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Replies by pilcrowdesigns in Forum Topics

Severed Engineer

Jan-15-2013 11:06 AM: Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I been busy. Thanks again for the kind words! So I am back on working on the he...

Severed Engineer

Nov-23-2012 8:29 PM: Thanks everyone for stopping by and checking it out. I am happy to know the real fans are liking it. Thanks for...

Severed Engineer

Nov-22-2012 8:26 PM: Thank you guys! It took me about 30 hours total to make. I am selling them. I have um up on ebay, or you can chec...

Severed Engineer

Nov-22-2012 7:08 PM: Thanks you, I sculpted the piece out in clay, then made a mold of it, cast it in resin and painted it ;) Its a 1:1 ...

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VirtualVel Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone!

Nov-25-2015 7:39 AM


Chris Picard Profiles are currently under construction, should be back up soon!

Nov-24-2015 6:18 PM


HICKS Chris Picard!! 2 inbox!! see soon!!

Nov-24-2015 5:07 PM


GorillaGodzilla Tyrants Chapter 3 will be postponed until Thursday.

Nov-24-2015 4:57 PM


HICKS Why I can not edit my profile !?

Nov-24-2015 4:32 PM


HICKS any member of staff is present ?????

Nov-24-2015 4:28 PM


Ultra Predator sup people

Nov-24-2015 9:31 AM