Village on landing?

I think this little planetoid was swept clean when the engineers occupied it. I would say that they would not want any company visiting while they messed with their bio-weapon research and development.

Engineers Different "Models"

Wireless keyboards have minds of their own LOL... but they are getting better.
LotR was epic and yes full control and away from the Hollywood vampires.

Engineers Different "Models"

Movie designs and budgets... that is why the Engineers are so small... simply limited CG budgets... nothing really special about it. You can theorize all day about this but when the rubber hits the road, it's all about the money and profitability matrices.

Engineers Different "Models"

wow, you guys write a lot. O.o

I still think the Engineers are too damn short... Gods really, more like bullies that need a tan.

Engineers Different "Models"

LOL... one suit is used for hyper-sleep or stasis sleep, the other heavy suit (with helmet) is a space suit.

staff: Weyland Corp. Deep Space Technologies and Development: Mars

Ultimate Prometheus NECA thread

Cool Stuff thanks for sharing.

Aliens Colonial Marines Responsible For Prometheus?

Life will find a way, and will you find inspiration where you can find it. Most of the time it will not be of our own choosing, but will just pop out of nowhere and usually at the most inconvenient time. I am glad this meeting took place, and that Ridley got back to Science Fiction... we missed him.

digital dowload, im confused....

Digital Download just feels like a scam... sure it the rage right now but I like to have my media in my hands and not be dependent on some data center.

Saving the Story


Prometheus Relaunching 10 11 12

Hi FreePlanet... still alive and kicking the shit out of things... and writing too. Thanks for the kind words my friend, they help more than you can imagine... oh wait you have a superb imagination. Ok, inspirational. LOL

Alien reboot should be about mutation.

The black goo was a lazy plot device...

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Saving Science Fiction

Thanks Batchpool, I was wondering if anyone other than myself was a true Patriot of Classic Science Fiction (one you really have to read). LOL

Great Filmakers Make You Think

What I think happened with Prometheus is that our director has matured from our last time he ventured into Sci Fi, and thus we were not ready for his new direction or possibly new philosophy. Alien was a haunted house in space, but Prometheus was a philosophical debate without the audience able to take part, and thus the frustration factor was very high for most people.

Give play to the short film 'Loom' by Luke Scott, son of Ridley Scott

LOL it's cool...

The more I thought about this situation the more I want them to occur...

for the simple reason to keep certain ideas and great films alive on the boards.

Thanks For Posting My Friend.


moon you believe the conspiracy theories or are they just a load o

Very interesting. I do believe you have a shot of my summer house there.

Does Anybody Here Actually Like Alien 3 and / or 4 ?

I feel the eerie presence of a cloaked Predator... there will be AvP Canon.

Report Site Bugs Here

When I go to edit my profile << add url image (the string goes to the right and off the input window, thus unable to add [img]on the end of string the edge of the screen) ncolnlog/WaterScary.png

interview with the LAST ENGINEER

Cool, Thanks FreePlanet I always like these sort of things. Helps fill out the movie experience for me.

Aliens Colonial Marines: Escape Trailer

The only way the xeno can overcome that distance issue is with blinding speed, at least in the games I played and I would sneak up from back and give them a kiss... Thanks Chris.

Does Anybody Here Actually Like Alien 3 and / or 4 ?

I enjoy watching all the Alien series. Each has their place and tell a different type of story.

Please wish me luck...

It reminds me of a friends Special Effects shop.... the rendition looks fantastic and in a 1 / 1 scale the detail has to be out of this world, pun intended. Hope you have a glass display case for it. I have pieces myself that need the same treatment. I hate to think the cost of one of those, but defiantly worth it as a prop collectors item. Great job obtaining one. Thanks for sharing.

black ooze story published in 2006

Thanks so much for sharing not only that excerpt but also your website/publishing site too. How long have you been writing? I just started as you can tell, and any pointers would be helpful. I am very shy about things I create and often do not show them to the public; ie. sculptures, painting...

Why do Vyemm is writing English like a 4 years kid would do ?

I have an auto-interpreter in my ear to translate human speech to kat/dog/rabbit. No worries my friend, this is a world community.

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3 quick questions about the xenomorph (2/3)

I want treats to eat...

Engineer Homeworld Landscape

Marketing will tell the whole damn story and what they ate for breakfast...

Prometheus Banner

eBay my friend eBay!!!!!!

Signatures Enabled - Please Read

Thanks Chris, I promise not to make a mockery of this new feature.

3 quick questions about the xenomorph (2/3)

who are you and why all the questions... just curious.

staff: Weyland Corp. Black Ops and Covert Sneakiness Department, Mars Base

Bad Weyland! BAD!!!!!! improper for sensible people who don't mind about alien p

That's what power does sometimes...

The urns in prometheus

There is a surprise in every urn...

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Prometheus in Japan

Japan has great Taste.

staff: Weyland Corp. International Happy Happy Division, Osaka Japan

Design The Adult Deacon!

Sky I do need a wacom... for creating wallpapers and photoshop stuff.

Design The Adult Deacon!

I am going to use a technical pencil, erasure and just plain paper...

Design The Adult Deacon!

What a great idea and fun too.

Prometheus Engineer head statue collectible

@ZetaReticuli those are some very interesting comments. I will copy and paste in my writing notes I have started. These notes are to remind me that I am not a piece of crap and have a knack for this writing stuff... sometimes when your motivation is low and you just feel empty... these notes help restart your creative engine so to speak.

Prometheus Engineer head statue collectible

I am taking down my comments, @Engineering if you want to do the same so people don't have to see us squabbling that would be cool.

Prometheus Engineer head statue collectible

comments removed.

Alternate Fifield headshot(new to me)

Still waiting for my Cinefex magazine.... thanks for sharing. I really liked this version compared to the caveman look...

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies

Holy Crap one of my childhood hero's.... God Rest His Soul.

Aliens Pulse Rifle Replica!

I saw that in a interview, looks fantastic... I can just see me walking through the airport with it...

Prometheus Engineer head statue collectible

I am taking down my comments, @Engineering if you want to do the same so people don't have to see us squabbling that would be cool.

I really wish Ridley Scott could have done Bioshock

I think BioShock would have / could have been the new Blade Runner of this new era. A step into the dark world of cyber technology and Corporate struggle.

Giger, like other artist are immortalized by their art...

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Chapter Division UnderSea Colony Atlantic Ocean

A Queen Engineer?

I for one have nothing against theories. Everyone is entitled to theirs, and that includes the nurturing and feeding of said thread throughout it's life. Yes some of the members have seen or heard or speculated about a theory and have grown tiresome of repeated attempts to bring said theory to life, with a logic, and hope into a agreeable environment within the forum. I have been witness to many of said theories and wish each of them the best of luck in their struggle to survive the sometimes harsh environment of the forum threads, but one must realize that life on the Internet is one fought with danger and speculation at it's center of existence. Long live the Spice... "The Spice must flow," and all Internet life forms should be allowed to mature to sizable status before submitting to the knives of the critics for it's very meat and skin and bones.

life expectancy of an enginer

.... The engineers live... and they die... the rest is none of our business...

staff: Weyland Corp. Deep Space Status Systems Division, Mars

life expectancy of an enginer

Totally and certifiable F-en Crazy... and sir I am the Ring Master of this Circus of Sci Fan-dom. LOL

"Let the show go on!"

Prometheus now at 327 Million at the box-office

Thanks for the Update. :-)

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