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Could have T-rex got much bigger than we all know?

amazing isnt it ....

Primal Carnage

its one of my favuorate games !! even a paleontologist like me has time to play a game some time of the day but this game hasn't been released yet. i like the trex and carno taurus but the pyros bad ass to....

Normal Dinosaurs for JP 4

It looks strange to see dino - human hybrids they look so ugly but the real thing is it would not make sense to see such creatures on a film based on a theme park but i gotta hand it to them the idea is good for a war movie not this one realy its freakin strange!. ...

T-rex is actually larger and heavier than both Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontos

see now guys i am an expert in paleontology in my country and i am giving the verdict giganotosaurus was much heavier and built big but not as tall as the tyrannosaurus but trex had a much deadly arsenal of claws teeth and brute strength so giganoto was much bigger but rex was more powerfull....

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