Forever War


The Mothership

Seeing both ships gave me a sense that the Engineers ship was cruder, almost homemade in a sense compared to the saucer which gave me thoughts about the relationship between the Engineers and the Elders, maybe changing from the time of the Earth-seeding to the time of the Prometheus visit.

I am of a mind that the Elders ship has no place or purpose with the Engineers base and I'm not even sure it belongs to the may have simply been a conveyance for them to use..I'm not convinced at all that the Elders/Engineers are the highest order of intelligence and purpose...I suspect something else is higher

Question about a weird comment

You know, of course, we're all looking forward to the Blu Ray..and we're gonna get it, and play it..and play it again and again....and we're still gonna have to wait for Prom2 because the Blu Ray for Prom 1 isn't gonna have all the answers, just SOME..hahaha...we are addicted, oh yeahhhh.

I'm getting settled into taking the longview, the seems to me that Ridley's story is, for better or worse, following a business model that extends the story over a period of time for the actually is a new thing for Ridley, perhaps he's wanted to do a series, but never had the chance, I dont know, just guessing..but the film is near 300 mil and thats a lot of reasons to keep going with the story....Fox was damn brave from a business point of view to roll the dice on something brand new, gotta give em that.

Question about a weird comment

deftones...I could never take anything wrong on the forum, no worries, it's all good..we're here to have fun and I do...kinda wondering what made that come into your mind though, it's been a must be thinking of EVERYTHING lol..ah well...smiles

Question about a weird comment

Like I said...wasnt being or trying to be a jerk about it...but as soon as the film came out..the Wiki got 'cleansed'...of the film work in Alicante, both in the water complex and on the nearby beach where a 'ship' of some sort was built....somewhere is a lot of ocean footage being held onto....I'm thinking the Engineers origin is aquatic in some way....completely out of nowhere that we would never expect it....Prom 2 is gonna rattle even more than Prom1 I suspect...if there were people who deserted the film we have seen for what it was, I wager they'll be back jumping on the bandwagon

Question about a weird comment

And...I wasnt trying to tease anybody with it, not at was just something I found and was pretty surprised about...and there was another member, a long time member who shared their curiosity about it...and this was months ago when it first came up

Question about a weird comment

Large scale water scenes that were filmed in Spain...3 months worth of work...and they are nowhere to be seen in the least, not this part of the story

Question about a weird comment

It was me

Question about a weird comment

Paycheck? that a hint? :)

Introducing myself!

Aloha Chuck

Did Anyone Go to Comic-Con and Talk to Weyland Industries?

I'm here, and i haven't, no...I'm pretty much getting blasted by the overload of it all, plus I'm in the company of a group, but I will get around to it eventually

Hilarious Alien Cartoon

I thought vermouth was dry, but this is ridiculous...smiles

Space Jockey

Yes...I came to discover the film late and got the Directors Cut..wish I'd seen it in the theater

Space Jockey

haha...hey, you know I went and watched DD again after your post? I looked for it in the hotel guide and there it was...and when I get home I think I'll check it out again...that and Southland Tales

Space Jockey

Mel, at this point in the 2 Sci Fi films Ridley Scott has done in outer space, it is not exactly known where the Space Jockey in "Alien" came from...lots of theories and ideas, but still unclear.

The Greatest T.V. Show in History Resumes To Conclude In 5 Days!

too late..but you already knew that.

8 Time Oscar Nominee Peter O'Toole Retires From Acting

Thanks Sparty...I love that guy, he just had..."it", whatever that is.

"Is that a real minute or an Eli minute?"

Happy Trails, Peter

An Incredible IN Depth Review Of "Donnie Darko" By Lawrence Person!

Interesting and I never knew it existed, I could fiddle with this for hours, playing with it now..

An Incredible IN Depth Review Of "Donnie Darko" By Lawrence Person!

Sparty....epic, masterful post..when I saw this film for the first time, it totally twisted my mind inside out...I couldnt figure out how Kelly did the ending of the film. I wasnt confused, I just couldnt get how he did it, how he made it come together..and I sat there and watched it! A memorable experience, to be sure....all I could say at the end was 'How (Kelly) did he do that!'

My kid was with me the first time I saw it at home, he was trippin on his old man, he knew what was coming in the film..hahaha

On my top ten Sci Fi list



Like Jchmtz said...thanx Man....smiles

Do androids dream of Elizabeth Shaw?

allinamberclad for the win.. intangible concept outside David's understanding, although he understands it's influence through Shaw

Say What?

Unknown...and we don't get but a glimpse of them, so that the audience can't know or recognize any symbols....I think thats an invented language on there.

Serious Question!


Say What?

Meaning....given enough time I can understand them, but will I tell you?

You may not be around when I do get around to deciphering them

An Incredible IN Depth Review Of "Donnie Darko" By Lawrence Person!

Pitch Black is another film my kid turned me on to..I could see the pride in him at showing me something he knew I would love...right up my alley, pure elements of the 1950's sci fi films brought up to date..couldnt have been done better

Sorry to hijack your thread Sparty

Do androids dream of Elizabeth Shaw?

Ash's capabilities may have been a result of going 'too far' with David's design....limit the ability, more control..otherwise you end up with something too smart for you to direct.

3rd Viewing

Ridley is not the guy some people have been lulled into thinking he old English director whos best ideas about science fiction began with Alien and ended with Blade no no no NOOOOOOOOO!

This guy is sharp as a razor blade and everything we see and hear is for a reason. People who have given up on this, I'm sorry to say, missed the boat. I was ready for this, not because i have a giant brain but because Ridley himself said it in his codified way of speaking...before the film came out.

Parrot....thanks for the refresher...seen it 4 times and missed 3 of your catches

Take another look at the Croissant

The croissant shape has always reminded me of a giant bacteria or virus, as seen under a microscope, non symmetrical in configuration.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is Coming to San Diego Comic Con. Get an Exclusive Comi

Me? Haha...I can't even play Asteroids...not a gamer..but I'll ask my kid, he plays

Aliens: Colonial Marines is Coming to San Diego Comic Con. Get an Exclusive Comi

Hey Gareth, yeah I'll be there and I'm jazzed to get a chance to see Syd...a massive longtime fan of his, missed him many other times...

Engineers Slaves???

I don't think that the Space Jockey in Alien created the Engineers, his kind appears to me to different than the Engineers who move about freely as we do...The Space Jockey seems purpose-designed for the derelict, for operating his ship and nothing else...I dont accept what anyone says, he is NOT an Engineer, this is a big continuity issue with me and it's so obvious that I have to beleive that Ridley is pulling our leg on a lot of that issue, so to speak.

But the Space Jockey is somehow related to the Engineers, look at the ships..same general configuration, but different but also connected in some way, absolutely.

The Space Jockeys may have been a species altered by the creators of the Engineers...freed from their ships. Or maybe the Engineers rebelled against their creators and freed themselves from that role...not sure...just not enough information there

Maybe this theory makes sense? Just read it and think about it...

Good post and thoughts, deftones1986

Kingdom of Heaven

Ok Tremayne, now I know for sure youre James Cameron hahaha

Oi Oi friends

This does all kinds of things to my mind punx, I have to wait for it to settle down may take a while! Thanks for sharing ! WOW

Kingdom of Heaven

I have been enlightned by a guiding it up, I never expected something off the Sci Fi topics..

Kingdom of Heaven

Engineering..check this out..

Now when Kingdom of Heaven came out, of course I went to see it, and it was great, Ridley is fantastic at historical films, so what if he fudges the facts a little here and there...anyways, loved the film and yes bought the DVD and I liked it too...loads to talk about in this film.

Time goes by, and then the DC comes out and my son says you want it? I say if there's any new stuff, sure.

Sit down, turn it on, and what I see......smiles. I had seen it in the theater once, watched the DVD maybe 3 times and a lot of time had gone by and forgotten quite a bit so the DC was FRESHHHHH

One of the top 5 best films Ridley has done and I own them all and have seen them all in the theater starting with Alien.

Don't know what TL:DR is lol

Favorite Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror and Mystery Books

The Forever Joe Haldeman...never been filmed and Ridley and Fox have the rights!

All works by Bradbury, Heinlein, Clarke, Wells, Asimov..Galactic Derelict by Andre Norton....Dune, Dick, Serling,Crichton, Anderson, on and on...

what is your worst fear???

David....thank you....I never had it so good

what is your worst fear???

Spiders...big ones little ones...all of them..I'm looking around for them right now because they could be anywhere and usually are.
I don't like them dropping on me.
I don't like their webs in my way when I walk.
I don't like them on walls.
I don't like them looking at me.
There's more....but right now I gotta keep looking for them.


Got it....thanks for the warning

Second Viewing...'ve got a crack in your head....might want to get that looked after

age appropriate

If she has a computer or a friend with a computer, shes probably already seen much much more than the most disturbing parts of this film.


Well, I saw Lost, all of it....and it wasnt that the individual episodes were not written well because on the whole, they were...but what dragged it down was dragging it out like the producers did. And the ending of the series...the producers denied for years that the show would end as it did.

I see less the hand of Lindelof here and more the hand of Ridley..clearly he was aware of LOST, maybe not a fan, but admired it's real ability to cast atmosphere very well.

Youre seeing a great many more things in Prometheus because of it's compressed nature as opposed to waiting weeks or years for something in LOST...but you get the same sense of things that are there and you know they are connected and youre getting dazzled visually while youre trying to organize it all in real time sitting in the theater....its a rush, it really is...some people dont have the patience, nothing wrong with them at all, its just not for them


Thanks for the report, curious about people willing to make a few trips to the theater before it leaves, I think it makes a world of difference in understanding many things..including accepting that some things were meant to be mysteries.

Will we meet God in Paradise?

Its the tourists...them...neeeeeeed guests...collapsing from the strain of an intellegence free environment

What Happened to Weylands Helpers?

David...vanished as LOST

Will we meet God in Paradise?


I had to show up sometime, guys...out of bacon, yanno...

Will we meet God in Paradise?

Shaw and David will never meet what Shaw believes to be a God. Might as well be that cat.

Prometheus review

Yeah Matt we know we didn't like've already posted your view in yet another post instead of putting up your own thread like everybody else...what's the point and who's listening.

all the aliens are girls...

I'm sure the Deacon is a girl, I THAT'S an entrance!

Most badass video game character

Ok....been a long time now, he's old, but I gotta go with Shang that flaming skulljob

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