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H R Giger Revealed -Documentary

Is that you Guny?

H R Giger Revealed -Documentary

Great to be seen!

H R Giger Revealed -Documentary

Hanx @Svanya.

Design The Adult Deacon!

Hanx Chris... it would be insult to both Giger and myself to say that of myself it would mean I no longer have a mark to reach for! I have my own style and (kinda') took Giger's approach to a lot of Prometheus material!

Design The Adult Deacon!



I Have seen the Blu-Ray extras

the Tag-line for the Blu-ray release should be "The questions will be answered... YEAH RIGHT!!!!" OR "IF YOU ONLY HAVE A DVD PLAYER YOU ARE F**KED"

I Have seen the Blu-Ray extras

The only thing there was in it was in the alt ending Shaw asks David what Bob said and his reply is something like "There is no real translation, but many cultures have a word that can be used Paradise!" so Shaw evintailly says "I don't wan't to go to where we came from, I won't to go to where they came from... I want to go to Paradise!" (curls her lip as she spits it out). No, nothing new, just yet again getting juices flowing for fans and more money for the studios. If you watch Scott's Director's cuts and Alt scenes for anby film it is all character backing and never changes the story!

I Have seen the Blu-Ray extras

*can't watch it with the kids about.

@Feebs.. thers a load (8 infact) of enginners in the beginning scene and the Sacifical Enginners brain is exposed at the back... doesn't add or subtract anything!

I Have seen the Blu-Ray extras

I got it, the samne way I had a good copy of Prometheus(just as it was a dayor 3 before theater release)... I know people! And thats all I'll say as I don't wish to get this person in trouble.
As fo 11th... I have not seen it ALL yet... I

Saving Science Fiction

Read 'Three stigmartyr of Palma Eldritch' by P.K.Dick.
Look for modern inervaters too like Will Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Dan Simmmons as well as (the best in my opinion) classics from post 50's writers. Like then it was lyrically a "Brave New World", now its further along and decent ideas are often found in a crack between walls.
Maybe like other forms of art, the literature will float or sink and the best will unfortunatly become a classic after the authors demise. The world moves so fast that few seem to have time to read or breath anymore.

Cast for Prometheus 2

Tom Hardy... whatever the role(good, bad, grey or anything else) he can deliver!

A Short Film by Ridely Scott's Son: Loom (Inspired by Blade Runner)

I watch it over and over and now all I hear is "My freinds are toys... I made them".
The electronic confessional, phsyc-doc reminds me of Hal, but moreso of Mercer and the "confessional" of THX-1138... as faceless and seemingly unconerned as big-brother!

A Short Film by Ridely Scott's Son: Loom (Inspired by Blade Runner)

The poetry of image, the drowning roar of silence, is ownership and creation tied to love somehow... and are we lessened or held aloft by it.
Thank you Patch...

Design The Adult Deacon!

I'm interested and letting my thoughts settle on it... when IT arrives I'll start on it and push my back log of work further back - at this rate I will be known as the "Prometheus obbsessed painter"!

A Tribute to Tony Scott: What is everyone's favourite Tony Scott Film?

Man on Fire for me...
Seeing someone fight and die for a little girl, makes the farther in me rise up and cheer louder.

Deja vu is a close second... just the idea that with will power you can find a way to f**k with past and shape it!

R.I.P. Tony Scott

A sad day...

"Tony Scott was the best mentor - when he saw something punk rock that he could slip through the system ... he pounced."

the best anti-Holloway rant ever

It comes across like teenage agnst. In psycholigy it is called PROJECTION - find something (or a person... in this case a film) and throw your self hatred and frustation of yourself at chosen target, kinda childish really.
After seeing anticapation growing to insane levels, it just strikes me as someone who saw a film that didn't fit the required landescape HE had built. The same thing happened to Alien 3, alot of folkswere expecting ALIENS 2...
And if you look to UTUBE for comments you'll find that Elvis is alive and well living at the North pole!

To create...

@BigDave I would assume that the Engineers have more than one "pet project and could start life elsewhere too".
We don't know how many times the Engineers came, but it looks like quite a few, so it is likley (all in accordance to guess work) that samples of at least DNA or development/evolution ladders were taken back... of course this is all beyond theory because it is not based on known fact. It does depend on what the Aliens's/Deacon's purpose is and what else is going on out there.

Fifelds Tattoos

If you manage it, we demand pics! Would do it myself.. but beards and my kind don't mix.Lol'

Blade Runner "Plot Holes" and Prometheus

Blade Runner was cosidered a cult classic before any of the later relises to put many of the minor errors to mend (most people, myself included, felt that they didn't matter, detract or spoil any of the beautiful visuals). Going hand in hand with book (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), like another perpecvtive of the world set and as disconnected and estranged as the orignal work. I know that Scott loves the story Frankenstein ('s creation) and is echoed in Alien, Prometheus, Bladerunner (Which infact has a large neon sign appearing a few times with the Chinese glyph meaningh "Origin"). This As far as I see it the best movie of all time and the only other filmn on a par was Metropolis...
I see the good and bad in Prometheus... but am always pulled in by it. I sit and watch it night after night and have yet to get bored. I think Prometheus willl be remebered long after its critism, look at the stick Alien got when it was released!
There are elements in both films that make no sense, but that doesn't stop it being a ride I would take over and over and over again.
That said I always held close the belief that Blade Runner needs no and should have no sequel... I'll admit curiosity, but for once I would prefer to stay ignorrant.

(I have heard Batty's speech at the end of BR said to sound like "modern" Shakspeare! I do not agree I think it is deeper and straight to the point like a blunt amputation realised)

Original Alien Engineer

Ther are big phsicol differences.... the "trunk" for one... so I concour with the different being theory. Maybe the Engineers based their suits on this species flight design... that way they could use the tech!

Original Alien Engineer

The Jockey in the Film Alien was attached to the chair at the moment of birth, maybe infection. I beleive the creature in Alien was a mix of a Deacon(detail, if you look, is the same, but a little,or a lot, dilhutted), engineer and chair/telescope! Most of th detail on the alien is taken from the chair anyhows (I doubt this was intentional at the time... but works now)All thhe engineers tech is biomechanical anyway and in Prometheus you see all the "tubes" attached to him during cryo! So the creature that leaves him is different.
Also another factor could that the delivery system and gestation was different. The Triloobite (Squid-creature) developed Shaw's womb and grew, amillical & all, in a "traditional" way.I don't know if the Engineers are male or female (much of the life we know of here has a bigger, stronger and sometimes a more deadly female... if those terms even apply! Unless it was some strange party-nite on the derelict and the pilot was showered with infected sperm! LOL.
All in all I feel if that part of th engineers PAST is covered, it will be short, sweet and without Mr. L writing it might make sense...
I think if there's any answer we will have to wait for it. With the promise of at least one sequel, and most of us know a second was wished for anyway... the first act, writing sets up main characters like in almost all stories, depending on whether 1 or 2 sequels the answer may come forth.

Prometheus skin for Win 7 Finished

I think this is fantastic, it shows your love for source material and captures the atmosphere perfectley.
Great stuff!

Aliens- Giant Insects?

What I never understodd was "Armour piercing" bullets make the Aliens blow up like ripe Water-melons, but in the first film Ripley hit the Alien with a plasma-engine with no sign the creature was dead(just distanced) and surely if such explosive bulles apply then such an action would disintergrate said life-form!
@patch mate, I thought Cameron (now we have a bloody Prime-minister called that) didn't use the clear dome because he was "more interested in what was going on beneath it". I understand, lighting and all, that such details (when they've been removed from the rest of the body (because the audience doesn't need it and it restricts the atcors in the suits)) that it might be more cinematic.
I used to like Aliens, but at the age of 16 I was watching it and the scene were Ripley starts firing grenades all I could see was a MILF sweating, moaning and "pulling off" a penis-compensator... then the whole film was in question. I don't like how things (inside glimpe of the derelict as Mum and Dad enter) was redesigned, how the alien was redesigned, how space travel(I'm talking planetary shuttle(dropship)) became rock'n'roll instead of a slower and more serious bissiness! Cameron seemed to go too far with the fact he was a designer and it stinks of the script he wrote for Rambo 2.
Why do they need a queen (an idea that might suit comics, but although not released at the time, I'm sure Cameron was in a position to see it), it is shown that Brett is almost an egg and Dallas is turning into one. Surely slowly, immovable and seemingly unstoppable change is far more terrifying than the "bigger is better" introduction of an alien queen (showing human reactions). The queen lends itself well to computer games, but a movie doesn't need a boss at the end of the level. And then we are rewarded with the (space) family Robinson and dialogue that was cringeworthy at best. Definatley not the way an Alien film should have ended, I think phsycosis would seem more dominent than dreams.
Also has any notived how most of the design for Aliens was recycled for Avatar(ded), as well as some of te musicscore?
Aliens is the Vietnam war meets Cockroachs!

Engineer attack on Shaw.

Lone, I'm sure the "mercenary" is Jackson!

The PromEATeus

lOL NEC IT'S NOT TERRIFYING, it will just make you nose bleed!

The PromEATeus

Xeno have I got a suggestive sense of homour or should I remind you to keep it clean. LOL.

The PromEATeus

Hanx Patch, but I'm leaving the menu to you and others all I ask is I have the right to paint one wall in charcoals withe shadowy figure of you pointing up at 5 of your pancakes as workers gather at your feet bowed, oh wait, thats been done hasn't it!

The PromEATeus

But the Wayland trotters must be extra gnarly!

Half a Billion Miles from Every Man on Earth

Oh and maybe she sees sex as part of her arsena, (seems the human race doesn't get over(anytime soon) the promise of sex makes people do anything, after all Janek leaves the bridge to partake in rufty and f**k Milburn and Fifield... they'll be alright, so maybe she would have some control over Janek and a say about what happens on the ship and out of it.

Half a Billion Miles from Every Man on Earth

I agree with zeta here... She is thinking about sex with Janek when she comes onto the bridge. Janek says the line "Y'know if you wanna' get laid...."
Vickers is a control junkie and then she knows Janek wants the same thing, probably the only person she would show that part of herself to(his aurthority and rank an all)... so as she's deciding whether or not to sleep with him she needs to make him jump to her being in control, so the character fires this line at him...
... whever she's wrong or not... its not about distance, its about sex and her being in control!

I'm such a baby, watch me cry

"No piece of art needs notes, no good film needs a dvd/bluray explanation!"

That said I love and hate the theatrical release, but I was looking forward to some more depth (any depth he cries).

Foolz? Jibber jabber? Sappy stuff?

Words, Opinions, points of view... whats up with what... there is nothing to comment on unless you state what you noticed!

Shaw/Vickers & Ripley/Lambert

I loved the human reaction of Lambert in Alien... it followed with Hudson... and then Morse... and then Jervis (I really don't care thart name might be wrong as THAT film has no importance for me and very rarely gets watched:small rant over)... Finally Fifield.
Lambert's (a talented job by Veronica Cartright) reaction was a wonderful polar oppiste to Ripley's reaction (outwardly anyway) in Alien and a mirror for what the audience felt. After Lambert (all tears, red nose and snot. this reaction died down and was diluted and was almost reenstated by Fifeild (and his fear reaction covered by aggression to hide his panic).
I see massive parallells between Ripley and Shaw (David himself says "A strong survival instinct". Lead female, lead character... the story is shown through her eyes and reactions), But that audience mirror was seen little in Prometheus and only in a few scenes.

Pandora, Europa and Prometheus - the outer moons of Hollywood propaganda

It almost seems like the Star Trek ethos -new episode, new planet, new adventure... the cash paying public doesn't care for "its not possible" scenerios. So hollywood throws out something that is assured to make money for whomever! Placing it on a moon or in "OuterSpace" *said in best scary voice* is just exotic scenery!. If people thought about how possible Sunshine or X-men or any other (not so) Super hero film was then they would have to face a loss... and we all know they don't like that.
Bring back the likes of Silent Runnning, Outland and intelligent audiences than a premise that no matter what's shown the audience will just sit and get fed by the Deadeye! Studios don't care about possible or not...they care about money.
You ask "w.t.f"... I reply chewing gum for the brain's for the masses.!

Hammerpede sculpt finished and being moulded


spammers should be fodder for xenomorphs

It ain't no Bacon...

Raises the image that the staff have a anti-spam cannon...
... blast away guys ...please!!!

Prometheus 2 article with spectacular ":God Like Creature" Ridley Qoutes

I love this "bit" , readers and fans imaginations going haywire... the best bit (if you don't count release) is the anticapation!

(please, please, please no Mr. L)

Do androids dream of Elizabeth Shaw? Part 2...

Did you notice, as David watches shaw dream of her farther as well as a quick glimpse of Shaw's mum, there is a shot of a faded-out David in the dream... I wonder if some kind of subconcious bond/affect is made by one or the other?

Prometheus has landed.

I totally agree freeplanet... everytime I watch the film I wait fo the the line "Promethius has landed". It not being said (by anyone but my subconcious... as for audience involvement its a cheap trick, I creditted Scott for not doing through away stuff like that).
I Don't understand (and accepting Mr.L's lustreless and limping script flaws and holes and loving this cinematic treat all the same(works just as well as a silent flick!)) why a Capt. to a strange new world, yrs from Earth and forerunning his employeers wishes would not (for the crew at least) announce that the ship had touched down!
Maybe Janek whispered it to himself or more likely, I had pupiosley blocked it out in the belief that with no comfomation I could ignore it....... drat you Freeplanet! :)

Danny Boyle or Ridley Scott.

They only included The pistols and The Specials because it had been sucked back into shystem, pigeon-holed and managed into a sales package that THEY control.
To be honest the whole Punk thing was the atithesis of making money.... All in all Lemmy was surely missed and any Punk that wants England to whack their kind(or music) on a poster to make money for another is living in delusion!
It was a waste of Boyle's abillitty and I only enjoyed that the letters NHS were inescapable by Cameron for a good few seconds!

Prometheus on set footage

Brilliant and wow! David playing with"the stuff" on the ampule gets my brain going ...maybe custard on a bass bin ...maybe soldering(really thin) metal and a high-pressure airhose ... Magnets? Whatever it was... it looks good, good enough fo an actor to respond too!
i'll say wow again and HANX for letting us all know!

15 yr. old had a seizure/sudden illness in Australia

Media w*nk...
This kid (and I hope he's alright) would have fainted anyway!, like when a film is blamed for someone commiting murder.. the same goes for music or anything the media can sell by using a name i.e Prometheus in this case.
I feel sorry for this kid but the sarcastic part of my personalitie says "lightweight". A picture he saw or a traffic light changing could cause such a reaction, Prometheus seems far from scary.
Like others have stated I saw the Thing, Alien, evil dead and others at a n early age (I'm near 40 now) and it never affected me like that. Ratting or not (I had a satistic older brother growing up who showed me these films, I really had little choice... yes peerpressure should not be aderred to only leads to an outcome that someone else wanted!
I remember early Prometheus pictures with the tag-line FEAR and it ended up 15 and not 18 seems although, that tag-line was dropped, that such a person with such reactions to a 15 film will have difficulty dealing with (the true horror at times)life!
I do not mean to sound dismissive of someone that had a very real reaction... but it only made the news because of the names Prometheus and Scott... I remember the fuss and media of The Evil Dead...Press doesn't change...
I thought we'd have learnt by now! like all entitys Meja(media) strives to stay alive, afloat and sensatiolism has always been their weapon of choice!

Why did Batty save Deckard?

Watch the origanol theatrical release version, the voice over explians (in Ford's p*ssed off about a voice over way)!expians.
Read DO ANDRIODS DREAM... and realize that its all about life and being alive. From Batty's point of view he and the others were treated like cattle; they were owned! He saves Deckard to show his kind aren't heartless... they are emotiona(y'know Love, hate,fear,anger,envy)l, thinking, feeling beings or more Human than Hunan.
It is what Bryant says earlier in the film about emotion "Y'kow Love, hate, fear, anger, envy that shows you his progession through the film (but backwards).
I have always believed it was an action of emotion and he finally showed empathy!

Sexually Perverse Xenos?

I thought Alien was one big fear-of-the-dark or fear-of-the-unknown metaphor!

Sexually Perverse Xenos?

In Alien when its tail goes betwee Lambert's legs, it just never works for me because you see Brett's feet!
Not ALL of Giger's work is sexual...
I always saw tthe Nostromo as some kind of womb (engines like heartbeat, safe enviroment(for a while) and the "INNER-WOMB" of Mother's interface wiTh comfy chair).
And yes the Alien is a metaphorn for a penis , it represents our darkest thoughts and urges of sex... (and getting it out of his head leaves Giger a pleasant chap),

thoughts on cuddles

I couldn't help but think MANGA when I saw it (and I HATE manga... apart from Ghost in the Shell!). It had been seen/done before and I wanted to see something NEW!
I was very disappointed very much by it (although I have had a nightmare about it... it getting me annd not Mr.L pulling stringfs)

More Art work of Prometheus

@Jim I agree...
... The only true thing about Fifields return is he (at first) seem to have mutated into a crab!
The altermative makes the black goo look more powerful and dangerous and it gives weight tohow dangerous it is!


Score track listing not in proper order

The problem with that @Ryansdad Prometheus (like most films) plays only part of "the track" and never in the proper order because parts are replayed.
If they played the whole track ot wouldn't work and why use a song only once... if it plays in it's entirety then it can't be cut into pieces with "mood music" playing as people say import lines to the story (or info-dump)!

Have you seen this movie more times than me?

Sorry, forgot to add Mtropolis and Mad Max 2 (Ballard called it the Sisteen Chapel of punk).

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