoopty. Period.

Scenes likes Janek crashing into the juggernaut were flat out RETARDED.

They happened so fast, and in such a sudden manner, that it made them ridiculous.

It almost reminds me of the first AVP.

They tried to do something good with that movie. But failed miserably, because something deep, and detailed was supposed to be told in such a short amount of time.

I was expecting Avatar-equivalent run-time and overall epic scale/feel with Prometheus.

Stupid scenes, like Shaw crying. Holloway taking off his helmet. Holloway being in the movie.

The scene with Fifield and Millburn... Oh, my, ****ing God...

You know those typical slasher/horror film, where you get frustrated at the person trying to get away, because they are dumb, clumbsy, or a combination of both?

Well, yeah. You could very well compare that to the Fifield/Millburn scene.

Just frustrating to watch. Not off-putting. Just extremely frustrating. Watching the retardation unfold.

It made me wish Fifield burned even more, and was so high to the point that he didn't give a shit about the thing on Millburn's arm.

Completely retarded.

Again, going back to the sporadic, out-of-nowhere scenes.

The Engineer waking up.

Dummying everyone in the room. Controlling the ship (best part of the movie by the way). Then the momentum of that EPIC scene gets ruined by Janek's subsequent handjob crash scene.

The Engineer actually dying. Which felt like nothing more than to brush the Engineer aside, to get him out of the movie. Just so we don't have to worry about him anymore. Lazy pricks...

And all for what? To cater to the Alien fanboys? "Oh, the XENOMORPH"... I remember some Alien closet-dork saying that out loud at the end. I nearly punched him in the back of the head...



Instead, they could have taken us on an epic adventure. A movie with amazing levels of immersion. And discovery.

Not... finding the place where they need to be. As soon as they land on the moon.


And if you're satisfied with the instant scene-changing nature of the movie. The sporadic actions that take place, that change the scenario, or overall situation in the movie.

You need to get your BRAIN examined.

Because they just killed the movie.

Am I the only one who just wants another Alien movie?


Even if there is a story. There... really isn't a story.

Because it's got no depth.

Weyland studying Aliens as weapons, DEEP.

We get to watch Aliens procreate through facehugging, and chestbursting. DEEP.

Prometheus is the bigger picture. And Prometheus is starting to do what all great movies do.

It is developing an extensive, detailed codex of information.

To the point where even the STORY can't be fully defined yet. I doubt, in the end, even once we've seen Paradise, we won't get the full picture.

We'll definately get more. But Not even the basic basics of what's going on in the Engineers.

Which is what brings me to the next thing. The Engineers.

They're the star players. They're the main centre of attention. And they should be. They're what's going to be explored in the series. And that is worth exploring.

And in time, over the course of the series' story unfolding, the Alien nut-huggers will be satisfied. Because i KNOW, that in the end even they will get their answers.

A pretty straight-forward answer to a straight-forward aspect of the movie.

The Xenomorphs.


It'll be cool to finally acknowledge how they came to be. But that won't be people's main conern.

Prometheus needs to be standalone, with a TINY TAD of Alien on the side. Just the origins of the Xenomorphs.

Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires

It's official, folks! The sequel is titled "Paradise"!

Now we'll all be wondering... is it quite as literal as it sounds?



Well, i think what Fassbender is trying to say is; The connection is very small.
The Xenomorph is purely just a single thing that relates to the series' story. The whole xenomorph situation in Alien lingered into... well. Alien.

Just as i have said it. Alien is the preamble. Sort of a spin-off that happened BEFORE the actual series. Rather than after; as it usually happens.

Despite the fact that Prometheus was disappointing as it was...


And i'm fairly certain that Prometheus will be treated as the introduction to the series. And i don't just mean that chronologically. I'm talking quite literally as well.

Usually, a movie series goes 1st movie, 2nd, 3rd. And so on...

I like to think of Prometheus as 0.5 chronologically :D.

I hope that makes sense.

And the actual journey truly starts with Paradise. Being the first in the series.

I'm predicting that there will be a total of three movies. Including Prometheus. Making it four.

Remembering Alien

Hmm. Cooll. Will do the questionnaire when i've got time.

They'll be getting an earful from me.. or... a... monitorful? Damn, why does it have to be words? :P

Am I the only one who just wants another Alien movie?


Yyyyep. Pretty easy to spot. But you know what? Just for the hell of it.. i'll go at it.

Are you for real? Ask yourself this single question - after i've given my chain of reasoning; Why the HELL would you want more Alien films?

The Alien movies (except for the first one) haven't done ANYTHING, story-wise.

Literally, the Alien sequels are quite possibly amongst the most pointless movies every to be created.

What the hell did they do? Other than create a situation that comes as an excuse for a Xenomorph, or Xenomorphs to kill people.

Completely pointless. And a waste of freakin' TIME!

The only thing, in the end. The SMARTEST thing, in the end, that we've gotten; Ripley's character development. That hit its peak in Resurrection.

Watching Ripley transform from the person she was, to the person she became in Resurrection. Excellent.

Very well done.

Now i won't penalize the first Alien movie, and deem it pointless, as i do the sequels. But because of the simple fact that the sequels EXIST, i have to.

Alien not why i watch movies. I want something more. I want an actual story. I want depth. I want immersion. Atmosphere.

Not an alien monstrosity running around, systematically killing off the crew of a ship.

If Alien was a STANDALONE film. Which is what it SHOULD have been, i would have simply watched it, and said "good movie". Good design. A prime example of future-proof film-making. That holds up to this day. The only thing it needs; a touch-up.

Watch the Bluray of Alien, and you'll see.

The movie looks as if it were made today.


Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires


Some very... VERY incredible ideas. You should be a screenwriter, my friend.

I'll pick out everything that i absolutely loved.

The ideas of the organic starship's walls. Very hot; both figuratively, and literally.

The Engineers creating their assets in the image of the Xenomorph.

Pretty much everything about the Xenomorphs.

Now. Everything else. I can't say i DON'T LIKE. I'm simply on the fence... And i'm approaching them in a subjective manner.

The organic starship. Just... TOO Mass Effect. GAH!

The Engineers being creations themselves, and more to the point; tools. I don't like. Simply put, i'm an Engineer nut-swinger. i just love them too much. They must be their own Gods. Just not glorified, not as Weyland would make them sound.

Gods of reality. Of the physical world. Yes. Gods... as in... Turning a glass of water into a glass of milk... by snapping your fingers? NO. :D

Just purely ridiculous knowledge of the universe.

Making the Engineers hostile, again, i don't like.. Them, being the main antagonists. I don't like that, at all.

Everyone should ask themselves - Is it really even necessary to have an antagonist? Do we need a main antagonist, or antanogists in the series? No. Not really. This type of movie, absolutely not.

And if ANYTHING, it should be the Xenomorph. But this time, unlike ALL of the Alien movies, they'll be there for a purpose. They'll be playing the role of the antagonist definitely.

Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires

@Freeplanet. Could you post up the pic of the Deacon attacking two people, please? I have no patience for that piece of GARBAGE flash site. And it crashes...

If it isn't possible. Which orb is it under?

Also. Again, i really hope the Engineers just don't end up being antagonists... We have the Deacon, and its kind for that purpose :D.

Future of the series - Prometheus' Sequel(s) - Ideas, Expectations & Desires


Yes, thank you again for the support Chris. Greatly appreciated.

But i'm not really treating this as something i can look back at, personally.

I really wanted to do this for everyone. So we can better the series. And take it further.

And so more poor forum members don't get their threads hijacked , AHAHA!

But no, i really love the idea of this megathread. Compiling all our thoughts and ideas. To help improve the series. And discuss what was wrong with previous films. And of course, this only applies to Prometheus, as it's the only film in the series so far.

Anyhow. Enough reiteration.

Time to get down to business.


Yep. One of the many things i feel should be explored.

Of course there has to be emphasis on humanity. But more so on the Engineers!

I want the movie to have more discovery. And an incredible amount of immersion. As seen in Avatar.

Beautiful, alien environments.

And one of the things i can't stress enough; Shaw and David should be taken in by the Engineers. As visitors. One word that can best describe humanity. Without a doubt; is curiosity. And that is something that the Engineers should tend to in Shaw.

I'm not saying it should all be coffee and talking. But... going back to Avatar - I absolutely loved how the main character was totally immersed in this alien world. Experienced everything. Saw things from a different perspective. And spent time amongst this alien race, and saw things their way.

I want that feeling again! Except of course, in Ridley Scott's own way. I want it to truly be epic! Nice, and long...

And mind you, the Engineers aren't some blue folks that are reminiscent of the aboriginals of our own planet. In the real world.

They're very much different.

And to be honest... it goes deeper than that. Let's face it... if the Engineers wanted to send the world on a genetic override, while destroying humanity in the process. They would have done so.

They are clearly in a much different situation than they were 2 millenia prior.

And i would very much like to see the Engineer Homeworld just that; Paradise.

Now, i'm not exactly saying rainbows as far as the eye can see. Queer-blue skies *clears throat*, and kiddy happiness.

Just pure... alien beauty.

Maybe even something the Engineers EXCLUSIVELY perceive to be paradise. While in our eyes. It is the most bizarre site in the UNIVERSE! Well.. alright. The galaxy, anyway.

After all, these folks have a different mentality towards many things. Elders. Life, and death. And the ramifications it has, while being carried out by themselves. Their practice of self-sacrifice to create.


Hey, here's a link to something i posted up... but might just incorporate that into this thread, if possible. And if Chris deems it worthy.

Engineer/Xenomorph Connection

David's Mention of Paradise

Dialogue in the scene, kind of dumb.

She refers to the Engineer as a "thing"... c'mon.

But either way, it's crazy, to see what was cut from the movie. WOW.

Yep. The Prometheus crew done-goofed.

The Engineer's behaviour... Clearer now than ever!

I just basically elaborated on Regular Parrot's initial idea of the Engineer bowing. But that doesn't really matter. Whether or not he did bow.

Point is, he recognized Weyland as an elder. There's no denying that.

The Engineer isn't blind.

The Engineers on Paradise are not going to be happy to see Shaw and David

@Void & everyone

Absolutely agree.

The Engineer hostility should begin, and end with the Engineer in Prometheus...

We need an epic sense of discovery. Knowledge, and immersion. Something seen in Avatar. While it was basically a Sci Fi Pocahontas, it completely destroyed Promethues in that department.

Avatar lacked complexity. Prometheus lacked substance in terms of immersion. Discovery, and overall epic values.

Both movies have their flaws. And both could use the other's advantages for themselves. And if Prometheus had Avatar's advantages... it wouldn't have been the disappointment it is.

Wouldn't it have been great, for example, if they actually worked their way to the temple, and found it. Instead of landing on the moon, and finding it literally right away?

Perhaps a lone, dead Engineer could have led them there, through clues? Just an idea off the top of my head.

We need to experience the Engineers' world. To the fullest. In a manner similar to Avatar.

Shaw and David have to spend time with the Engineers, and learn what they are all about.

If the movie ends up being a pure 'running from Engineers fest' then.. the movies will tread a similar path as the Alien movies.

Shaw and David. Running from Engineers. Shaw axing them questions. While distracting them with chandeliers.

What would you rather have. That, or epic experiences Shaw and David behold, while amongst the Engineers? Incredible discovery. Incredible knowledge gained from the Engineers? Unbelievable answers for questions they have for them.

And of course. I'm not saying the whole movie should be a freakin' INTERVIEW... I'm sure they'll think of something else that will happen during the movie. Some sort of...conflict.

The Engineer's behaviour... Clearer now than ever!

@Subsume... Yes. Absolutely.

I initially thought the same thing. I'm not the first one to post this. I remember someone posting that the Engineer had bowed. But didn't include a reason for it. ( if only i could remember the poster's name...)

He could have just stumbled AND bowed, you know that, right?

Either way. He had that mentality towards Weyland. Because he saw he was the oldest. DEFINATELY.

And also, guys...

Yeah... he stumbled because he was in Hyperspace for two millenia?

Then dummied every person in the room. Piloted the ship as if he just woke from a nap. Then made his way to the lifeboat... He can recuperate from his long hypersleep, and have trouble standing... for three seconds? And



@HAL 9000

What you say may be true in regards to depth. But, if it were so, then why not just let Alien be the great film it is, for what it is? And leave it at that.

The fact that they made such pointless sequels is just ridiculous.

I've said it about a million times. Ripley's character development was the BEST thing we got, in the end. The way she was transformed in Alien Resurrection was a pretty awesome thing to watch. And this is coming from a gamer. So i know all about good character development. And Ripley's is a great example, especially in the movie world.

Aliens... running around, killing people = POINTLESS.

I really wished they'd have stopped after Alien.

Just.. being one of those standalone films that don't have any sequels. And that are just remembered as the future-proof classics they are.

As for more relation in the Prometheus series (whatever the hell you'd call the series), the Xenomorph's origin, and its relation to the Engineers is the most Ridley Scott could do.

And the most he SHOULD do. I couldn't help but want to punch some nerd in the back of the head, as we were walking out of the theatre once the credits started to roll. I heard nothing but "XENOMORPH!" ... and i almost lost my shit.

And the surgery scene... STOP IT, SCOTTY! And NO, i'm not saying that because it was a LITTLE gross... i'm saying because i KNOW. I KNOW that he did that to cater to the freakin' Alien nut-huggers out there.

Those little things were present in Prometheus. And the subsequent movies have to STRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY even farther away from the Alien movies.

The thing i'm sure EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMOTHER would agree on remaining in the Prometheus (seriously... what do we call this franchise?) films; is the design of Alien.

Gigers mech-bio hybridization design. That, is always lovely to see.

And taking into account the fact that the Engineers are so ancient. And that they uphold the law of the creators, that design is their design. Not the Xenomorph's :D.

Their ship interiors, their suits. Everything related to them.

And now. I don't know if the OP is even FOLLOWING this thread anymore. LOL...

We've all been a victim of this, and always been a part of it. So i'd like to apologize.

I'm sorry. But all i can do is either complain, or just try and contribute to make this series better. Because i've never been more disappointed in a movie before. And i don't think i ever will. Prometheus was supposed to be the movie of my life...

Anyway. Here i am, getting carried away again.. I want to apologize for taking this thread elsewhere! LOL!

We've all been a part of it, and have been a victim to it.


Eeerrrr... that being said.

I actually thought that, too. Honestly.

I thought those were Predator lasers at first! Seriously... But, yeah. I don't think it was a cameo ( i don't know... we'd have to ask Scotty himself) so we can't know for sure..

They looked literally identical!

Too bad no one posted a screenshot. Would've been good for analysis.



Well, i think it's more than just having Alien "elements".

It's simple. The connection is simple. Same universe.

The Xenomorph.

That's it.

And now let's hope it keeps straying further away, and that Ridley Scott stops trying to cater to the Alien nut-swingers who come in to the theatre and expect an Alien prequel.

I hate it when people say something like "it's not as good as the original Alien" or "Prometheus was better than Alien".

Either way you look at it, it's stupid. They're not directly connected. There's nothing left to DO in Alien. And i think the Alien story is permanently over. For the better... There's just no depth. Nothing to explore anymore. Other than the Engineers, of course.

People need to STOP comparing the two freakin' movies!

The Vatican expects more out of the sequel too!

Actually... come to think of it. I hope they put pressure on it, and make SURE it's an exponential improvement over Prometheus.

If the movie disappoints, they send Paul Bettany to systematically kill everyone involved in the movie.


The Vatican expects more out of the sequel too!

They should be thankful Shaw didn't throw her cross away in the end.

All i'm saying...

Also. Really, that's how they interpreted the movie? Monstrous beings who sacrifice themselves to save the Earth... WHAAAAAAA?!

The Engineer/Xenomorph Connection


Everything you just said, especially at the end, makes me want to post my new thread.

But i'm not sure if i even should... I feel we should just include it in this one...

Eeeerrrrrr... what the hell. I won't bother starting another one.

We can keep at it; The Engineer/Xenomorph connection.

***But, as of now, i'm making this official, as part of this thread.***
So we can now incorporate it into this thread discussion.

The Xenomorph. Natural. Or created?

My answer?

I have no freakin' idea... honestly.

It being derived naturally would make more sense in relation to the Engineers worshiping it. So... yeah.

...FFS. Then again, on the contrary... LOL.

The Engineers ARE creators. Bio-Engineers.

They would also be proud of such a creation...

Sooo... i'm pretty damn stumped right now.

Anyone care to take a jab at this one?

The Engineer/Xenomorph Connection

Hmm... never noticed the Juggy had specific cargo.. and wasn't oozing. Didn't notice that... hmm.. yeah.

It was interesting. but then again, this is nothing but old news.

I'm thinking about the Engineers that were killed now, too...

Their bodies just piled up, in the same spot, too. That weird or what?

Why would they be so close together? Just... strange.

And do you really think we'll be given more insight into the last Engineer from Prometheus?

That would be really cool. A bit of a mundane, random/arbitrary thing to mention. But something i'd very much appreciate.

I still wish he hadn't died, though...

FFS... i really hope the sequel doesn't disappoint like that.

The Engineer/Xenomorph Connection

Yeah. The xenomorph eggs are a completely different thing.. but i'm not sure why you're comparing them. The urns strictly house the black liquid.

Well... if i had a nicely toned, rock-hard Engineer body, i'd battle everyone naked, too... geez.

But no, seriously. Now that i've touched upon the subject.

WHY THE HELL WAS THAT ENGINEER BY HIMSELF? It's... just too damn strange.

The Engineer/Xenomorph Connection

Thanks for posting Voidhawk.

Now. To get to something that's been on my mind for quite some time, now. I might have posted it already; i'm not looking back at my previous posts. Too lazy :D.

But if someone remembers me saying this, don't hesitate to call it out.

Alright. Four... Four stasis pods. Chambers. Whatever you wanna call 'em. And only one Engineer occupying one of the four pods.

Also. I'm fairly certain that room and/or suit the Engineer was wearing, was very specific. Some questions to ask yourselves. Was the single remaining Engineer special from all the rest?

Did he unleash the dangers of the Engineer base deliberately upon his comrades? Was he insane? Yes, i know, a bit of a goofy question. But, hey. It's possible.

Why him, folks? Why, WHY ONE Engineer?! Why not... him and his friend Bob in the stasis pod across from him?

Yes. It has holes, and looks like it can be pressurized. But you know, there could be a simple explaination as to why that wouldn't be straying to far off from my main theory about the suit. It simply has more than one function. The main thing i had in mind; it has SOMETHING to do with the Xenomorph.

The suit is LITERALLY a part of the Engineer. When Weyland talks to the Engineer, and he moves his head left and right, you can see that it moves together with his head. It doesn't even look like a separate item. Also, taking a look at the hands. Starting from the the fingers, going all the way back to the palms. You see the "suit" gradually blends in with the remainder of his body.

Now, that second functionality i mentioned earlier. Simple. He was in stasis. It does act as as pressure suit.

But it's that ONE thing that i can't stop thinking about. The chest area. Or ribcage area. Well, where you'd THINK a ribcage it suppose to be.

Looks exactly like a Xenomorph's body.


When the Deacon was born. We see that the back end of its head it sharp. The Deacon, is in fact... the Deacon on the mural. Same head.

And why do i say this, you might ask? The sharp head is there, because it is necessary so the Deacon is able to break out of the Engineer's body when being born.

We can even see it, clearly. When it's emerging from the Engineer's body, the point comes out. Which is necessary to break out of that hard outer shell of the Engineer's integrated... suit? I don't even know what to call it anymore.

All of these things point towards the Engineers somehow having an exclusive connection to the Xenomorphs.

I strongly believe the Xenomorph born from a human (or any compatible host). Which is possible through the lovely facehugger; is nothing more than the Engineers at work. It is a modification of the Xenomorph's birth process.

Which leads me to my next thread. In the near future :D.

Bio Engineering...themselves?

*Ahem..* hehehe...

Glad someone else is thinking the same thing.


Check out this thread i started. I think it's time to resurrect it again.

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