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Scified brings you the latest news, trailers, images and reviews on the most popular upcoming science fiction movies, like Jurassic World, Prometheus 2, Mad Max: Fury Road, Terminator: Genisys, Star Wars and Independence Day 2. Providing a wide range of movie forums for fans to discuss and speculate on their favorite titles as well as media galleries where you can view the latest movie posters, stills and trailer screenshots!




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Jeff Goldblum For Jurassic Park 4?

Chaos Theory all the way, bring back Malcom...

What dinosaurs would you not wanna see in JP4.

Definitely dont want the feathers. Sure its scientifically correct but just not cool. Need to have more of the friendly dinos, stegos, trikes, brachio. The raptors need to come back but not the ones from the 3rd one. Rex and spino need to make appearances but not super colorful and crap. No dilos...

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