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Severed Engineer

Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I been busy. Thanks again for the kind words! So I am back on working on the helmet. I wanted to finish this sooner. But got caught up with the holidays and finishing some other work. But here is the helmet in rough form. Hope you guys like where its going! I am g...

Severed Engineer

Thanks everyone for stopping by and checking it out. I am happy to know the real fans are liking it. Thanks for stopping by my website as well and checking out my other works! I'll post an update on the helmet in the near future. Thanks again everyone! ...

Severed Engineer

Thank you guys! It took me about 30 hours total to make. I am selling them. I have um up on ebay, or you can check out my site at I have some other artwork on there. I will take my time on the helmet ;) its a little more difficult. It wont be 100% accurate. But I wi...

Severed Engineer

Thanks you, I sculpted the piece out in clay, then made a mold of it, cast it in resin and painted it ;) Its a 1:1 scale (engineer size) display piece. I roughed out the helmet for it, but I probably wont have it finished for another 2-3 weeks. Its a large piece. Thanks for checking it out! ...

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