prometheus 2 script?

Paradise was the original title, before it got changed to Prometheus.

Now It All Makes Sense!

That's a fresh take on the plot! Makes perfectly sense indeed!

Decap SJ head sculpting latest pics

Wow... just wow...

Prometheus Sequel won't be written by Lindelof

Wow BLAND, I followed your advice and am now watching Prometheus with the descriptive audio...
It's a a mystic experience!

Alone Theme

John, if I am to be completely honest, the first thing I thought when I posted my reply is that the deacon would head straight to the vodka (nutritional requirements), but I didn't mention it because I didn't want to hijack a serious thread (not yet, at least).
I have no clue how intelligent the deacon could be, or what degree of self consciousness or instinct comes from his genetic heritage (human and engineer), but the first time I saw it I saw a creature somehow less menacing than the original chestburster (although in a state much more advanced than larval).

Who knows, maybe in the sequel it will turn out to be the sweetest thing ever, and the additional set of jaws would be just to increase its smiling potential by 50%...

Alone Theme

I think the theme is more about each entity being alone with themselves as they face each step of their life.

I would add
*the newborn deacon at the end. He (It?) is alone on the planet, a completely new life form with a very unknown future ahead.

24 Hours from Doomsday.....

It cannot happen, I have a flight scheduled on Saturday, I cannot miss it!

Prometheus Sequel won't be written by Lindelof

Wow, 19 viewings! That's some serious commitment!
I have seen Alien more than 100 times for sure, and Aliens a bit less, but my Prometheus count is just 6, I still have much to learn! :D

Alien Parody Thread

Wow, Aglien is absolutely brilliant, although the humour is very much Italian, and therefore most of it would be totally lost in translation. It's a pity, because it really deserves praise!

I'd like to re-post this brilliant edit of Aliens, since this thread is very appropriate. Everytime I see it it cracks me up!

Fans of Space/Science: NASA Mercury Announcement Imminent!

Ah, BepiColombo!
I've been working on that project as a researcher a few years ago (on the high resolution camera) ... good memories!
When pictures will start coming back to earth, I'll know that I have contributed to them!

Totally looking forward to it!

Fans of Space/Science: NASA Mercury Announcement Imminent!

Don't expect anything exciting for a scientist to be exciting for a non scientist!


As published a few days ago on the excellent SMBC.

Edit: wooo, 800 posts, not bad for an AFKer!

Prometheus: the bad things!


I'm so sick and tired of zombies in pop-culture. I can't wait for another 5-10 years until this stupid zombie craze dies down and we can watch movies and news again where they don't try to ram-rod zombies into the story every chance they get. Some of the infected crew come back to life and have super-human strength, which again, isn't explained, original, or interesting.


LOL Morbius, best question ever!

engineer alive within

From what I understood, there appear to be 5 pyramids on the planet, and each one could be the hangar for one ship. Each ship appears to have a crew of 4, so there might have been 20 Engineers in total. I don't know how many corpses are seen, but assuming that there was just one Engineer still alive, what's the difference if the Prometheus lands right on top of him or close to any other pyramids? In the end, if nothing bad happened in the first pyramid, they would have explored the other ones, eventually finding the living engineer anyway.

Prometheus Relaunching 10 11 12

At least, from the audio clip we know that the Engineers have a sense of humour and like interstellar phone jokes.

And then who knows, maybe they repeat them every 12 seconds.

Really cool Alien model site

Just a silly idea, but I would really see this turned into a toilet paper holder. No disrespect to the author, though, the artwork is amazing.


Was David on the planet before waking up the crew?

Any hologram that is able to ruffle one's hair has to carry an AWFUL lot of data.

Was David on the planet before waking up the crew?

I am pretty sure that during those 2 years of flight time, David has been watching many films, not just Lawrence of Arabia. One of those has to be Prometheus, hence his knowledge of all the systems built by the engineers. Therefore there is no need for him to be on the planet before the mission actually gets there.
Simple as that.

And I mean he saw the cut scenes, as well.

Is there anything else we can take from the deleted scene video? - Is it filling

I sincerely hope we see M & F socialise more in the cut scenes. For example see them playing UNO while waiting inside the pyramid, at least it would make sense, given the lack of love those two characters suffered from the authors.

Prometheus new box office total!

And this coming week end it will open in Italy and Italian speaking Switzerland, so there still a bit more to be achieved.

still from DELETED SCENE, shedding skin

Even humans shed their skin, after all. It's just about how much and in which conditions.

On a different note: the reflections on Milburn's glasses look like glowing eyes.
For a short moment I though of evil Milburn, and not just co(s)mically idiotic Milburn.

What do you guys think of the soundtrack?

I really like the OST. Some have said it feels inappropriate or out of place. To me it really fits, I feel it cold, blue and gray, matching perfectly the film's dominant hue.
When I watched the movie for the first time, I came out of the cinema humming the main theme.

Prometheus DVD pirated already :O

Or it might be some solid, old school porn disguised as a much anticipated DVD

Your thoughts on Prometheus

You are a bit confused indeed.
The Weyland appearing in AvP is Charles Bishop Weyland, in Prometheus we have Peter Weyland. They might be related, and they might not. There's no hint that they are or aren't in the same fictional universe.
The one appearing in AvP is a homage, tribute, quotation, rip-off, whatever you want to call it, to Aliens.

still from DELETED SCENE, shedding skin

@MVMNT exactly!

In the end the final cut might have been done following just one directive:

If it's not in the trailer, don't show it in the super-extended trai... ehrm, in the final cut.

Is there anything else we can take from the deleted scene video? - Is it filling

Possibly, there might be another sequence where Shaw is told that Cuddles is still alive and being kept inside the Med Room. That would better explain her curiosity when she peeps through the window after she boards the crashed life-boat.

Is there anything else we can take from the deleted scene video? - Is it filling

I am glad to notice that there was a plot, dialogue and some sort of logic consequentiality before the theatrical cut was made.

What do xenomorphs eat?

Listen to the scientist:

Anything and everything.


Isolated soundtracks on Blu-Ray Anthology

After some time spent trying to understand how the whole thing works, I figured that "isolated soundtracks" means that you can watch the film with just the soundtrack and no other sounds. I haven't found any way to play the tracks alone like on a CD.
If you watch Alien, that means that you're going to have long, silent sequences.

Snorkelbottoms Scientific Theory

Just a quick update. I haven't been very active lately, but I am keeping an eye on this thread every now and again. Still curious about your ideas.

How did Shaw get up there?

@Squibby, normally I wouldn't think Shaw able to perform a Michael Jordan, but you have to concede that after having implanted the empowering staples in her belly she might as well have gained some superpowers.

How did Shaw get up there?

But Shaw enters the Juggernaut after it crash lands, so that first step has to be high also when entering.

Belly up to the Magnetic Bar

Maybe they were lying on their side and for a weird coincidence both happened to land in standing position after the crash.
If you visit an unexplored planet and you find the tiny spot you were looking for straight away, then chances are favourable for wondrous events!

Big Disappointment - why no mmention of exploring the other temple mounds

The problem is that the story was rushed, so everything start going wrong right after the first visit, and before they can plan further explorations (or even mention the other pyramids), other priorities emerge.
There is no initial build-up or background (and I don't mean answers, I don't necessarily need them), so all the events follow like a landslide or an avalanche.

What does the pup detect?

I wonder why the pups pick up the engineer who has feeble vital signals coming from inside a coffin and well behind a thick door, while they don't pick up the worms when hovering right above them. Putting aside monocellular organisms, If you want to detect a multicellular organism, a bug or a whale would have the same importance in terms of scientific breakthrough (or simple quarantine protocols).

need some ideas...READ!

You will find more people wanting to write a sequel, there have been several posts of forum members who were looking for some kind of support.

here are just a couple

topic 1

topic 2

Engineer Helmet

Maybe the empty space is needed to fit a facehugger in it.

Was Vickers presence really necessary

I see Vickers as a pivotal character, pity that she was not really developed any further.
But even as she is now, she has already earned her spot in the history of cinematography.
If we put the revelation that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father on one end of the climactic revelations scale, her relationship with Weyland is at the opposite end, a true anti-climactic masterpiece.
The amount of f**k not given about it is of cosmic proportions and well worth remembering.

SPOILER ALERT - Did you catch the Engineer kneeling/Genuflecting?

You're 100% spot on. I don't think the authors knew or cared about astronomical correctness, they just threw in the fascinating starmap concept (which works quite well as a plot device). In the end they had to appeal to the masses, not make a science class.
The whole starmap thing is quite incorrect (from an astronomical point of view) and my guess is that the authors suspected it, hence the lack of any further explanation whatsoever:
-we found this map, and we came here
-how do you connect the two things?
-er... the red herring is a fish that lives in cold waters and... bla bla bla...

alien inspired by "real" events?

I find it fascinating. Not the story itself, but the fantasy and the effort put into it, to make it appear as real as possible.
I am sure that someday somebody will accuse NASA of hiding evidence of their discovery of real My Little Pony and how they relate to the Pokemon (which are already being researched upon in the not yet famous Area 53).

Why Was The So-called Sacrificial Engineer Wearing Underwear?

Bingo. We don't know whether the engineers have different sexes, or if they have sexual organs similar to humans. They are very similar to humans, but that doesn't necessarily imply they have to be exactly the same.
On the other hand, if they have nothing down there, what would be the point of covering the area?
Another trick by Lindelof, I suppose. "Let's have them speculate on the engineers' wang..."
Maybe the sequel will focus on this answer...

Ridley is smart so what clues has he left??

The green crystal is kryptonite, and we should expect a tie in with Superman very soon. Maybe the engineers are the inhabitants of planet Krypton.
After all we've already seen Superman vs Aliens and Superman vs Predator.

The relationship between Weyland, Vickers and David

This is a plausible theory. Vickers could be an undesired daughter, maybe the first attempt to replace a lost son (but with a biological one).
Certainly, the fact that Weyland prefers David over Vickers has to have its roots in his past (though it is not necessary, as in Prometheus not many things are logic or make sense, anyway)
Additionally the difference in age between Vickers and Weyland is enormous (he might as well be her grandfather).

What was he smoking?

The captain was busy verifying that Vickers was not an android.
Chance and Ravel on the other hand had no communication skills, so one could not rely on them.
The others were just nameless, so Fifield and Milburn didn't know how to call them.

Snorkelbottoms Scientific Theory

Just to clarify, in astronomy rotation is used to refer to a body's spin around its axis, while its rotation around another body (i.e. Earth around the Sun) is called revolution.
Snorkelbottom is referring to the fact that Venus and Uranus have retrograde rotation (not revolution), which basically means that somebody on the surface of Venus would see the Sun rise in the west and set in the east.
For Uranus this is not entirely true, because the whole east/west and north/south thing is pretty conventional, and Uranus's axis is not "vertical" but rather "horizontal".
What does that mean? That Uranus can basically be seen as a ball rolling on a flat surface, and its poles don't point "up" or "down" (according to our view) but rather "sideways". :)

Prometheus Memes

This gave me an idea.

Here's why Prometheus qualifies as an Alien prequel.


Snorkelbottoms Scientific Theory

I'm all ears

Long live Vickers!

It was known since the initial interviews that Vickers was going to be a flat suit, Theron stated it more than once.

Everything has been spoiled since the very beginning!

Compilation of Scientific Errors

@jdax time to update your spell checking functions! You should have noticed that it is quarantine and not quarrantine! ;)

@Redleader I too noticed Shaw not wearing gloves when she enters the Juggernaut. The first thing I thought was that she picked up David's gloves on her way out (my brain couldn't unconsciously bear one more blunder!)

Funniest Prometheus review on the net... haha

Seriously brilliant!

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